I was so tired yesterday for no good reason that I barely made it through dinner. I forced myself to stay awake until about 8.30 and then I just had to cave in and go to sleep. I was awake again at 1 AM and stayed awake until around 3 AM. I knew that falling asleep too soon was going to mess up my night’s sleep, but I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Then the alarm went off at 5.15 and I had to get up for the day.

In the middle of the night, I took an Aleve to stop my jaw from aching. I must have been clenching my teeth again although I have no idea what is stressing me out now. After the Aleve kicked in, I could fall back to sleep and my jaw feels okay this morning and by this time, the pill should have worn off.

I got to the box and Jason had coached the 5 AM class but wasn’t coaching our class. Cindy was supposed to be there so he could tape her foot. He used some tape on his foot and claimed it fixed his plantar fasciitis. She has been dealing with that for so long and forgot to show up this morning to get it fixed. Kim was supposed to be coaching our class, but she wasn’t there. So Jason had us all warm up together and began working on the day’s menu of events. Kim got there eventually but had reported her coffee maker wasn’t working so she had to stop and get some coffee. She showed up with a cup with three shots of espresso in it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Rows / Floor Press 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Quickly alternate movements and use the same weight for each movement.
Adjust weights between sets with a goal of finding a maximum 5 rep weight you can handle for both movements.
For time:
30 shoulder to overhead (135/95)
30 front squats (115/75)
30 power cleans (95/65)

I always have to be reminded of what Pendlay rows are because I want them to be that thing we did with rowing a barbell on the ground and they never are. I began with just a 22# bar for this and did the first round before adding 10# for the next. That was easy as well. I got to the 42# and knew the last time I did that floor press thing with the weight, I had issues. I had someone spot me so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

Both Kim and Jason assured me that if I dropped the bar, it wouldn’t crush me but instead the plates left room enough for me on the floor. I tested that and it worked. I felt a little better. I did another round of 42# and then I started feeling a little frisky. I added weight to 47# and the Pendlay rows were still easy. Then, I tried the floor press. I got one and on the second one I dropped the weight. It did not hit me as the room between the floor and bar left enough room for me. But I had to have help to get out from under the bar since instead of moving it down to drop it, I let it fall between my chest and my head. But I didn’t get hurt, which is always my goal. I took off the extra five pounds and did my last set with 42#. On the plus side, I worked to failure. On the minus side, I failed.

Then on to the WOD. I asked what my time frame was supposed to be. The people at the 5 AM class were around 8 minutes. I figured with the 90 moves, I would be resting for about 8 minutes. Jason told me that everyone had to rest. If the young people had to rest, I would be resting much more. He said my weights were lower. That’s true; they are the highest weights I can move so I’m  working as hard as I can. I’m not just old part of the time, I’m old all the time. It sucks, but it is a constant.

So, I dropped the weights to 42, 32, and 22 pounds for the three different moves and dropped the reps to 20 of each. The limiting factor was the shoulder to overhead which pretty much held me at 42 pounds. I can do each of the other two moves at higher weights than the shoulder to overhead and I assume others can as well. The idea that the moves came later and after some fatigue was the operating part. I fatigue faster than the youngsters. I told Kim I could do all 30 of each move, but I would be there a long time. Did she want me to work for the same time or do the reps. She said to do 20 of each move.

For the shoulder to overhead I did 10-5-5 and by that time my heart rate was so high I had to work within that limit. So for the front squats I did 7-7-6 and the same rep scheme for the cleans, having to do hang cleans since I had an empty bar. After each group, I sat and panted and did some box breathing. My heart rate peaked at 162 and came down much faster since I didn’t over extend. I finished in 7.58 which was right in line with the others.

Kim has since posted to Facebook that she has completed the punishment for being late. If we are late to class, we are fined one burpee for each minute late and she was 15 minutes late and did her burpees. This is why I am always on time; burpees suck.