Old people resist change. Things were working and so why change them? Change is not the old person’s best thing. I have been using my phone’s alarm clock and it is less strident than old-fashioned alarm clocks. A little light comes on first which sort of pre-wakes me and then this melodious tune softly plays and I’m awake. But my charger won’t fit near the bed, so the phone is not charging all night.

I thought I would try an alarm on the Kindle and downloaded an app which thousands before me had liked. Thousands. Plural. I figured it had to be good. So I got it, set it for 5.15 AM and left the phone on, too, because I’m paranoid. The phone went off first and then the Kindle. The Kindle screen was still black. I had to swipe it and then that lovely ad thing came up and the song is still playing and then it had some new fangled option available at five fucking fifteen in the morning. Without glasses or contacts, I have no idea what the hell it was. All I wanted to do was make the music stop.

I hit something and all was well. I thought. But no. I had hit a snooze feature. I could not figure out how to turn off the snooze feature thing and I had no idea how I even turned it on. By 5.20 AM I was stymied but not defeated. The only way I knew how to make it all go away was to delete the entire app.

I’m really not good with change. Especially when I’m not yet awake and still completely blind. I don’t know if I will attempt to get the app back or not. I don’t want to deal with the Kindle ad thing as the first thing to do upon awakening. So I will probably just stick with the phone.

After all that excitement, I got on the road to the box and even more excitement awaited me. We have lots of deer here at Wescott. And this morning, I got to see one. A doe looked like she might be deciding on whether to cross the road or not and then she saw me and sprinted away back into the woods. Graceful, beautiful, elegant. Made up for the damn alarm clock.

Then I hit yellow lights turning when I was within a car length or two – not once or twice, but three times. I just kept squeaking through on totally legal yellow lights. And then I turned onto Trolley Road and there were barrels everywhere. They had the left lane blocked to do some road work. I was hoping they would have little places to turn at side streets, but they didn’t. Luckily, it was early and not much traffic so I turned left across four lanes from the right hand lane and made it safely to the box. All the barrels were gone by the time I came home.

Then I saw the WOD and thought it wasn’t really worth getting out of bed. This is why it is a good thing I don’t know what’s coming. It is so difficult to get up on Mondays anyway and for this?

Coach Ryan had us (just me and Charlie today) warm up with a run. Charlie was to do 800 and I did 400 but walked part of it. It was supposed to be slow and easy and it is never easy for me. Then we did some skipping up and down the mat with various extras added. This is something girls are better at than boys. Cheri’s kinderkids are split on their ability to skip. Girls can. Boys can’t. I was great at this, except my heart rate went too high.

We were declared warm so we went on to the workout.

Today’s WOD as written:
find a new one rep max for front squat
1000 m row

See what I mean? That was it. The longest time for the row in the 5 AM class was barely over 4 minutes. I would not be in that time range. I already knew that.

But front squat first. My prior one rep max was 83# so I figured if I used a 45# bar, I could get the two extra pounds and be good. I got the 85# without much trouble and so added another 5 and got to 90# with a bit of difficulty. I didn’t try the 95# because I didn’t want to hurt myself and I was not very powerful driving back up with the 90# bar. I was happy with a 7# or nearly 10% improvement.

Then we rowed. I had a PR on my phone for that. 5.06. Today’s miserable row was finished in 5.17.4 but I did get it done. Ryan said I started out too fast and used up too much at the beginning. Totally possible and probably accurate assessment. I hate these types of things. They are all stamina, endurance, drive kinds of things and I have none of those attributes. Better luck tomorrow.