I slept in until 7.30 for two days in a row. Getting up at 5.15 this morning was a struggle. But I need to stay in shape without overdoing in order to be ready for my participation in the Masters Garage Games this Saturday. My plan is to go on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. Then show up on Saturday and do my best.

I’ve done the 12 Days of Christmas and Murph and both of those took more time to do than the three workouts combined. I will be okay. I will be slow and have low rep counts, but I will have participated which is more than I ever believed possible. So my main goal this week is to not hurt myself.

Coach Ryan has taken my dislike of running to heart or else he is just trying to switch things up a bit. We don’t run. He has other things that warm us up and today we did them. He found a couple more things and we did those, too. One of them was a crawl in a sort of Spiderman-ish way down the mat. It made me sick. I’m not sure what part made me sick, but I was sick.

We ended with dislocates and passthroughs and then did ten overhead squats with just the PVC pipes. Then we squatted one shoe length from the wall in an overhead squat position. Then I was so sick I could barely stand it.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min work on OH squat

8 power cleans 135/95
16 wall balls 20/14
32 double unders

During our warm-up I had said I didn’t want to work on overhead squats with even just a bar. They hurt my shoulder and I can’t be hurt this week. After squatting so close to the wall, I couldn’t do anything. I tried to just sit for a while. Then I tried some easy stretches. Then I went outside to the bush and puked. Twice.

Greek yogurt doesn’t taste that good coming back up. Just in case you needed to know that. I sat around and tried to decide if I was going home or going to work out. I vacillated. After I threw up, I felt much better. I could do the WOD and it was quite similar to what I will be doing Saturday. It would be good practice. What to do?

The 5 AM class had run over into our time and Ryan lost track of the time which is his usual behavior. We only had ten minutes left of class when he remembered we needed to do a workout. So he said we would only do three rounds and get set up quickly. Did I want to participate?

Well, being a CrossFitter and all, I did the WOD. Being a crappy one, I scaled it. The weight for the clean was more than my one rep max, so that had to go. I used a 42# bar because it was the right size and close to competition weight. I used a 10# ball to an 8 foot mark because that is all I have to do. I did single unders.

I did the 8 cleans and then 5-6-5 on the wall balls and then the jumps. My heart rate was too high after wall ball sets and it took too much time to get it back down, but pushing through is worse. So I waited. Then the jumps. Then I did 4-4 on the cleans, 6-5-5 on the wall balls, and the jumps all together for the next two rounds. It took me 11.07 to do the three rounds.

It was barely misting when I was outside puking. By the end of class, it was pouring. So I ran to the car. By the time I was a half mile from the box, it was sprinkling. Another two miles down the road and it was pouring again. Nice weather out there. I got home and didn’t feel bad, but I didn’t feel good enough to try breakfast. I’m hoping that after a nice shower, I will feel like eating. I would hate to miss a meal.