As badly as my day started yesterday, it turned out to be pretty satisfactory overall. I managed to eventually eat some breakfast, I remembered to buy stamps on the way into work, I got the next batch of invitations in the mail and the following batch ordered. I managed to complete several other tasks and get stuff done all day. I then got my bangs cut on the way home from work (too short but they will grow out) and got my Harris Teeter “meal deal” purchased so I don’t run out of eggs.

I have been working on teaching myself more complicated but still easy knitting patterns and so far, I’m still not perfect but I have learned to unknit much better. I have way too many dish cloths but some of the later ones are actually looking pretty good.

I decided a couple weeks ago to go back to my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule. I am not all that fond of waking up early two working days in a row, but what the heck. This week, I won’t go on Friday because of my workouts on Saturday, but I did get up and get my fat ass to the gym today. Good thing. I was the only one there. Well, me and Coach Jason.

He is competing in some other event on Saturday. Every WOD starts and ends with a run and he has been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over a month. He has tried everything there is out there on the interwebs and still has issues, not during the WODs, but the next day he is crippled. I showed him some of the things I’ve learned about it.

Warm-up was less than what he had the 5 AM class do partly because it was weenie me and partly because the 5 AM class whined about it and said it was too much. I got mine done without whining.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 minutes working on handstands
3 rounds

500 meter row
rest two min
ME unbroken ring dips
rest two min

I can do a headstand. I can’t do a hand stand. I can wall walk closer to the wall after today, but I still can’t get myself back down with grace and élan. I did a few things and then we did shoulder mobility. I was doing okay until I did something with a roll under my back and hyperextended my neck and was struck by a wave of nausea. I don’t know if I’m getting sick or just had two bad days at the gym.

I didn’t do anything more than feel nauseous and belch a bit. But it did put a damper on my morning. I’m never fast at anything and I’m an exceptionally slow rower. I’m not was slow at that as at running, but it is close. So I knew this was going to take me a while to get through. I didn’t want Jason to be late to his real job. I’m not sure we spent an entire 20 minutes on the handstand and shoulder stuff, but I was ready to move on regardless.

The rowers were set to count down and give the time for each set, so I know these times are correct. I used a green band for help with the ring dips. While I was resting, I asked Jason some competition strategy things. I’m not real sure how to warm-ups for the WODs and he helped with that. We also talked about nutrition during the day and how to stay both fed and hydrated. That was quite helpful. I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

Kim was at the 5 AM class and she said that she and Ryan will be in Hilton Head on Saturday. There are three of going to the Masters Garage Games and they will be there to cheer us on. So I will have some support while there. I know I can’t ask Craig for any help while he is running the show because that would be preferential treatment and he won’t do that. He has never coached his own athletes while running an event. It would be against his moral code. I have no idea where he learned this stuff. I blame his father.

Anyway, with all the chatter and something to think about other than an upset stomach, I got through the three rounds. My scores were 2.31 / 10 for the first round, 2.36 / 11 for the second, and 2.39 / 12 for the last.

It has been raining so much here that all this rowing may come in handy. I may soon need to row into work instead of drive. And now, I’m on to the easy part of my day.