Yesterday at work was a lot of work. We have two huge filing cabinets. We are going paperless and everything in the cabinets will have to be scanned and then destroyed. This must be completed by July 2018. One Boss wanted one of the cabinets for home use and so we have been emptying it. Not scanning and destroyed stuff yet, but putting the files in some sort of reasonable pattern where we could access them if needed, but boxed up and ready for the next step.

We began this last week and did about half of the work. Yesterday we finished with the boxing up part and then putting the remaining unboxed files into the remaining cabinet. It took a couple more hours of this nonsense, but we have one empty filing cabinet.

Dick and Barb may have sold Ruth’s condo and we can be finished with that nonsense, too. He also got the man cave covered in base coat. I found someone to take all the books I want to get rid of and my car is now filled with books. All in all, we were a couple of busy old farts yesterday.

I successfully didn’t look at the WOD last night, but did look at the weather. It was predicted that it would be foggy and in the high 50s. I set out clothes and slept soundly. I woke and looked up the WOD. Then I had to look up the last time I did a bear complex. Then I began to strategize for today’s WOD. Next up was not putting the lid/bottom on the bullet correctly and some of my protein stuff leaking into the base. So far, the day wasn’t going well. I left the house and it wasn’t just foggy, it was pure pea soup. I couldn’t see more than a couple car lengths ahead. It was nerve wracking just getting there.

We warmed up in various ways and then began today’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squats

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1
“Death by Bear”
EMOM perform +1 round of the bear complex
(not a complete 7 trip complex)
(95/65) (65/45)

Since today’s stuff was mostly lifts, I got into my odd shoe to balance myself out more. I began the back squat series with 63 pounds and thought I would add ten per round, but that got me too high at the end. Kim said to go for the same weight again on the higher reps so I finished out with 63-73-83-88-93.

We watched the 5 AM class finishing the Death by Bear nonsense and Gabe had chosen the RX weight. He always does. He managed to actually finish round 7 or doing one full bear, but that was as far as he could make it. Ryan had chosen just 65 pounds and got through round 7 and got 7 more for round eight before time was up.

They decided the weights were too high and rewrote the weights for later classes. I wasn’t doing that anyway. Ryan talked to me before he left and mentioned that I should use just a PVC pipe. I looked offended. He said it was really hard and I should not go over a 22# alone. I said that a PVC pipe wouldn’t be working hard enough and I would go for the weight.

We did a practice run through of the moves with just an empty bar. Kim was going to have us do some more and I explained that I was warm and aware of the moves and I didn’t want to waste all my heart rate on getting warmed up when I was already over heated. A bear complex is a clean, front squat, push press to back, back squat, push press to front.

I got done with round 5 and then had to sit it out. Todd stopped at the same time. Cindy got through round 6+6 and Mel made it round 7+6.

The fog had not abated and getting home was just as tricky as getting there, but with added traffic to contend with. Some asshats were still biking their kids to school – in the pitch black fog with the adults insisting on riding against traffic and in the road. I don’t know why they don’t ride behind their kids on the sidewalk. The one woman who rides in the street could kill herself, but the dad who carts a smaller child in one of the things behind the bike irritates my soul no end. He can kill himself with being stupid, but the little kid has no say at all.