I woke up at 7.30 which is really late for me. I made a Greek yogurt smoothie and got dressed. Garage workout time today. I did not want to do this. I really did not want to do this. I wanted to not do this. I said as I was walking to the garage, “I don’t want to do this.” Dick said, “Then don’t.”

“That’s not how to train,” was my reply as I sadly hauled my fat ass out to the garage to move the car out of the way. I ran into Russell as I was leaving the driveway. He was walking his dog. He asked if I was going for a run. I let him know it was only a short warm-up run so I could lift weights. I did not, I hope, sigh.

I got my run in and did a few other things to get me limber and my heart rate elevated. That last part is quite easy. The former, not so much. But I did that and then I set my bar up. I didn’t feel good from the time I opened my eyes this morning. I had a headache and just a general sense of malaise. I wasn’t sick; I wasn’t feeling good. Going out to the hot garage didn’t help.

But I’m in training and so I train. If I was sick I might have been able to talk myself back into the house. I’m not sick, I’m just not feeling good.

Today’s WOD as written:
Workout 1:

3×10 at competition deadlift weight. 3:00 rest between efforts
3 rounds of:
:15 of deadlifts at 5# more than competition weight/ rest :45 seconds
:15 of step ups at competition height/ rest :45 seconds
Go eat breakfast and relax.

First thing I did was set up my bar wrong. But I figured that out before I did any lifts. I had it set at 70# but then put it back to 65# and did my three sets of ten.

All this meant that I moved nearly a ton of weight. Literally, I moved 1950 pounds of weight. That didn’t count the warm-up reps or moving the weights to set up. That number was just the three rounds. Amazingly, this did not make me feel better. But, there was still work to do. Thankfully, it wasn’t much.

I added five more pounds to the bar and Dick came out to the garage to help time me. On each round my heart rate was okay, but slightly higher than on the round before. I remembered to change leading legs for the step-ups so I wasn’t going to be even more lopsided later.

What I forgot to do was change my one shoe to the higher heeled one so I did all of this listing to starboard. I realized it when I got back in the blissfully air conditioned house. I was really feeling not good by the time I was done. I ripped off my shirt and my shoes and sat directly under a ceiling fan while belching and trying not to puke. I didn’t work that hard. Maybe I was sick.

I thought of breakfast (got nauseated) and closed my eyes and leaned back in the recliner and let the fan blow. After about ten minutes, I finally started to feel human again and thought that perhaps eating would be a great idea. So I got up and made bacon and eggs and had a lovely breakfast. I feel wonderful now. I guess I will be able to get that second WOD in after all. Maybe.

3 rounds of:
6 pushups
12 squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
AMRAP in 6:00 of:
WOD 2.
over the bar burpees
shoulder to overhead 45#
3, 6, 9, 12, etc.
Work on slow pace. Take small incremental rests. Keep heart rate down.

I felt much better after eating real food and sitting still for a while. I really wasn’t sure if I had a second workout in there. But after a couple hours, I decided I could get through this and got my shirt back on, my mismatched shoes on, and then got a bit smarter.

I turned on the ceiling fan in the living room and set myself directly underneath it. I did the warm-up there. In the garage, I have mats so I’m not on the concrete floor. In the living room, there is ceramic tile. The tile was a disadvantage. The air conditioning plus the fan far outweighed that disadvantage and it was much nicer in the living room. I got the three rounds in without more than a couple deep breaths between rounds.

Then I had to go back out into the garage. It is only 82⁰ out there. But as the saying goes, it isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity. And it is humid. The heat index is 90⁰ and in the garage with my little oscillating fan, it is stuffy and 90⁰.

With my equipment ready, this was as good as it was going to get. So I started. I got  3 and 3 without having to stop. Then I rested. Then I did the burpees, but I miscounted and did 7 instead of 6. I only know this in retrospect because I was on the wrong side of the bar when I finished. I sure hope there is someone counting for me at the Masters Garage Games. I had to rest here to get my heart rate down.

I counted correctly and got the 6 shoulder to overhead without stopping but my heart rate was high again. I rested and got the 9 (carefully counted) burpees done. I had to rest in the middle of them. I am going to have to ask if I’m permitted to rest laid out on the ground in the middle of a burpee and still count it. I always do that in non-competition WODs, but I don’t really know if it is legal.

I was hoping that I could get this far. I was really wiped out and my heart rate was too high. I had a whole minute left. Maybe more. I waited for my heart rate to get down to mid-150s. I got four shoulder to overhead and had to pause, but there was still time. I did a couple deep breaths and got two more before time was up. So I got 6+12+15. I think these are scored for total moves so I did 33. On game day, this will have four more minutes.

I’m amazed I got this done today. As bad as I felt at 8 AM, I was pretty sure I was going to do nothing today. And yet, determination got me through it. That, or I’m just too damn bull headed.