Last day to work out this week. I actually slept all night long like a normal person and so I figured it would be a great day when the alarm went off and woke me up. Because this is the time of day when I actually look the WOD, that’s what I did. Then I figured the day might not be as great as one would have hoped. Snatches and running. My favorites.

But it was a day to go to the box and so I had to adjust my wardrobe selections and get there. I didn’t have to adjust for the WOD, but for the temperature. It was in the 50s this morning. On Tuesday, I finished the WOD and came home wearing my shorts and sports bra and was lucky I left that much on. Today, I had to find a jacket.

For the second day in a row, 6 AM had more people than 5 AM. Jackson was still at 6 AM and Melissa opted to sleep in an extra hour today, too. Kelly was visiting from some other place and was a drop in. Todd was there without Cindy. She will be going to open gym later today. We did our warm-up and then were declared ready for the workout.

Part of the warm-up was doing dislocates and passthroughs with a band instead of a PVC pipe. I kept hitting myself in the head and it was pulling my hair out of the ponytail and making a dang mess. I pointed out to the Coach whose hair is maybe a half inch long, that this was an issue he may have known nothing about. Jason said that perhaps he used to have lots of long hair and then did too many of these.

Today’s WOD as written:
Heaving Snatch Balance 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
4 Rounds For Time:
400m run
8 knees to elbows
8 deadlifts (225/155)

The skill was demonstrated on the webpage with a video and I watched it this morning. This was how I knew I was going to have a bad day. I can’t do a snatch with the weights we have available. The lightest bar we have is 22# and so that’s what I used. I don’t know exactly where my deficiency is – flexibility, balance, or strength – but I have one. I can do a power snatch, but not a full squat. This is putting the bar on your shoulders like with a back squat. The heaving part is the dip and drive with the bar and then falling under it in a full squat. Hold at the bottom for a second or two and then get up.

My problem is that I can only do a power move with this. When I try a full squat, I fall over. I’m not sure where I’m losing it or why. I can do the move perfectly with a PVC pipe which is just great in case I’m ever asked to move around some air or something – then I’m all good.

Jason had me doing just the power move and I worked with that. Since I had a massage yesterday, I was able to get my arms up overhead without any pain whatsoever. I never tried adding any weight since this is all just beyond me anyway. Jeremy fixed me yesterday. Then this. But wait, it will get worse.

Finally it was time for the conditioning portion of the day and I could run a mile. Todd tried a knees to elbows move and said he might not be able to continue because of his shoulder. I asked if he had done anything FOR his shoulder other than complain about it and he said, “No, Cindy. I have not, Cindy. Nothing, Cindy.” Jason pointed out that I had asked much nicer than Cindy ever does and I pointed out that if he really wanted me to, I could channel Cindy.

I can’t run a mile. I can walk a mile but that was going to take a considerable amount of time. I asked Jason what he would like me to do. I had planned to go either 200 meters or just a parking lot stroll. Jason said just do the 200 meters. It was very tempting on the first round to run at least part of the way. I always feel like such an ass walking around. My strategy is perfect but my ego gets in the way. I can run a bit at the beginning and then I pay too high a price in the middle. So as much as I wanted to run at least part of the first run, I walked it.

I was getting back not too much after the faster runners. Then I did the knees to elbows and my hands were going to fall off. I had to do them in 4 and 4 and then I did the 8 deadlifts. That 155 was a little heavy for me, being over my one rep max. Jason had said to do 50-60% of a one rep max. I did 83# which is 58% of my max. When I looked at the numbers this morning, I was trying to decide if I should go 83 or 93 and I picked the smaller number because of math stuff.

I got the 8 deadlifts done and decided that I could not do three more rounds without gloves. So on the way out the door, I went to my bag and got a pair of gloves out and put them on during the next walk to the corner and back. I could get the 8 knees to elbows done in one set and then get to the bar and do those. My heart rate was 164 at the end, the first time I beeped and the WOD was half over. I got my heart rate down while I walked and did the moves again with my monitor beginning to beep for the last 2 or 3 deadlifts. I went for my last stroll to the corner and got my heart rate back down and came in to finish this. My time was 12.33 and I never stopped moving the entire time. I could get recovered while I walked briskly to the corner and back. I was the third out of five people to be finished, as well.

Another nice thing was that even though I was getting hot inside doing the moves, I would go out into the cool morning air and cool off while walking around. I never got all dripping wet. First time in months that has happened. Pretty soon I will be complaining about being too cold, but today it was perfect.