I got a call yesterday, shortly before noon. The cardiologist called to say my heart is essentially fine. The mitral valve leaks as it does for many people. Whatever I’m doing, I should keep doing it because my heart is not so bad. At least all the coaches can rest easy now. No one ever did answer my real question but I think I know the answer to that one as well. I have a top heart rate to monitor. What I want to know is why this is so difficult and why my rate goes so high so fast. I’m going to assume it has something to do with my age. Rats. There is nothing I can do about that except keep getting older.

Since my schedule is all off this week, I thought I would go to the box again today and get it over for the week. I used to go on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays but I hate partner WODs and those are on Fridays. I always feel like I’m holding someone back. Charlie said he would have appreciated having me there and I wouldn’t have held him back. He is new to CrossFit and that may (and that’s just a MAY) be true.

But my option for this week was to go or not go because I hadn’t already been there two days in a row. So I decided to go and have the weekend off. So I set my alarm and got up and to the box in the still dark.

Charlie wasn’t there today. Cindy and Todd were there and so was I. Not a good number for a partner WOD. And the WOD. What in the hell was I thinking? If I had seen this before I got there, I would have stuck with my Saturday schedule. But I didn’t and there I was and so I was going to have to do this.

Warm-up was another row. My abs are still sore from all the sit-ups, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I could get out of bed without wincing, but sneezing was not a good idea. The row hurt, but not as bad as yesterday. Then we did a bunch of other stuff and were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
push press
4 x 3 @ 50%
partner WOD
– one partner working at a time
Death by Burpees
Blue and White
3 rope climbs
50 burpee broad jumps
50 over the parallette burpees
50 over the box burpees (24/20)
9 rope progressions
25 of each type of burpee

Todd’s shoulder wouldn’t work right with burpees. I said he could walk them in and out and it would work without jolting his shoulder but he didn’t like that so he did something totally different. That left Cindy and me to be partners. I’m good with weenie and always do Red. She does White. I was willing to count each of my burpees as two and then do the 50 reps but Coach Jason just picked different numbers.

Our WOD was 12 rope progressions and 35 of each type of burpee. We could split them up any way we wanted. I had to find my gloves in my bag because I’m not doing anything with the rope without gloves on ever. I’m just too weenie for that at all. If boxes eat shins, then ropes devour hands. There is far more DNA on the ropes than on the edges of the boxes.

We split the progressions in half and then started on the burpees. I did three and then Cindy did five and we did that over and over and over and over. Once, I lost my mind and did four because I forgot to stop. It made my heart rate go too high and wasn’t worth the effort.

I also didn’t jump over a parallette but used a dumbbell and jumped over that. We both used the same 20” box. We finished in 13.16 and I’m absolutely positive I’m glad I showed up. But I still hate burpees no matter what is added to them.

Calculating the numbers here at home and using math and stuff, I figured I did 3 of every 8 burpees so 3/8 of 105 means I did 40 burpees and Cindy did the rest. If Charlie had shown up and we had done the red together, I would have been responsible for half of 75 or 38 burpees so I did okay with my WOD today. But really, all those burpees?