My arm hurt all day yesterday. I was becoming one with my lacrosse ball. I only did half the push-ups and my arm was still hurting. I was smart enough to call and make an appointment for a massage for today but I still had a bad arm. My left arm may be hurting but my right arm hurts so much, I can’t notice it. I have no idea why one arm is so much worse than the other.

I thought it was a symptom of old age, but Todd and Cindy were saying the same thing this morning. Neither one of them came to the box yesterday. I didn’t because it is my normal day off, but they didn’t because they were too sore to work out. So I am concluding that it is not an issue with my age, it is that I was actually doing push-ups and because I wasn’t a worm, it hurt my arm. Therefore, this is a good thing.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last evening but I was awake for a large part of the night anyway. I have no idea what woke me up nor what kept me awake. But I was awake for more than 1.5 hours in the middle of the not-so-peaceful night. I hate insomnia. I used to be such a good sleeper and now I can’t even do that well.

The 5 AM class today was smaller than the 6 AM class. They had only four people and we had six. Cory had coached 5 AM and stayed to do the WOD at 6. Charlie was back today. Cindy and Todd came and we compared sore arms. Jackson usually comes to the 5 AM class but he opted to sleep in for an hour today. Kim was there coaching us.

Warm-up began with a 400 meter run and I did 200 and managed to not die. Then we did a bunch of other stuff, beginning with a bear crawl. I mentioned to Kim that my arm was not pleased and she chuckled. We did enough other stuff that my arm was actually functional by the time we got to the skill portion of the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 minutes of inversion practice – make it work!!!
For time:
1000 meter row
50 Thrusters (45/33)
30 Pull-ups

By the time I got there this morning, the 5 AM people were finished and going for a stroll in the parking lot. I asked Coach Cory what I was missing from the WOD. I can never, ever move weights as written. I could move this amount of weight. I was thinking perhaps the killer part was the number of reps and Cory agreed with my assessment. She said I should use a 22# bar for the move. I figured as much. If real people only needed 33 pounds, old farts should do less.

I worked on headstands and a few wall walks, but this isn’t my cup of tea. I have not got enough upper body strength to actually hold my fat ass upside down. I can’t get completely up against the wall with a wall walk but I am getting closer. I can get closer to the wall going up, but I have absolutely no idea how to get back down without falling on my face. It scares the living shit out of me. Just like everything else has, so I assume that eventually I can overcome this fear, too.

Jackson is probably younger than some of my socks. He was trying to get a handstand, but had his own fear issues. He tried several things. Then we got him to try a headstand just to see how the wall actually stayed in place and he would be okay. He was hesitant until I shamed him into it. I told him I was old enough to be his grandmother and if I could do it, he certainly could. He looked stunned and then Cindy agreed with me and he was stuck trying it. He did it. Ah, the power of an old fart.

Then on to conditioning. I don’t think I have ever done Jackie before. I have no point of reference. The 5 AM people were talking about times and they did four minute 1K rows. I cannot do that kind of stuff.

I never know what is the proper scaling which is why I’m missing the written scaling. But I’m going to have to learn to do this myself as I can’t keep over taxing my system. Of course, every WOD is scaled with one version for women and one for men. No one really thinks of that as scaling, but it is. I’m not sure why there isn’t a concerted effort across CrossFit to have coaches scale WODs for the newbies and the old farts and the less athletic. If there were set standards I might achieve instead of lofty goals beyond my reach, I would know I’m not wimping out or giving myself too much slack. I don’t know how to make them understand that if it is all scalable, it should be scaled. I wasn’t the only person doing Red. Others are scaling and I have no idea to what extent and if I’m even in the same ball park or not.

I asked Kim if she wanted to know what I was doing or if I should just do it. She said she would like to know. What I chose for myself was 750 m row; 40 thrusters at 22#, 25 pull-ups using a 2” band.

I finished my smaller row at about the same time everyone else was finishing theirs. I had a heart rate of 160s and so I did some box breathing and got to 155 and did thrusters. I managed four sets of 10 with a heart rate at around 170 at the end of each set. I would have to rest and get a more reasonable heart rate before going on to the next set. I was hoping to get the pull-ups done as 9-8-8 but couldn’t manage. I got the 9 but then I could only get 6 because I was going for strict. With ten more to go, I figured half and half, but I got only 4 done and would have had to kip to do any more. That left me with six and so I figured half and half and managed 3 okay. Then I did the last 3 and I know I had to kip up the last one, maybe the last two. I finished in 12.43 which was pretty much in line with everyone else.

Part of the objective of a workout is the time frame. I am going to try to give myself a rep scheme that keeps me in line with the younger folks. At least that’s my plan today.