Like Alexander, I had a horrible, terrible, very bad day yesterday. We get automatic updates on our work computers and something looking like that screen said I had an update. I did it. It was not legitimate. It took us nearly an hour for tech support to be able to get on my computer since it was so overtaken. Then it took two more hours for tech support to try and then bumping me up to “the labs” so my computer could be fixed. There was some talk about wiping it and starting over. I have 38 more days to work and the thought of rebuilding the computer was nauseating. But, after three hours, I was fixed. Bless you, tech support.

My big sister had a small vacation and returned last night. I had a question for her while she was gone, so she called on her return. She answered my question in under 15 minutes, but we talked for two hours anyway. I love my sisters. I love talking to my sisters. I love being with them more, but we are scattered around the country. But if I can share anything – time, sound waves, air – with my sisters then I am happy.

I woke up before the alarm went off this morning mostly due to thunder but it might have also been the lightning. The pouring rain was loud, but I don’t believe that is what woke me up although the gusts of winds were impressive. Anyway, when the alarm went off and it was still pouring, I made an executive decision. If there was lots of running in the WOD today, I would go back to bed and go to the box tomorrow since my weekly schedule is all messed up anyway.

It was still pouring when I got to the box and then it let up some, but as bands came through, the rain pounding on the warehouse roof made a rather interesting staccato as a backdrop for the music.

Gabe was there, David was back for day two, and we had two visitors from New Jersey in for the holidays. Scott and Rachael played with us today. He is from around here; she is not. Both were nice.

Since it was pouring, there would be no running out there today. We warmed up with various things. The floor was really wet, but apparently not as wet as it was at 5 AM. Kim laughed when I asked about it. She said when she got there and the entire floor was covered with water that she turned on the fans “because Patti would whine” so I am good for something. The cleaning people didn’t dry the floor, they just washed it. So we warmed up around the remaining water. The humidity is something like 97% so it isn’t like the floor was going to dry nicely.

Today’s WOD as written:
Good Mornings
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
For time:
1000m row
20 push press
30 pull ups
40 overhead squats
800m run 1000m row

I wasn’t sure about the weight stuff on weighted good mornings. I’ve done them once upon a time, but it was long ago and far away in a land that time forgot or at least I forgot. Gabe started with 55 pounds so I began with 32 because I figured I was about a half-Gabe for a starting spot. It worked okay. I did 32, 37, 42, 47, and 52 on those.

Women’s weights are always lower than the men’s weights and yet they don’t think of it as being scaled. It is just the women’s version of the WOD. I’m calling my new stuff a Masters’ version of the WOD. My goal is to work just as hard as the young’uns. But not harder.

I knew without anyone telling me that I was finishing with a row rather than a run in the 60⁰ rain. But that was changed for everyone. There was an addition that the barbell should be 50% of body weight for men and 40% for women. I just use whatever weights I can manage.

I knew that I was dropping the rows to 800 meters each and then I vacillated on how many reps I should do. Yesterday, I worked 80% and I could do that today, as well. Today is OH squats and I have just started being able to do them with a bar. 80% of 40 equals 32 which is still lots.

Another option was available and I took it.
800m row
15 push press 33#
20 pull-ups 2” band (minimal kipping)
25 OH squats 22#
800m row

I managed the push press broken in half and then I wanted to get the pull-ups 10 and 10 and managed the first 10 but my heart rate was 170. I had to wait too long to get it back down so when I beeped again at 4 or 5 I knew I wasn’t going to get to ten. I stopped after 6, rested for a shorter time and then finished them.

My plan was 5 overhead squats at a time. I actually was able to work my plan. My heart rate was in the high 160s as I finished each set, but I could recovered relatively quickly and get back to work. I was back at the rower about the same times as the kiddies were getting to work on that part. I did not rest after my last set of squats and I beeped for the entire time I was rowing. I stayed almost constantly at 163-165 so I wasn’t over the mid-160s the cardiologist recommended as my top limit.

Gabe finished first although Scott gave him a run for his money and wasn’t far behind. I finished in 19.33 and Rachael finished ten seconds later. David was done shortly after that. I was smack dab in the middle of the pack again. I worked really hard and it was fun to actually have a chance to not be the biggest loser and finish last. I had a goal and pushed in order to compete with people young enough to be my kids. No teenagers there today, but all these people were younger than Joe, my baby.

When I wrote my numbers on the board, I did not write the dreaded scaled. Just as women can’t help being XYs I cannot help being old. I get to do the masters version of WODs. And when I am working with a masters version, I RX it. That’s my story anyway.