I am a CrossFitter but I can’t CrossFit. You see, the stuff written on the board is beyond what I can manage – always or still or whatever. But the thing about CrossFit is that it is for everyone and it is all scalable. So although I can’t do what is written, I can do stuff. Scaled, modified stuff. But what is written irritates me or scares me or keeps me up all night.

CrossFit Summerville stopped posting the WODs for about 6 to 8 weeks. It was written out on a board at the box, but I didn’t look over there. So every day I worked out, I would just show up and not know what to expect. What I found was that I slept better. It is all frightening, scary, insomnia-inducing but when I didn’t know what was going to happen, I just slept. At least more often than usual.

Last week, they again started posting the WODs the night before. But I learned that I’m better off not knowing the night before. What I decided to do was studiously ignore the WOD the night before and after getting a decent night’s sleep, I would look and see if I needed some special considerations in my clothing choices. I have two or three pairs of pants with a zipper at the back for my locker key. I don’t have a locker or a key, but that zipper is really a problem if there are sit-ups in the workout. I need different socks if I’m going to attempt some rope climb stuff. I like a different shirt for back squats, too. So there are times when the WOD determines what I wear.

But knowing that first thing in the morning is much better than looking at the WOD, panicking, wondering how in the hell I can scale the mess I see and not die and forgetting to sleep all night. I do still panic when I look at any WOD. That’s because I can’t do them as written. But I can do stuff. Today’s WOD was no different.

Kim coached our class and it was just Cindy, Todd, and me there. The 5 AM class had been full and there were plenty of people who began the WOD one way and had to scale in the middle. I hate when I have to scale in the middle. I should be more aware of my capabilities up front. I’m often not that aware, but I feel like I should be.

We warmed up and I don’t like bear crawls. I hate crab walks more than I dislike bear crawls. I think we should stay away from the animal kingdom.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 minutes of muscle up practice
10 power cleans (135/95)
2 ring push up
9 power cleans
4 ring push ups
and so on until you reach
1 power clean
20 ring push ups

Because I can do math, even at 5.15 AM, I knew this was an unreasonable amount of stuff for an old lady. I knew the 10-1 thing is 55 reps total and the doubled part would be 110 reps. Our warm-ups are about 15 minutes. The skill was 20 minutes. That left 25 minutes for the WOD, but that doesn’t take into consideration the transition times and all that. I’m pretty sure I can’t do even one ring push up. I can’t do even one strict push-up from the floor let alone a wiggling thing. This wasn’t going to work for me. If I had had this to worry about all night, I would have gotten no sleep at all.

Instead, I just fumed while I got ready. It has been pointed out to me that I’m often angry. I am often angry. After two years, I’m failing every time I walk into the box. It pisses me off. I asked again today where the Red, White, and Blue went. I was told to ask Ryan.

For the muscle up practice we did some stuff that was sucky and then we did a ME on strict pull-ups. I asked if I was looking for reps or less band and Kim said I was looking at 5-10 strict pull-ups, maybe a few more, but not 20. I chose a 2” band and got 9 before my hands were going to slip off the bar. Maybe gloves would have been good here.

Then we did ME with ring dips. I used a 1.5” band. Todd’s shoulder wouldn’t let him do those and so he had to hold in an active squat until both Cindy and I were done with ring dips. I got to 10 and my arms were burning, but I wanted two more. Todd was whining but I got to 12 anyway.

We discussed the WOD. I pointed out that it was 55 and 110 reps and that was too much for me. I would be doing push-ups on the bar. We discussed possible ways to scale this and what would work best. This is why it is imperative, in my opinion, to have the scaling already done. What we decided was that I would do half the push-ups. I wasn’t even sure how my heart rate and resting would be with the numbers.

Instead of starting at 10 and 1, I began at 9 and 1. If I could finished with enough time I would do the 10 cleans I missed at the end and end with 10 push-ups. The goal was to be done within 15 minutes. If I needed too much rest time and was over the 15 min cap, I would just be done. I was to use a lighter bar and hopefully get more reps in.

So I did a 42# bar for the cleans and began with 9. By the second round, I had to break the cleans in half because my heart rate was going too high. I did that with the next round, too. By the time I got to six cleans, I just did them. I could always get the push-ups done without stopping, but then had to rest before starting the cleans because of my heart rate.

I should mention that it was 75⁰ this morning with 100% humidity. You could feel the air. It was stiflingly hot. My hands were slipping on the bar and I was dripping wet. It was just nasty.

I got the 1-9 round done and it was 11 something. There was time. I could do the cleans in 5 and 5 then did the last 10 push-ups. I finished in 14.11. The reason this is written 10-1 and 1-10 is because to end with 10 and 10 is really stupid. If I had more faith in myself, I would really just go for the 55 reps, but 45 sounds so much more doable. I’ve done this same dumb stunt several other times. And then I have to end with the hardest and hardest round. It is stupid. But my ability to scale properly is strained by my lack of training. I am often unsure of what to choose. Having something written would be helpful. Scaling is difficult, especially for the athletes themselves.