I brought Flat Stanley to work with me yesterday and took him to the town square park and got his picture in a few places there. That was pretty much the highlight of the day. Boss Person read an article saying that our brains are capable of so many decisions per day and then it just shuts down. That used to not be a problem, but every like on Facebook is a decision. Every Tweet to follow is a decision. We are using up all our decision making skills on nonessential nonsense. We run out of good decision making skills around 3 PM. We all agreed it was true.

I’ve gotten really good at not looking at the WOD the night before and still surviving the WOD in the morning. I did it again today. At least when I looked at this one, I knew exactly what to change. I got dressed and headed out to the box, got some more Christmas cards signed for the troops and then … there were only two people at the box who could match my shirt today. And Scott came in and was wearing his Masters Tour shirt, too. We were twins. Charlie was back from Raleigh and Todd was there without Cindy who can’t even have the excuse of open gym today because there isn’t any.

Todd and I began the day with talking about how much our legs hurt after all the squatting we did yesterday. At least it wasn’t just me being old and pitiful.

Warm-up was written
500 meter row
20 banded good mornings
1 min at the bottom of a squat
400 meter row
lunge down the mat doing passthroughs
300 meter row
10 supermans
10 jumping air squats
200 meter row

I was warm enough without the entire thing, but when I mentioned that and said it would okay for me to stop, Coach Kim disagreed. So I finished it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Thrusters 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
Hip Extensions 8 – 8 – 8 – 8 – 8
5 rounds for time of:
9 deadlifts (95/65)
6 hang power snatch (95/65)
3 overhead squat (95/65)

I wasn’t sure what hip extensions were but I figured it was with the GHD thing and I hate that thing. They are. I asked what I could do instead. I was offered supermans or weighted good mornings. I chose the weighted good mornings.

My thrusters were done at 22 – 33 – 43 – 48 – 48 because I didn’t have enough oomph to get 53 up there three times. I might have been able to get one done but I lacked the conviction of making three reps and I hate the thought of dropping weight on top of my head. I used just 22# for weighted good mornings. They were done first thrusters and then good mornings and back and forth. Apparently, this is what we should have done yesterday morning with the squats and HSPU moves – first one and then the other and switch them back and forth. I don’t know if that would have been better or worse than the way Coach Jason had us do them.

As we worked on these, we talked about yesterday’s WOD and everyone agreed that the leap frogs were the most difficult part. I thought it was me being old and here it was just that it sucked. And on that note, my son wrote an article at Breaking Muscle about Masters Athletes and mistakes to avoid. I make them all repeatedly and continued to do so today.

I also asked about today’s WOD. Should I go heavier and do four rounds or go lighter and do five rounds. I already knew I was doing the advanced masters scaling and getting rid of snatches and OH squats and doing power cleans and front squats. Otherwise I would have to go with a 22# bar alone.

Kim said to go lighter and do five rounds. So I set up a 42# bar and was ready. Since the moves worked one into the other, I could go from a deadlift into a power clean and from the clean into a front squat.

Time began and I got the entire first round done without having to stop but beeping on the last front squat. My heart rate was 162 when I finished and I had to get it back down to start again. I could never again do a whole round without stopping. I would do 8 deadlifts and rest then get the last deadlift and the cleans and squats and rest. This was not because of muscle fatigue, but because of my heart rate.

My heart rate was too high too much of the time. I would try to box breathe and I was so mad at being old and weak and this dumbass heart rate shit and I was furious at myself for being old and it sucks being this old and on and on and on inside my head. Instead of concentrating on centering myself and getting my heart rate down, I was just getting madder and madder at the fact that I’m old – something which is never going to get any better and will just continue to get worse.

My heart rate was 164 (even though I had my rest after the deadlifts) by the end of the second round. Then it was worse and at the end of the third round, it was 173. As I was sitting on the floor box breathing and being disgusted with myself during the fourth round, Scott finished. I had 1.5 rounds to go and there I was, sitting and panting and dripping on the ground. My heart rate when I finished the fourth round was 171. One more round to go. Both Todd and Charlie were still working so I wasn’t a total slug although I was scaled. I’m supposed to be scaled. I’m an old woman. I still feel like I’m cheating at this. But I finished round five (even though I desperately wished to quit after round four) at 8.56 and a heart rate of 173 and making pig noises on the last two squats.

I mentioned that I spend most of my time not working during workouts and both Scott and Todd got huffy with me and asked what most ladies my age were doing right now. I know I’m doing more than most women my age can manage. What I want, however, is to be 25 again. Wait, I was pregnant at 25 – make that 26.