Yesterday was great. I talked to my sister for three and one half hours! We tried to make it a conference call, but my other sister did not answer her phone. Pam and I shopped together and found a store near her where she can find supplies to continue her NOT NEW CRAFT which she was NOT GOING TO START. We laughed and talked and had so much fun. It was better than anything else that could have happened yesterday.

When the alarm went off this morning I was ready to start back into my normal routine of working out and working. So first, the workout. I dragged myself to the box. It was supposed to be 76⁰ out there and with showers. It was not raining when I got there. According to my weather stuff, there is 91% humidity going on out there and I believe that. It was muggy and the air was thick.

It was wet out there and we did not run for our warm-up. There was Hannah, young and fit, Charlie, middle aged and new, and me, old and old. We would do stuff up and down the mat and my heart rate was already higher than it needs to be so I would go up the mat, walk halfway back and then finish with whatever the move was. Then we were supposed to do 10 back and forth shuttle runs across the width of the gym and “get upside down” at the wall. I only had to do half of these since my heart rate was already 148.

Hannah ran over and flipped into a handstand on the wall and I though Charlie’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. He did something over there. So I made a run across and did a wall walk to show him how. I was an example. It was amazing. I was even a good example.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front squats 10 x 2 @ 80% of 5 pounds added to 1 rep max

Red White Blue
s2o 30 @ 45/33 40 @ 95/65 40@ 135/95
Run 400 m 800 m 800 m
Abs 30 sit-ups 40 k2e 40 t2b
Run 200 m 400 m 400 m
OHWL 20 @ 25/10 30 @ 45/25 30 @ 45/25
Run Parking lot 200 m 200 m

I was too lazy to change my shoes back and forth today and I don’t run in my mismatched shoes. But I can’t squat right with my mismatched legs so I put the 2.5 pound plate under my right heel. I did math stuff and found I should be moving 66 pounds before adding any extra weight to my one rep max. But that doesn’t really work on a bar anyway. Ryan suggested I go to 68# which would work easily with my 33# bar. I did a few warm-ups and then did the ten sets of two with that weight. Wasn’t too bad. My left knee went in a few times, but not much.

Then on to the WOD. I chose to do Red, of course. I even left it entirely as written. I know I can put 45# over my head. I’m sick of putting 45# over my head. And I don’t do it 30 times in a row. It is difficult for me to put that much weight over my head and I was willing to just be a weenie today. I used the 33# bar and was stunned by how light it felt. I got 21 done before I was having trouble pushing it through and decided to rest. It was more for muscle fatigue than for heart rate stuff, which is amazing and also let me know that my weight could have been a good choice. I was the first one to leave the building for my run.

The skies were dark with ominously dark clouds up near Dorchester Road. But it was not raining at the moment. I, of course, did not run at all. I was tempted to run because I could have actually gone part of the distance running. But the cost would have been too high. It would have meant that I would have to recover from my run. So first Hannah ran past me and then Charlie ran past me. Hannah was doing the White while Charlie did the Red, plus.

I got back to the box shortly after Charlie had returned but he was standing there trying to catch his breath so he could begin the sit-ups. I just went in and did 30 sit-ups. The last five were a bit difficult, but really, just get through them. Then I went on another walk. Charlie once again ran past me. I knew what was coming up. I don’t think he knew what was next on the menu. We had done a lunge down the mat thing for the warm-up and it didn’t seem so bad. Ha!

I got back and Charlie was picking up his weight. I grabbed my ten pound plate and managed to get 13 done before I had to stop. My heart rate was 171. It was a good thing I hadn’t given in to the temptation to run a bit or I wouldn’t have had enough beats left for this odious task. I caught my breath and did the last seven. And then – get this – I ran in the parking lot and back. I finished in 13.33 and was the first one done. Pacing is everything.

Hannah got stuck in the 40 knees to elbows and they really ate into her time. But she got them. They were too daunting for me to want to try today.

It was after 7 before we were done and so we hurriedly got into our cars to head home. It was now misting as we started our engines. It was sprinkling as I was turning onto Dorchester. Then, it began to rain in earnest. I’m glad it waited until I was done with my walk/run stuff.