I can’t even count how many times people told me how easy something was going to be for me to do. I offered to let them do it and then it wasn’t as easy, but for me, it would be simple. Easy peasy. No problem. If I did it. Well, maybe not that easy if they did it, but for me, it would be a snap. Just because I do a lot of tedious stuff, doesn’t make it easier.

I’m thinking that if getting stuff ready for me to retire is going to be too much work, I might stop worrying about it and stop getting stuff ready. I won’t be inconvenienced when I’m retired and trying to get ready ahead of time isn’t in my own interest and so maybe I should just stop. What the heck. I’m too anal retentive for that type of laissez faire attitude, but I may be forced to adopt it in self-defense.

For some odd reason, my phone made some short burst alarm sound at 1 AM. I guess I wasn’t sleeping fitfully enough and so it thought it should just quickly wake me up because – why not? I have no idea why it made the noise and I did eventually fall back to sleep.

Then the alarm really went off and it was time to get ready for whatever the day would hold. I looked at the temperature and it was 39⁰ on one app and 40 on the other. Another brisk morning. I layered my clothes appropriately and headed off into the night.

We warmed up and the layers were slowly removed. Today was a lot of lifts so I opted to really change my one shoe. Hannah and I were wearing the same shirt, but she didn’t have my wild socks or mismatched shoes, so we were exactly twins. I’m also not a young, pretty, tall blonde. But other than that, we looked the same. Or else we just had the same shirt.

Today’s WOD as written:
back squats 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
high wall balls 4 x 5
Post weights and heights.
4 rounds for time:
8 snatches (95/65)
30 double unders
16 kettlebell swings (53/35)
Post total time.

The 5 AM class was pretty full and this was kicking their collective asses. At least the conditioning portion which is what they were doing when we walked in. There were lots of sweat drips all over the floor. When I mentioned that CTF had people clean up their body fluids, I was told it wasn’t really necessary. I really don’t like to have to cope with this, but it happens. There isn’t a real reason why it has to happen, but it does.

Once we were declared warm and stretched appropriately, we began with the skill. I did 53, 63, 73, 83, and 93 pounds on the back squats and in between them did the four rounds of wall balls with my normal ten pound med ball and attempted to get higher than my normally required eight foot mark. I started getting about 9.5 feet but by the last round, I was getting a majority of the wall balls to the ten foot mark. On the last set of 93# back squats, I started too soon since everyone else was finished. On the third squat, I was either going to have to bail or not break parallel. I chose the latter and got back up without really squatting low enough.

We practiced the snatch in incremental moves and it was supposed to be with an empty bar. All I can manage with these in the empty smallest bar we have. I did this part with a PVC pipe. The choice was double unders and I can’t do them. No single unders were permitted and I had to sub something else, but … Coach Kim came up to me and said the masters allow for single unders instead of double unders and without punitive reps. I could just do single unders if I wanted. I was happy with that.

I had thought I would scale this by just doing three rounds. My snatch is pretty much limited to that 22# bar and my kettlebell swings were Russians and not Americans and using 25#. The last person done at 5 AM took 13 minutes something. I wasn’t feeling that perky.

On the first round, I got the eight snatches done, rested, did the single unders, rested, and got the 16 kettlebell swings done and rested, but not enough. I had been beeping at the end of each separate move, but with box breathing, I was getting my heart rate down quickly. Well, quickly for me.

I didn’t wait long enough to start the second round and had to break the snatches into 5-3. I could tell at five that I wasn’t going to finish and it was smarter to not let my heart rate get way too high and still have one left. Dropping the bar on my head would have even been dumber. So I rested in the middle and vowed to be smarter on the next round. Then I did the jumps, rested, and did the KB moves together.

I got my heart rate down to 140s before starting the third round and got all the snatches done together, rested, jumped, rested, did the swings and it was 9.22. I really had more in me. I had no idea how close everyone else was to finishing.

I figured I would do another half round. So I did. I got the four snatches and 15 jumps done (missing three single unders and taking too much time resetting) and had hoped to be able to just do everything without a stop. I don’t know why I thought I could do this. My heart rate was 168 after the jumps and trying to get the kettlebell swings in was stupid. I had to rest. I didn’t need to rest much. I started the swings with a heart rate of 159 because I was almost done and could rest when I finished. I was done in 11.34.

I guess the double unders were the constraining factor in this WOD. Hannah finished next, but she was 13 something. Jackson was next and I have no idea what his time was. Poor Todd was being killed by the double unders and finally did the sub move which was some other type of jump thing. But he was just beat. His time was 17 something.

Kim said that Ryan was going to start including a masters version of the WODs. I have no idea how old one will have to be to be a master person. It should be interesting.