The cold crept South and we were freezing down here. Okay, it wasn’t really up to the freezing part yesterday afternoon, but it was too cold for the South. Some nitwit at FOX news stated it had reached freezing in all 50 states. I looked. Hawaii was 74⁰ and I don’t think it has ever reached freezing there. I wanted to ask the author if Hawaii had seceded.

I looked last night and it was supposed to be 27 out there this morning and when I woke up, my phone said it was 36 which wasn’t so bad. But it was all a terrible lie and it was really below freezing and the box is a warehouse without any temperature control. That means we need self control and that’s not very promising. Even after arriving home, getting breakfast, and sitting down to write this it is only 30.

I was swathed in a short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, and sweatshirt and at the end of the warm-up I still had all the layers on. I’m not a real fan of the cold. I moved South and enjoy the higher temperatures all winter and it was hot and muggy in the summer up North anyway. The “brisk” temps this morning with the fan from the rowers was just icing on the cake.

Today, it was me, Todd, and the Jackson two. I had never met the other Jackson before but he is a powerhouse. I asked the regular Jackson who was younger, him or the twins. The twins are younger by two months. Sarah Ann is 16 and she is the younger of the twins. The partner WOD the other day was the youngest and oldest members working together. That’s awesome.

Today’s WOD as written:

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
GHD 5 x 20 sec effort
power cleans (135/95)
back squats (135/95)

I knew before touching anything metal that I needed my gloves on. My hands are always cold no matter what. I didn’t need them for hand protection, I needed them for warmth. We warmed up with lighter weights and got to work. I don’t GHD at all, so I was tasked with v-ups but I usually just fall over with those. So I did modified v-ups as my secondary move. We did a set of deadlifts and then alternated with the sit-ups.

My weights were 83 – 103 – 113 – 123 – 133 which means I lifted my body weight. My modified V-ups were 8-8-8-9 and then on the last round I tried real V-ups and still managed 9, and although they weren’t as stable, I did not fall over. At some time during the deadlifts, I finally took off my sweatshirt.

As we were winding up, I asked Coach Kim if I should go 53# and do 18-12-6 or stick with the rep scheme and only use 42#. She thought for a moment and said to keep the rep scheme. What I should have done was the lower rep scheme AND the lower weight.

My plan was to do 10 cleans and rest and then 10 and rest and then one and switch to back squats. It didn’t work out that way. I got the first ten before beeping. Then I got 8 and beeped. I finished and got the bar on my back and managed a few squats and then I was beeping again. I looked at Kim and panicked.

“I can’t drop the bar.” She asked why not. We aren’t supposed to drop the bars with just ten pound plates on them because it breaks the plates. She told me to walk the bar to the rack and work from the rack. It would also let me not have to do the extra cleans and push press to the back move.

I managed to get through this by doing a little bit, having a heart rate of 170 far too often, managing to get it back down to 140s and start again and ratchet up the heart rate too fast. Jackson two did this RX weight and was finished before I was done with the cleans of the 15 round. Everyone was done by the time I finished the entire 15 round. I still had the nine round and managed all nine cleans together but I couldn’t do the squats without a rest. I finished in 14.25 and by that time, both Jackson two and Todd had headed for home.

It took me two months of working out to deadlift 42#. I did 45 power cleans and 45 back squats with 42# today. I should be proud of that. It is a tremendous achievement. I lifted my own body weight in a deadlift today. I should be proud of that. It is one of the markers or goals put out there.

I am proud of what I can do mostly because I have never in my whole long life done this crap before. I get the most upset by my heart rate and my inability to keep working. After the last nine cleans, my heart rate was 173 and I was dizzy. I wasn’t tired. My muscles weren’t tired. Just my heart was tired. And it seems to get to say when all of us – muscles, brain, determination – have to stop. I wish I could be the boss of me instead of being a slave to this whole heart rate issue.