I mobilized my shoulder some yesterday, but not as much as I probably should have. My excuse is that I was busy at work and didn’t take time out to work on my shoulder instead of working on my work. My desk looked like it had been struck by a blizzard when I entered the office and it was clean and all my stuff was done when I left. Okay, all the stuff I could do was done. I couldn’t stuff envelopes with letters that weren’t signed yet. But my part was as done as I could get it.

I have no idea why I couldn’t fall asleep last night, but I was wide awake. I figured that was going to make this morning more difficult, but I woke up without the alarm a few minutes before five and could lounge around peacefully waiting for the bell that tells me to get moving.

Since I’ve had to get this stress test thing done to appease the coaches, I had to start at the regular doctor’s office first. Lab work was drawn. My creatinine level was high. I was told to drink more fluids and get it redrawn. It was lower, but still high. Creatinine is added to the protein powder drink mixes. I just ran out. I could buy some more or I could try something else. Something without added creatinine.

I have no sugars added 100% fruit juice here. I used some of that, some Greek yogurt, and added some no sugars added Mandarin oranges and made a smoothie. It tasted better than the protein drink and it lasted through the WOD today. I will keep experimenting. Hopefully, when I again have to have blood work drawn in December my creatinine level will be within normal limits.

Today’s WOD as written:
Agility practice
3 rounds

:30 of double unders or jump rope/:30 rest
:30 of wall balls/:30 rest
:30 of ground to overhead at competition weight/:60 rest

Since they no longer have open gym on Thursdays, I come to the 6 AM class, do the skill with them, and then go off and do my WOD as written by Craig. CrossFit Summerville had other stuff to do today that I did not participate in. I did do the agility stuff.

Mostly what we now know is that I’m not all that agile. I did not trip over anything, but I was not graceful. There was a little cloth ladder thing laid out on the ground and we did various running through it things. The weaving back and forth thing was just a one, one-two, one, one-two thing that doesn’t sound that bad, but for my graceless self, it was pitiful.

Leslie and Ryan were the only ones doing the WOD on the board. They began before I was ready to start. I had told Kim I needed to get my heart rate down before I began and I had to change my shoe and there was no reason for them to wait for me. I was just needing the clock. I only have to go there because I don’t have stuff for wall balls here at home.

This was supposed to be last week’s Thursday WOD, but I didn’t put that minute rest in and I should have. I kind of added it myself and still had too high of a heart rate most of the time. Today wasn’t any different. I’m going to suck at this WOD during the Masters Garage Games. However, I’m going to be participating in the Masters Garage Games which is something I had never imagined being able to do. And it is something most old farts over 60 don’t do. So, I win.

Today’s pitiful performance had me with 63 jumps, 13 wall balls, and 5 ground to overhead on the first round. My heart rate would barely get under 160 before the next set of moves started. I loved the minute rest and got all the way down to 149 in there. Then I started again. And somewhere in here, I decided that although I could do 13 wall balls in 30 seconds and have consistently throughout this exercise, I shouldn’t. I opted to do ten and rest. It gave me a few more seconds to get my heart rate down and regroup.

Even with all this strategizing, I only had 55 jumps, 10 wall balls, and 4 ground to overhead on the second round. But my heart rate was “only” 170 when I finished and the room was a brighter, better color. The minute of rest was heavenly. Then I did 59 jumps, 10 wall balls, and finished with 5 ground to overhead and a heart rate of 173.

During the Games, this is a 15 minute AMRAP of 30 jumps, 20 wall balls, and 10 clean and jerks. I’m going to have to break the wall balls and clean and jerks in half and rest appropriately. Trying to push through too quickly doesn’t help. I just get beat up faster and my heart rate goes so high it takes too long to recover. If I can’t be young, powerful, and strong – I need to be old and smart.

But I was smart enough today to realize that I my shoulder was doing well enough to not have to skip or postpone the WOD. I’m still able to move everything.