We have been thoroughly enjoying our vacation here on beautiful Hilton Head Island. We have had wonderful weather with lots of sunshine but reasonable temperatures and little humidity. Well, little humidity by South Carolina standards, not my sister’s desert Mesa, Arizona standards. It has been a lovely respite.

Today I went back to CTF for another WOD. I didn’t look at it last night and when I saw what I was getting into today all I could say was Craig is an asshole. He must get that from his father’s side of the family. I would never have written a WOD like this.

Today’s WOD as written:
OB: 5 minute dynamic mobility with coach.
5 C2B pullups. 5 HSPU. 5 burpee box jumps. 10 AKBs. 10 KTE. 400m run.
REVIEW: Movements of the day (in the warmup).
S: EMOM for 10 minutes: 3 strict C2B pullups.
LIII: 1 C2B pullup
LII: 3 strict pullups
LI: 1 strict pullup or strict B/A pullups/ring rows at 3 reps.
C: AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
30 burpee box jumps 24/20
40 AKBs 70/53
50 KTE
1 mile run
Record total reps completed (do not include to run)
PURPOSE: Stamina. Mental Toughness. C/R endurance. Play.
LIII: 10 HSPU. 20 burpee box jumps @ rx’d (step ups okay). 30 AKBs @ rx’d. 35 KTE.
LII: 20 HSPU at sub of choice. 30 burpee box jumps at height of choice (step ups okay). 40 AKBs at weight of choice. 50 KTE at sub of choice.
LI: AMRAP in 20:00 of 10 HSPU at sub of choice. 20 burpee box jumps at height of choice (step ups okay). 30 AKBs at weight of choice (RKB swing okay). 35 KTE at sub of choice. 800m run/walk.
PWMOB: Full body rollout.
S: :02 pause with chest in contact with bar at the top of each rep. Look at the clock to be sure each hold is :02.
C: Deficit HSPU off of 2 45# plates. Burpee box jumps to 30/24/
Endurance: 53/35 on the AKBs. 1.5 mile run

This is very different from the way WODs are written at CrossFit Summerville. The warm-up was written and so is the same for each class. There is more structure. The scaling is written out as part of the WOD. And it is available the night before in case someone wants to look and see if they need to bring some special equipment. This doesn’t happen at CrossFit Summerville. Even if I check the board for the week, the main WOD is written, but the scaling isn’t. And some WODs don’t have scaling I just have to select to scale for myself.

Jenna was coaching today. Craig wasn’t there when I got the there, but did come in during the WOD. So I did get to see him today.

The progressions were given to us as we were doing the warm-up and we were also setting up for the WOD as we warmed up. So that part was quite streamlined. I had options to go with. I did the knees to elbows on the warm-up, but opted for the lower selection later.

I used the 2” band for the pull-ups EMOM. I felt bad after the first pull-up and tried a smaller band. It wasn’t enough and I didn’t have enough strength of will to keep trying combinations of bands to find something that worked. Without being able to kip, I need more band. But I felt like I wasn’t working hard enough and so I started doing two and then three pull-ups each minute. We finished that and then the horrible thing started.

Jenna had me doing push press with 8# dumbbells in each hand. That was easily doable. Then I opted to walk the burpees in and out and do step-ups to a 12 inch box with a 45# plate on top. I think that is 14” or so. I got the first ten burpees done and then had to do five and five. Then I used a 25# KB for the swings and chose to do Russian style. I managed ten at a time. I did just sit-ups and could do them without stopping. Jenna offered me an option of just a 400 meter walk. But that would have given me more time to do all that other stuff. I stuck with the half mile and walked as quickly as I could without beeping too much.

I got back inside and could immediately do the push presses again. Then I had 5 burpees done and then had to rest. Time was running out and my heart rate was 165. But I could rest when I was finished so I did three more burpees before time was called. My score was 113. I was so happy to be done.

I had to find Craig and find a way for us to finally get to see Frankie. We arranged for me to come and get her from the box after she got out of school and get her back to the box so she could make it to gymnastics class. We are only about five minutes from the box, so that was all easy to accomplish and we got have Frankie here and play with all the old people. Great day.