It rained all day yesterday. I was forced out into the rain but did not melt. We did figure out how to use the defroster on the new car. That was a plus. I was hoping for more information and so went to to get it and they have revamped their entire website and so now I don’t have any information. But it was a pretty picture. It also took forever to load. Nothing in life is ever easy and nothing ever stays the same. Sigh.

It was supposed to be in the mid-60s this morning with light fog. It was the right temperature but there wasn’t any fog I could see. That was nice. Last week we were freezing at the box and I wanted mittens. Today, we had to have the fans on again. Nothing is easy and nothing stays the same. Sigh.

Gabe is off this week and so he slept in again and joined us at 6 AM. Sarah Ann was there again and so was Jackson, so the kids showed up. Then Maribel arrived and David came to join us on his first day at the box. So there were six of us and six rowers. This all worked out perfectly.

500 meter row, slow and easy
Ryan complex down the mat
leg swings front to back and side to side, 10 each
plank clocks clockwise and counterclockwise
20 sit-ups
20 supermans
500 meter row, 100 fast, 100 slow, etc
5 back bends or bridges

After all this we were declared warm and we began our day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Abdominal Work

5 rounds
1 minute on/1 minute off
10 rounds
100m row
10 kettlebell swings (heavy)
rest 1 min in between sets

The abdominal work was whatever we wanted to do. Leslie had not liked having to come up with her own work at the 5 AM class, so Coach Kim listed several different options. We could do any of the options and choose as many as we wanted or we could stick with one thing for the entire time.

Because of all the rain and the high humidity, everything was covered with a film of water. I began with weighted sit-ups and when I picked up a med ball, it was all wet and I was afraid I would drop it on my face. I had to dry it off to use it, but I managed 16 without dropping it on my face. Then I did modified V-ups and got 22, then I got a little frisky and did knees to elbows forgetting about the slickness and that the bar would be slippery. I managed 11 but had a heart rate way too high at the end, my next thing was plain sit-ups cuz I was pooped even after a minute of rest and I got 21 of them. I finished with twists and counting both the right and left as one, I got to 20.

We warmed up with some light kettlebell swings that allowed Coach Kim to make sure everyone had the form correct.

When I looked at the conditioning portion of the WOD bright and early this morning, I could figure out immediately what to do to make a masters version of the WOD. I didn’t mention it and I didn’t whine. I already had my own plan and I would follow it. There is no reason I couldn’t manage the WOD as written, but I couldn’t manage it in the same time frame as people young enough to be my grandchildren. I’m sick of feeling beaten up.

As Kim was walking around, I did say I was doing the masters version and she asked what that was. My workout was 80 meter row and then 8 Russian kettlebell swings at 25#. Then a minute rest. And my heart rate was too high for much of the WOD because I was working really hard.

I finished the entire thing at 16.42 there are nine minutes of rest built in. I rowed as hard as I could for the first five rounds or so, but my heart rate was in the 170s by the time I got done with the kettlebell swings. It would take me most of the minute to just stop beeping and then I would start the next round with a heart rate of 155 or so and it was wearing me down.

I opted from rounds 6 through 9 to row easier and take a few more seconds on that part and still be able to get all the kettlebell swings in without having to pause. On the last round, I went all out because I could rest when I finished.

Gabe and Jackson were done before me, but not by a whole lot which means less than a minute. Maribel finished just seconds after me. Sarah Ann and David are both new and they finished close to each other as well. I’m not supposed to compare myself to anyone but who I was yesterday and that’s great in theory. In practice, it is hard not to notice that everyone has gone home and you are the only one still struggling with the WOD. I’m sick of being the last one done. I want to work just as hard as the younger people. But I don’t want to work harder. I’m not them. My workouts should reflect who I am and today, I got it perfect. I wasn’t sure if I was cutting myself too much slack or not enough. But finishing in the middle of the pack makes me think I was spot on. When I wrote my scores on the board, I didn’t write scaled after it. I wrote masters.

I had sweat dripping down my face and I was panting like a lizard on a hot rock. I worked hard and to capacity. I didn’t over work to exhaustion trying to keep up with the kiddies. I’m pleased with my day.

It was so hot and muggy after being so cold and I had worked so hard, I couldn’t stand it. So I threw the top back on the gokart and headed home with the wind cooling me off. I was almost cooled down when I got to the house.