We have been car shopping and I can’t say I have enjoyed the experience. I assume they never have ads showing someone buying a car because that would be an epic length movie rather than a 30 second ad spot. It took forever and I started to get cranky and warn the salesman (they were all men who talked to us) that we weren’t happy being coerced into talking to another person just because it is their policy. All we wanted to do was drive a car and see if we liked it. If one more person showed me how wonderful it is not to be able to lock yourself out of your car, I may have committed murder with my bare hands – and I work out so I might have been able to actually do it.

Dick painted the bathroom yesterday and it was not a good experience. He was covering a butterscotch colored wall with a yellow. It was guaranteed to cover in one coat. It took three. There was lots of unhappiness there but it does look really nice now.

I successfully didn’t look at the WOD last night and when the alarm went off this morning, I peeked at it and was completely happy about not looking last night. I got myself ready to depart for the box and had layers on to accommodate the 51⁰ temps.

We began our warm-up with a run and I have no idea why, but that hurt my behind. I assume it was the higher box step-ups from last Friday. Or maybe it was the lovely two days to test drive four cars thing. But it hurt my ass. I eventually got warmed up enough that it was better. We did Ryan complex down the mat which has squats in it. We also held an active squat for a minute and then we did some PVC pipe OH squats because why not. We also had some wall balls in there which have a squat included.

Today’s WOD as written:
Squats 5 x 30 sec efforts
HSPU 5 x 30 sec efforts
Partner WOD
50 (alt) box jumps
25 unison burpees
50 kbs (25 each)(53/35)
50 b2b med ball pass(20/14)
4 mat length leap frog
50 (alt) power cleans (95/65)

We did squats for 30 seconds, rested a minute and repeat. I did a total of 86 squats there. For the HSPU which I cannot execute, I used a 20” box and did them from there. I was nauseous on each round. Again it was 30 seconds on and a minute rest. I got 35 of these.

And then partner WOD – my favorite. I love having to have someone else cope with my aged self and heart rate issues. It just doesn’t seem fair to whoever gets stuck with me, unless it is whomever gets stuck with me (which I believe is the actual correct grammar but seems pretentious). I simply prefer to only have me having to cope with me.

Sarah Ann was there today and I correctly guessed the right twin. Maribel showed up today, too. They were a team and Todd got stuck with me. As we were looking at these at the board, the burpees had to be done together with chests on the floor at the same time and jumping up and clapping hands at the same time. I was planning on just doing a plank in and out because I’m old and 25 burpees in the middle of all this was going to be unmanageable. Todd’s shoulder is still a mess and he can’t do burpees either and had some convoluted way he was going to try to manage this. Coach Jason told us to do synchronized squats instead.

I asked Sarah Ann if she needed the 25# KB and she didn’t, which is how we ended up not being partners. She was using the 20# one and so we didn’t have to share. Todd was doing sumo deadlift high pulls instead of swings and I did Russian swings.

So we began with the box jumps, but both of us did step-ups. I used a 20” box and Todd used a 24” one and these were alternated me then him. Then we did our squats and I had to stop and get my heart rate down half way through. It is so discouraging. I can’t even manage this little bit of stuff without over taxing my heart. Then the kettlebell swings and we did those five a time.

When I looked at b2b med ball pass, I had no idea what in the hell that was. It was standing back to back and passing the ball in a circle, first clockwise for 25 counts and then counterclockwise for 25 counts. We used a 14# med ball for this and all it did was make me dizzy.

Then the leap frog shit. I never even played this as a kid. I suck at crap like this. It was just too much for my poor heart. I couldn’t get very far on a jump so we had to do more of them and then I had a heart rate way too high. I could get a mat length and then have to rest. But we finally finished that nonsense and were on to the cleans. These were also alternated with Todd and then me.

I had to rest before we could start and then after a third of the way through I had a heart rate of 170 and couldn’t keep going and had to stop. Then after another 9 cleans, I was wiped out again. I got my heart rate from 172 down to 159 but that meant that I would start beeping again as soon as I did one clean. But I had been sitting still and box breathing for too long already. So I started up again and we finally finished in 17.03 and I had a heart rate of 173. I collapsed into a puddle on the floor and Maribel was advising me to “walk it out” and not to just make a sweat angel. My heart rate climbs when I stop and then it will start to drop. So she is telling me to move more with a heart rate over 175. I know everyone means well, but I really don’t want to have a heart attack while I’m trying to be healthy.

I made it home and had breakfast and tried to add up how many squats I did today. I came up with “too many” and I think that is accurate.