We went south for the day yesterday. Frankie had a bunch of gift cards and was allowed to buy the LEGO cruise ship set and she and Papa worked for hours on it yesterday. Dayna wanted to get her moving and so suggested she show us how she could ride her bike. She got it for Christmas and we had never seen her ride it. She resisted.

She and I were alone in the game room when I figured out she was scared. She almost fell off of it and was afraid to get back on. If there is anything I know about, it is fear. I’m afraid of everything. So I told her it was okay to be scared, but that just meant you had to be brave and go ahead and try anyway. And I would like to see her ride her bike.

I went out to the living room and eventually Frankie came marching through as only a five-year-old can and said, “Nana is forcing me to ride my bike.” She went upstairs for a wardrobe change and eventually came down. We got the bike out and she was timid but successful. By the end of an hour, she was riding all over and boastful about how good she was at it. She was delighted – and brave.

I couldn’t sleep much last night because of no good reason. I was sound asleep when the alarm went off and would have liked to sleep for a couple more hours. Instead I got up and got ready to go to the box. It was the Wescott crew there again today: Charlie, Todd, and me.

Warm-up included no running at all. And it had lots of mobility work since none of us are spring chickens. Todd’s shoulder is still bothering him and so he did some other stuff today instead of what was written.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front squat

5@ 50%
5@ 55%
5@ 60%

EMOM Red White Blue
3 Clean and jerk 8@ 95/65 10@135/95 10@135/95 squat

My 1 rep max front squat is 83# and so I started out with 43# which was just about half way between 50 and 55% of that number. So I did five and five at that weight and then added five more pounds for 48# and did those. Nothing too difficult.

We practiced some proper form stuff on the clean and jerk and I used a 33# bar to practice. Then for the WOD, I went to 45# bar since that is what I will be using at the Games. I believe I can clean 65# but I don’t think I have ever successfully gotten that much weight overhead.

Ryan worked with me to get my set up position better. My right knee falls in and I can correct it on the first or second pull, but by the third one, I’m just lucky to get through it. I have no idea how in the world I’m going to do ten of these. Slowly. Very slowly. With lots of rests.

By the third round, I was over 150 heart rate after the three reps but could get back to reasonable enough heart rate before the next round began. Ryan asked if I was doing all ten rounds and I declined. My heart rate at the end of round 8 was 164. I supposed I could have gone two more rounds but … I didn’t. Charlie did.

Todd couldn’t manage the WOD because of his shoulder and he was doing something else altogether. He finished about the same time Charlie did and we got out stuff put away and all drove home in a line. Now, all I want to do is take a nap. Instead, I have to go to work. It is going to be a long day.