Having opted completely out of using the Kindle for an alarm, I had the phone near to me. At 4.57 AM, it updated itself. I’m now secure. Tired. But secure.

It was supposed to be in the 50s this morning. That’s what Bing weather said last night. I suppose I should have looked at Weather weather instead of Bing weather, but … my Microsoft computer has this lovely app which doesn’t even work with the lovely screen because apparently I’m more interested in the weather predictions for next Tuesday than I am in what the weather this Tuesday will be like. Who designs these things?

Since I was awake early, I had time to check the weather and it was 68⁰ out there. I had Capri pants and sleeves on my shirt set out for my ensemble today. But that was because it was supposed to be in the 50s not close to 70. But fortunately, since I was up a bit early, I had time to select a different outfit for my morning at the box. Back to shorts and sleeveless shirt.

I got in the car and backed out of the garage and noticed intermittent raindrops on the windshield. The longer I drove, the more raindrops on the windshield. Rain is a great addition to any workout.

There were no roadblocks today and I made it to the gym safely. The parking lot was full. I walked into the gym and the place was empty. Coach Jason was there. Todd was there. I was there. No one else was there. I looked at them and asked where everyone was. Todd said he drove several cars in today.

Eventually, all the 5 AM people were back from their run and done with their day and out the door. Kim had been an athlete at 5 AM and the coach for us. She said it wasn’t too bad out there and sent us on a 200 meter run.

I got most of the way through the parking lot before I plopped my foot in a puddle and splashed myself. It is not easy to see the puddles in the dark and I missed seeing it rather than missed stepping in it. My shoes were soaked, my socks were wet. Great.

We did several other things to warm up and were declared warm. We did some mobilization things and were declared mobile.

Today’s WOD as written:
one rep max clean (power or full – which ever you used at beginning of cycle)
4 min rest
800 m run

Because my schedule has been with some times at open gym and because these were done in a more scattered fashion, I did not have a beginning cycle one rep max. I had a one rep max from earlier in the year. It was 67# and I hadn’t been doing anything with cleans during this cycle at all. I can’t remember working this as a skill ever in the last six to eight weeks.

I was pretty sure this was going to suck. I figured if I used a 33# bar, I could get to 68#. I remember the last time I did this and it was a struggle and the one rep max was from a high hang rack, not from the floor. I got to 63# and it wasn’t bad, so I kept going. I got the 68# and had room. I added 5# and got the 73# and had room so I went to 78#. I tried five more pounds – twice – and couldn’t get it floated to the top of the pull. But it is another new PR.

I hate Tabatas and always have. I don’t have any stamina. If I actually do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off I get too wiped out and around round 6 or 7, I have to do nothing and get a score of 0 for the whole thing. Carma told me it doesn’t matter what is on the board, it is more important to actually do the work. That’s the theory, anyway. My head agrees with her.

I scam the Tabata. I have learned that if I just do 15 on and 15 off, I can get through all eight rounds and keep my score stable. I know I could do more reps, even if just on the last round, just to get them in. I never do. I pick my number and work to it. Today, I did 10 and 6 and never wavered. Todd said afterwards that he could have done a couple more squats on each round, but he didn’t on the first and then certainly didn’t on any of the following rounds because why bother? That’s my problem with Tabatas. There is the whole “Why bother?” thing on subsequent rounds. I would love to speak with Mr. Tabata and find out what he thinks about this.

We waited the four minutes and I was only going to “run” 400 meters. I have been known to do that but it isn’t at the end of a workout, even with a 4 minute rest. I couldn’t even run 200 meters before I stopped. I walked about 125 meters and then ran the last 100 meters back in and had a heart rate of 167. This is ridiculous. I ran a quarter mile in 3.30 – I can walk a 15 minute mile – and my heart rate was this high. I have no idea what to do with this. The cardiologist advised me to keep it mid 160s as a top number. I am old. This is depressing.

On a more positive note, my son got his Level 2 certification this past weekend. Congratulations, Craig.