My great niece was THRILLED with snow yesterday. She has been wanting to build a snowman since July and the opportunity was not presented. But yesterday morning, she woke up to enough snow that her Nana had a snow day and didn’t have to teach school. So Lily got to build a snowman. The picture of the excited toddler and her snowman made my whole day.

I got a little southern on my northern friends and mentioned that I was debating whether or not to wear a jacket to work since it was 67⁰ out there. They were not amused. Later in the day, we were under a tornado watch, so I let them know what my boasting got me. The temps are dropping over the next couple days even this far south. I looked last night and there were freeze warnings for overnight.

The warnings were scary but it was 39⁰ when I left the house this morning. The temperature right now is 34⁰. It’s very cold for being in the South. It was so cold this morning, Charlie actually had on a sweatshirt and long pants when he arrived. Todd, Jackson, Sarah Ann, and I made up the rest of the 6 AM class. There were only four at the 5 AM class and they were just beginning the conditioning at about 5.55 which meant they were running late. But it did mean I could find out what the hell over the bar wall balls were. More to come.

500m row
inchworm with a push-up for the length of the mat

ring rows
ring dips
dislocates and passthroughs

We were declared warm after this and began with the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Row / Floor Press
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
(for total reps)

1 minute on / 1 minute off
over the bar wall balls (20/14)
alternating shuttle runs
b2b med ball pass (40/25)
crab walk wheel barrows
alternating parallette passes
alternating double unders

I have done enough Pendlay rows that I actually remembered what they were when I looked at this. I remembered getting trapped under the bar on the floor press, but I couldn’t remember what weight. If I had enough stamina to look at this the night before, I could have looked that information up, but since it makes me not sleep, I only look in the morning and then there is no time to look up the information.

We did them floor press, then Pendlay row, then floor press, etc. I began with 32# on the bar and could manage okay for both moves. Then I went to 37# and it was okay. Then I got to 42# and wasn’t sure if this is where I failed at the floor push press but I managed them. Then I got to 47# and could only do 4 but I set the bar on the ground lower than my boobs so I could roll it down and get out from under it. On the last round, I tried the same weight again to see if I could get all five, and I did! Then I added more and 52# for the Pendlay rows and did fine with that weight.

Since there were five of us, there were a few ways to manage this partner WOD. We could do boys and girls or we could do high school kids and old farts or we could have two sets of two and someone working alone. We ended up with boys and girls. There were modifications made for the injured guy and they figured out how to manage this for them.

I was working with a high school kid. Poor child having to put up with the old fart. But this type of WOD isn’t quite as bad as many others since I get to rest after a burst of killing myself.

The over the bar wall balls entailed each partner throwing the ball over the bars we use for pull-ups. The 5 AM class was going over the high bars. As a master level athlete, I’m supposed to use a 10# ball to an 8’ mark. A 14 pound ball to a higher mark was pretty much out of my league. Sarah Ann is a new member and some of the things we did today were her first experience with the move. So she was okay with using a 10# ball over the shorter cross section of the bars.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work because wall balls just kill my heart rate stuff. But I managed to get the whole minute in and only beeped at the very end. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that on throw nine over the bar, it hit the bar and came back to me and without thinking, “Fuck” came out of my mouth. And then I realized I was playing with a kid. Just shit. I apologized, she laughed. Dear Lord. I need to be more careful.

Kim said if I was too tired on the shuttle runs, Sarah Ann could have two trips while I rested, but the rest while she ran was enough and I could hold up my end on this part, too. No swearing involved.

We used a 14# med ball for the passes which were done seated, which was far more difficult than when we did these standing. I thought Sarah Ann was counting, since she started out counting, but then she stopped somewhere along the way. I think we were passing the ball once per second and may have stumbled some on this, but certainly not too much. A full circle was a rep and so we probably did closer to 27 but only counted the minute for 17 since we were stupid.

The wheel barrows were beyond me and so we bear crawled the mat. I hate this as a warm-up and it takes a long time. I was really surprised how fast I can do this if given the proper incentive.

I used a couple 20” boxes and Sarah Ann used the parallettes for the pass throughs. I managed to keep up with my end of the deal on this one, too.

Neither of us could do double unders and so were just doing single unders. Sarah Ann went first and jumped for 30 seconds and then I finished. The idea was to go to failure or until tired and let your partner work. This worked for us.

I was beeping by the end of many of the moves, but could recover in the minute off. I never had to stop while we were supposed to be working. Our score was 209.

After everyone left, I did some banded pull-ups and then did a couple sets of negatives. And then it was time to come home and get breakfast. I felt good about today’s work. I had to scale stuff, but I never had to stop and just pant and be old.