I thoroughly enjoyed beginning my weekend after work yesterday. I would like to take a moment to point out that database management is tedious and inglorious. Unfortunately, it is also necessary. On a brighter note, my database information is now managed.

We have a big client event each year that is lots of work both in the planning and the follow up. We were selecting a date for this event which has been traditionally held in February. I stayed quiet as they were selecting possible dates. It looks like the event will be held on February 28. I retire on February 25. I stayed quiet while they discussed options and when they picked the date, I gave out a little “Yippee” type yell. It was then that Mandi realized why I had stayed quiet.

I successfully didn’t look at the WOD last night and did successfully look this morning and then looked up the last time I did this nonsense. If we routinely scaled at the box instead of each coach scaling stuff for me as we go along, I would have a better way to compare what are supposed to be benchmark WODs. But we don’t.

Cory coached the 5 AM class and had a warm-up that was written out on a white board and so Ryan took a picture of it and used it for us. Two rounds of 15 of each move (except the runs): jumping jacks, squats, high knees run the mat, butt kick run the mat back, mountain climbers, push-ups, ring rows, supermans, sit-ups, and dancing crabs. I had my shirt off before we finished the warm-up. It was 66⁰ out there, but that was a bit much.

Then, since we were too tired, we just skipped the whole rest of the day. Wait, that’s what I wanted to do, instead …

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict Press

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swing (53/35)
12 pull ups

The twin high school swimmers were there doing a fundamentals class and they each had one 22# bar which meant there weren’t any left for me. They were doing some stretches, so I warmed up with the smaller bar and then used a 33# bar for my strict press.

I used the bare bar for both sets of five. Ryan told me what I was doing wrong, but I needed to know exactly what to do instead. I was arching my back instead of pushing with a hollow core. When I concentrated on tightening everything up, the weight went up easier. As Ryan watched from behind, he mentioned how curved my spine was. Like I didn’t know I was turning into even more of a pretzel. This is why I have different shoes or a plate under my foot. I’m curling up into one of those pill bugs.

Then I went to 38 and did the sets of three. I was at 43 for the one rep and Ryan said if I did it too easily, I would have to add 5 more pounds. I said I would get the one pound weights and get to 45. I did the 43 pretty easy. So I went to 48 and got that overhead. Just for shits and giggles, I tried 53# and lo and behold, with shaking arms and barely making it, it went overhead. Who knew?

Then it was time for Helen. It was just me and Todd today. He hurt his shoulder doing KB swings and so this didn’t look good. I was doing Russian swings and he thought he could manage that, too. But when he tried a couple as a warm-up, they were already hurting his shoulder. Sometimes I forget to let the coaches coach and I turn back into a nurse, so I butted in, but my idea was sound. He went with using the kettlebell for sumo high pulls. That didn’t hurt his shoulder at all.

I asked Ryan how far I should walk. I was hoping for 200 meters for a couple reasons, one is simply it’s shorter, but the other is that it kept me out of the road in the dark. Ryan said that would work. But he thought I should scale the number of reps, as well, in order to see if I could keep moving. So I did 14 25# Russian kettlebell swings and then 8 band assisted pull-ups with a 2” band.

It is so tempting to try running on the first round. But that just screws me over for the whole WOD. During the warm-up I gotten too warm and took my shirt off. So I would be walking on the sidewalk next to a fairly busy street in my shorts and sports bra and my lovely gloves because pull-ups hurt my hands without gloves. I mentioned that it was good we were coming up to Halloween since this looked like a scary outfit.

Time started and off we went. Somebody honked at me! I can only assume they liked my scary costume. I got back and could immediately do the KB swings and did them all together. But I had to rest before starting the pull-ups and I didn’t wait long enough. I did them 5-3 and that was stupid. So for the next two rounds, I played smarter.

The temperature will be dropping all day and I was so grateful for the breeze that was bringing in cooler temps. On the walk out, it felt really good to cool down and by the turn around I was no longer dripping. On the walk back in, it was deliciously cool without being cold. Lovely. Simply lovely. Then I would do the 14 swings unbroken, sit on the box I use to get up to the band and box breathe until my heart rate was down to 154, and then do all the pull-ups. I ended with a heart rate of 171 each time, but I was either going for a walk or done so what the hell. I finished in 12.12.

The top was down on the go-kart on my drive to the box, but it was cloudy and I was afraid of my little car getting a wet interior, so I put the top up in the parking lot. I just left it up and came home, delighted to have another WOD done.