I had a wonderful trip to the grocery store yesterday. They had six carts full of discontinued items and I did at least half my shopping there. I found some great things in those baskets and I managed to NOT buy some not really great things even though I considered it simply because they were half price.

We went to a wine tasting last night and had lots of fun talking to many different people and enjoyed some great wine. I have no idea what it was, but I asked for what was sweet and it was so good it didn’t even taste like wine. That’s my favorite kind of wine. The snack foods were really good except for that one little bite thing with the superhot sauce on the top. It nearly made me weep. And I didn’t even take a real bite of it, just a small taste.

It was a slow day at the box this morning. There were only two people at the 5 AM class which is very odd and there were only two people at the 6 AM class, which is not odd. I have no idea where Todd and Cindy have disappeared to. Today was just me and Charlie.

Coach Sherry was in charge in of us. We had a nice long warm-up with lots of stretching and yoga moves involved. While we were on the rowers, I reminded Charlie that I wasn’t a good partner in a partner WOD because I have to rest often and it eats up the time. He assured me he would be okay with whatever I needed to do. I always feel like I’m holding the other person back. I’m getting stronger and able to do more stuff, but always with the caveat that I have to rest.

We were declared warm and got to work.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min AMRAP Partner WOD

P 1: 12 sit-ups
P 2: 12 KB SDHP (73/53)

P 1: 12 jumping squats (45/33)
P 2: 6 burpees

P 1: 200 m run
P 2: rest
Each set must be completed by both partners before moving on to the next set
Switch and repeat

My first problem with this WOD was that I had no freaking idea what SDHP was. It is a sumo deadlift high pull. Of course. I know what that is. I just wasn’t coming up with anything for those letters. My next issue with this WOD was that I needed to work continuously except for the rest while my partner was running.

Then there was the whole thing about jumping squats with weight. My knees aren’t what they used to be. So I dropped the weight and just used 22# for that and Sherry said it didn’t have to be a full squat, more like a dip would be acceptable. I don’t know if that was for everyone or just for me. I could do that. I also used only a 25# KB. And I did a parking lot walk instead of the run. So I scaled this as much as I could and still call it a workout.

My heart rate was too high after the KB pulls and it was too high after the burpees so when I was P 2, I was in trouble. But that was also when I got to rest and get my heart rate back down in order to start the next round.

Charlie dropped the weight on the high pulls but did everything else as written. On the first round, I had to rest longer than he needed to rest between the high pulls and the burpees. But after that, he was just as grateful for my need to rest as he needed to catch his breath as well.

We got through 6 complete rounds and then we got through the moves and I was 50 meters into the run when time was called. So we were 6+92 which is not what we put on the board because we couldn’t add 12+12+12+6 and make it be the right number. They kept telling me it was 40 and I tried to add myself again and was told it was 40, but it is 42. But then maybe I only got 48 meters into the run. Anyway, I ran the last time as we were counting down the seconds.

On my second stroll through the parking lot I decided I needed to reframe this. I am not cheating. I am not a nitwit. I’m pacing. That sounds so much more athletic. And it is true. If I run, when I come back in I have to pant and rest and not get right to work. But when I walk quickly, I can get my heart rate back down and get right to work as soon as I get inside. This is called pacing or strategy and isn’t stupid or weenie or nonfunctional. It is using my brain to save my body. I liked the thought and was pleased with myself for thinking it. Then I was amazed that it took me two years to come up with this idea. Perhaps I am a dumb jock.