We had a homeless person using our building about six weeks ago. It scared the cleaning lady. The owner of the cleaning company decided that we, the tenants, had to lock our clients out of the building after 5 PM even though we are open later than that. She also decided we had to keep the bathrooms locked at all times. Because life is scary and such. Terrifying, apparently. I ignore these rules. I also never lock the garbage up because the next-door building stopped the renovations about four years ago. There is a lock there but I never lock it. I do have to unlock it – often. It is chained to the dumpster so idiots can lock up the garbage.

Yesterday I was alone in the office and didn’t want to lock it up when I left like FINRA and the SEC say I have to. I am compelled to protect client data. Not toilet paper. FINRA doesn’t care about toilet paper. So, I figured I would just go to the bathroom as I left the office for the day. Some asshat had locked the bathroom door again. Some terrified-of-a-small-homeless-women-idiot locked the bathroom up – again. The homeless woman hasn’t even been back to the building since the police talked to her. But we are still locking up stuff.

The cleaning lady doesn’t even come in everyday, but every single day, we have to be terrified because the cleaning lady asked for it. She could be there at 8 AM everyday and just be safe or whatever, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Locking staff and clients out of the bathroom is much better than the cleaning lady overcoming her fears of a past threat. A pretty mild threat, but … she is a cleaning lady and not a CEO of some company, so we will assume her thought process is such that cleaning lady is it for her. I have no idea why any of the staff in the building keep locking the door but apparently you don’t have to be Einstein to work there.

Now, onto my workout today. I had to do a workout today because tomorrow, I have to have an echocardiogram since that was asked for with my stress test. I have had a heart murmur since March 11, 1975 and so here we are, nearly 40 years later going to worry about it. Great. The appointment is for 7.30 AM so I can get to work on time, so I can’t work out before I go. I went today, instead.

Warm-up began with a run then other stuff and then all these arm twirls while holding weights and my right deltoid got cranky in there. It’s all this overhead stuff, I’m sure. Just a few more weeks and then I can cut back on that.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press

5@ 50%
5@ 55%
5@ 60%

Red: 25-20-15-10-5
single unders
White: 50-40-30-20-10
single unders 4:1
Blue: 50-40-30-20-10
double unders

Since my push press weight is so low, it is difficult to get this small of an increase. Since I’m doing shoulder to overhead at 45#, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to. I asked Coach Jason what he thought. Should I just go with the 45# and do the rep scheme at that weight, or should I give my shoulders a break? He thought for a minute and said to do the first two at the percentage given and try to do them strict presses and then go to the 45#. So that is what I did. The difference between 27 and 29 pounds and 45 pounds is immense. I could do the lower weights as strict without a problem. The push presses at 45# were a struggle by the end. I could have gotten more in if I had to, but the reps were only five and that’s where I stopped.

I didn’t want to do the White WOD. 600 jumps was too many. The Red WOD looked too easy. What to do? I did the Red WOD but said if I was done too soon, I would do it again. I finished in 5.29 and that was too soon. Even Chris was still working. I figured it was really not enough when I first looked at it. Simply leaving the rep scheme intact and changing the double unders to single unders would have worked pretty good. So, I started up again after as small rest I got myself regrouped. It was harder the second time. I finished in 12.15. Chris was done before I finished the second round.

Cindy asked Chris if he was going to do it again, since he could probably finish a second go around before she was done with her first time through. Chris declined. I said I was doing it twice and Jason said it was because I was a beast. Hahahaha

There were only four of us there this morning and due to fitness levels and personal injuries, each of was doing this a different way. Individualization is CrossFit.