I had a lovely respite weekend. Dick purchased the car of his choice Friday evening and we had it in the garage on Saturday. We now have silver and sort of gold cars. His new car makes the little gokart look even littler.

I got lots of knitting and lots of writing done, too. On Friday afternoon, we volunteered to help with Ameriprise Financial’s National Day of Service and were at the Lowcountry Food Bank to help sort food. I was so saddened by the generic Ramen noodles. I can’t imagine being so poor you can’t afford name brand Ramen noodles. I’ve lived a charmed life.

My sister knows how to conference call and so all three of us got to talk together yesterday. Cheri had to go to the grocery store and so it ended up being just me and Pam there for the last couple hours. It was wonderful. There was only one bar on the phone’s battery when we hung up. Pam and I did talk some fitness stuff and she reiterated that she is amazed at my CrossFit progress and can’t figure out how I can feel like a failure. I was convinced – sorta.

I saw a bit of what was coming because the WOD was at the top of my Facebook feed at 9 PM, a place it had no business being. But I knew we would be doing back squats today. I didn’t know more than that. I’m glad. I woke to the dulcet tones of my singing alarm and when I peeked at the WOD, I was immediately once again discouraged.

Today, Scott was there and so was Todd. Jason was coaching. We began our warm-up with shuttle runs and I was beeping before I finished them. It was pretty much downhill after that. Todd is injured again and now his leg has a pulled muscle and his shoulder still hurts. He cannot do that plank walk the mat thing. It makes me sick. I’ve determined it is the ground moving so close to my eyes, so I shut my eyes and hoped I didn’t puke. I made it, but had to stop moving a couple times.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 x ME Bodyweight Back Squats
3 x ME 50% Bodyweight Strict to Push Press
AMRAP in 10 minutes
500m row
5 hang power cleans (135/95)
5 toes to bar

Once I really read the WOD, I figured I was in the perfect position to see exactly what I weighed. I checked and weighed exactly 131.6 this morning. I got the calculator out and 75% of that weight is 98.25 pounds. I was thinking that it might be possible. My one rep max on a back squat is 103# so it was risky. I began with a 45# bar. Jason said I was holding my arms wrong and to reposition my arms and it did make it possible to stay straighter in the squat. I worked my way up to 85# and got four. I tried 95# and got one, but my knee fell in. My form sucked. I would have to retreat to 85#.

We were supposed to add and strip the weights from the bar and do the back squats, recover, then do strict press until failure and go into a push press until failure, recover, put the weights back on, etc. There were three of us. There are six stations. I used two and had a 22# bar that I upped eventually to 42# and did the strict (always just two) into push press. Because Todd’s leg was hurting, he stopped trying the back squats and just worked on the presses. But Scott kept taking the weights on and off. I asked him why he didn’t get a second bar set up and he just shrugged. Rule followers! I am a rule breaker when the chance presents itself. Or else I’m just pathetically lazy.

In between sets, while we worked on recovery, Scott was talking about the amazing people at the some televised thing. He was the first place person in his age group at the Masters Garage Games. He was pining after a dream, too. I’m not the only person who sees others doing better and is amazed. I think Scott is amazing. He looks farther up the food chain and sees others who are doing more. Maybe I should be happy with my progress to date. Not a whole lot of people my age are doing this. I’m succeeding because it is all scalable and I’m working to MY capacity. And my capacity is much more than when I walked in the door in 2012.

My reps were 4, 9 on the first round then 4, 7 on the second round and finished with 3, 9 on the last. I believe on the second round I simply didn’t wait for my heart rate to get down low enough before attempting the presses. I was finished when I began beeping each time so this was a dumb move which I rectified on the last round.

Then on to conditioning. I used the same 42# bar for the hang power cleans. I asked Jason if I was supposed to get more rounds or just row. He said the WOD was almost all row and just stick with the 500m. I was wondering if I should have tried for another round of hang power cleans. I don’t think it would have mattered.

I got 2+177m for a score. My heart rate was high after the cleans so I’m glad I didn’t add any more weight to them. I was considering doing 53# for them. I am not certain I wouldn’t have had to rest in the middle. This way, the only time I wasn’t working was between the cleans and hanging from the bar. I cannot do toes to bar but I did almost get knees to elbows. I could do them without break and have a heart rate too high, but that just meant I would then row a bit slower at the beginning while my heart rate came down.

Then it was time to come home and get some breakfast – my favorite part of the whole WOD.