Yesterday was a work day. At work we have these official documents we produce for clients. They are FINRA or SEC or some big name organization required things and they must meet or exceed certain standards. I have been creating these for five years now and I’m pretty good at it. They pull in data from several proprietary programs and are quite complex. I’ve given notice of my retirement. I need to teach Mandi how to do them.

So far we have done three documents together. There are only two types of documents. One is called an FP document and the other is an SPS document. But the FP thing comes in two flavors and there is the added benefit that if you choose, you can stick an SPS inside an FP document. So we have done three and all three have been different. Very confusing. And very nerve wracking for the learner. And very time consuming for the teacher. We did one last week and yesterday we did two more. I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Thankfully, I was able to relax here at home. Dick made us garlic/lemon shrimp on the barbie and it was delicious – as always. I didn’t have anything else pressing to do and could just bask in the sitting part of my day.

Even so I was tired enough to fall asleep before ten and when I woke up at 11.30 I figured I was doomed. I thought I would be awake for hours, but instead – I fell right back to sleep. I wasn’t even cranky when the alarm went off this morning.

Melissa usually works out at either 5 AM or later in the day, but she was there with us this morning. Todd was back but his shoulder was still bad. He made up his own workout to do with us. Charlie showed up again, too. I hope he sticks with it. And then there was me. Our warm-up began with setting the rowers to 10 and rowing 500 meters without ever going over 20 pulls per minute (or whatever that number in the corner is). It was difficult to row that slow but not impossible. When we got to 500, Ryan came by and knocked the tension back to 1 and then do another 500 but still not going over 20. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth. But I was whining. That’s not unusual. The whine itself was. I said in dulcet tones, “This is too slow.” I said that at CrossFit. I’m losing my mind.

Today’s WOD as written:
Work on snatch progressions

4 power cleans (Red, no weight/ White 95/65/ Blue 125/95)
8 strict pull-ups
12 wall ball (Red 14/10 / White and Blue 20/14)

I think those are the correct weights on the cleans. I forgot to take a picture and there is nothing for me to copy and paste from anymore. I know what I did and can’t vouch for anything else really.

I hate snatches. I suck at them. I keep the bar too far forward trying not to take my boobs off. I hate knocking the knockers. It hurts. I avoid it. I hurt my shoulder instead. Part of it was because I’m so off balance or lopsided and I began without changing my shoe. I put my other shoe on to even myself out and that helped some. But now my shoulder hurts. But not too bad and not enough to stop for the day. I did use a lacrosse ball and felt something in there give, so maybe it will be all better soon.

I set up for the WOD and used a 47# bar so that I could have bumper plates on it and not have to do hang cleans. I could have gone with 44# by borrowing the little 1 pound plates and been one pound under my Games weight, or I could use the 2.5 pound plates and be two pounds over. I chose the over and it was fine. Thank goodness there were no jerks involved.

I used a green band for the pull-ups. In the beginning, this feels like too much band. By the time I’ve done several, it doesn’t. So I think this is a good choice. If I could kip, I could use a smaller band. But … not allowed and so I need more help with my pull. I also know my delicate little hands do not like pull-ups and so for the first time in over a month, I had to get my gloves out so I didn’t tear my hands up.

I did a ten pound med ball to the eight foot line, just like I will be doing for the Games.

We were ready to go and I got through the cleans and pull-ups without a problem on the first round. Then I just paused and got the wall balls done. First round over! Heart rate was high 160s so I had to rest. I sat there on the ground and panted until I remembered to box breathe and got my heart rate back down and began round two.

For the rest of the rounds I could complete the cleans without stopping, had to pause after five on the pull-ups until the last round when I found myself trying to sneak up some hip movement on #3 and so stopped and then had to break it up after the next three, too. I got the wall balls done as a set each time. I would have to recover by sitting and box breathing after each set of moves for the rest of the rounds. I was done in 10.21 with a heart rate of 173 and grateful there wasn’t a round 5.

After all that shoulder stuff, my arms are tired, but not too bad. My hands were burning for a while, but with the gloves, they aren’t too bad, either. I’m going to work on my shoulder today and hopefully will be able to get to the box tomorrow. If my shoulder is bad, I’m going to pretend I’m smart and stay home until Friday.