Dear WordPress,

Could you please tell me what improvements were added to the new and improved posting experience? I’ve looked for them and to my dismay, find them lacking both in number and in scope.

I like the calendar for choosing when to schedule a post. That was, indeed, an improvement.

Why is it considered an improvement to have to write 9:00 instead of 9? I found the three less keystrokes to be easier but I’m not real big on typing. Maybe you think people who enjoy writing would be delighted by having to enter more text.

But that can’t be right because the text box for adding text used to be expandable so I could see more than just a few lines at a time. Now it is not. Of course, everybody likes to blame the other guy for their faults and so I thought perhaps the fault was with the browser I use. I use Chrome. So, I tried FireFox to see if the once available option was just a matter of parsing within the browser. Nope. Didn’t work in FireFox, either. I was desperate enough to even try IE. Internet Explorer also did not work and I’m not sure if I was relieved or not.

So when I want to highlight and quote my four quotes or a long WOD, I have to scroll and hope that with the delays in internet loading that I don’t go too far and then back too far and then forward too far and why the hell can’t you let me adjust the size of the text box?

I guess the text box had to be made so small so that the Post to your own damn blog button would show. Moving it all the way to the bottom was so helpful. Why put it anywhere near the place where one would schedule a date and time to post something? What sort of idiot would put the two posting things together? That’s just crazy talk there.

I write in categories. At Little Bits of History I have exactly one category but I put everything in History just in case someone uses that as a search feature. I used to have to check History every single time and wondered why there wasn’t a way to get rid of the Uncategorized thing so they would all just go to History. Silly me. Now I have to click into a blank box and then click History making this twice as annoying.

Over here I have a list of categories to choose from and it now takes two clicks here as well, but at least I wasn’t being annoyed by a single click before.

Tags are a great way of driving traffic, at least that is what we are led to believe. Tags didn’t come over from the old to the new, at least not all of them. This is my fifth year of posting to LBoH and each time I post, I add the date. I can choose from tags for April 1, April 2, etc., but there is nothing coming through for November. That’s handy.

And what is up with the Beep beep boop? Is that supposed to do something other than make me annoyed? Is it supposed to be cute or amusing while I wait for the page to load? It isn’t. It makes me think, every time this stupid animation comes up, “This is fucking stupid and annoying and why don’t coders actually code for something useful?” and then the page arrives to annoy me further. So maybe it is just to get me in the mood.

Maybe that new and improved blue background is put there to sooth my frayed nerves. Blue is supposed to be soothing.

And then, after all this work of getting a post together, I should title it. I used to have naming conventions I could use and change the way it looked in the URL space. Now, I guess tiny URLs are no longer needed. The option is gone and I can’t even shorten the damn things myself. I have no edit button because apparently having any control at all might be too stressful for me, the dumb user.

Like many early adopters of blogging, I began over at Blogspot. I moved because it became so tedious and horrible and nasty that even the thought of moving seemed better.

I’m not sure what you, my dear WordPress, are attempting. Is it to get me to move? Are you hoping I will pay for a spot? This is actually making me less likely to sign up for a paid blog. I would be stuck for a year if I did that. And it could be this same horrible experience I have now. I understand you need to show “some” readers an ad on my no-ad blog. Expenses are high and costs must be met. I assume that “some” means everyone but me.

My biggest question is why are you advertising your new stuff as an “improved posting experience” because I keep looking for the improvements and can’t find them – except for that calendar thing. And how long will I continue to be permitted to use the classic design? And why did you take away my ability to resize that text box too? The Publish button isn’t anywhere close by.

May I take a moment to remind you about Coke? Classic is classic for a reason.

An old and disgruntled user

PS This was posted from the Classic version