I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. I am an old woman. I workout to the best of my ability, but my ability is quite low. I know this. Everything all the time needs to be scaled. I can still do absolutely nothing as written for the RX WODs. However, I can do so much more than when I began this nonsense two years ago. I’m pitiful, but I’m out there anyway.

When I signed up for the Masters Garage Games, I also signed up for Barbells for Boobs at CrossFit Summerville the following week. So today, I was participating in another event.

What I learned last week was important for this week. Mostly what I learned is that the only person who thinks I’m an asshole weenie is me. Everyone else is just happy to see people working out and doing the best they can in a tough situation. No one came up to me at the Games and asked why in the hell I thought I could do this. If they came up to me at all, it was to be encouraging and saying what a great job I was doing. “For your age” was never even added. It was just amazing to see all these old people doing stuff. The most amazing part was that 35 was considered to be “old people”.

Today’s WOD as written:

30 clean and jerks 135/95

There were a raft of women doing Grace scaled. There were also a raft of both men and women doing it RX. And then there were three guys who did a strongman thing of moving something weird 30 times.

Last week’s clean and jerks were from a low hang position because it was an empty bar. Today, I used a 22# bar and added 20# of plates so my bar was the right height for the move. Last week, I did 26 clean and jerks along with 90 jumps and 60 wall balls so I knew I could get just 30 clean and jerks done today. And my bar was three pounds lighter which doesn’t sound like it should matter, but it does.

I got eight done before I had to stop. Then I started cranking out as many as I could before I needed to do some box breathing. For the last two or three rests, I actually sat on the ground to get my heart rate down faster. The last time I was sitting there, Ryan came by and asked, “Where are you?” and I answered, “174” since I was more worried about my heart rate than the reps left. He was worried about the reps left.

I had five more to do. I got my heart rate down to 164 and figured I could get five more done and still not die. So I did. Touch and go, five done. Time at finish was 5.07. This is a pitiful Grace time with less than half the weight. I was thrilled.

Last week, I worried about people seeing me perform at such a low level. Last week, I learned they didn’t care. They either thought nothing of it because, amazingly enough, I’m not the center of the universe and most people really don’t care what I do. Or else they thought it was ballsy for some old broad to get out there and just give it a whirl. Either way, it means that I’m my greatest critic and I need to learn to be my greatest cheerleader.

We have an amazing woman at our box who lifts heavy things. She said last year that she would do Grace this year at the men’s RX weight. Her name is Grace. She was giving it a go. She didn’t know if she could really do all 30 clean and jerks at 135# but she was going to try until failure. She got all 30 done. It was spectacular to watch.

I had a blast and I helped out with a good cause. It’s great to be back home.

Post workout. Glad it is done.

Post workout. Glad it is done.