Yesterday was a beautiful day of recovery, or maybe I was just into being a slug. Either way, it was a lovely day. I got some writing done, which was really nice and did pretty much nothing else. It was a great way to relax.

Thursday, I had my stress test. My heart rate got up to the 160s without having any aberrant beats involved. I was getting a little winded by the end but not too bad. I could carry on a short conversation with the doctor who would ask me silly questions to see if I could talk or not. I always could, but by the end it was a little breathless. I had no chest pain; I never do. He said I could continue what I’m doing and good luck. I’ve had a heart murmur for almost 40 years now and he wants to do an echocardiogram, so I have that scheduled.

This morning, I got up and piddled around until I felt like getting dressed. I ran a bit, did some other crap and then began my first workout for the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
3×4 at 10# more than competition deadlift weight. 3:00 rest between efforts
3 rounds of:
:30 of deadlifts at competition weight/ rest :30 seconds
:30 of step ups at competition height/ rest :30 seconds
Go eat breakfast and relax.

The hardest part of the deadlifts was the three minutes wait in between. I didn’t have any trouble with 75# coming off the ground. It just seemed like an eternity waiting for the three minutes to pass. At the box, as we wait between sets, we talk and fool around a bit. Even if there is no one to talk to, there is loud music playing. I suppose I could put some music in the garage as I do this, but I don’t bother with it. Perhaps that would make this whole thing more realistic.

Dick came out and helped me time the stuff. I had my computer with the larger stopwatch on it so I could monitor the time myself, too. I got the extra weight off the bar. I managed 14 and 12 the first round, then 13 and 12 with a heart rate of 165 at the end, and the last round was 11 and 11 with a heart rate of 168 when I was done. The WOD will be 18-12-6 or 36 of each move. I had 38 and 35 in six minutes. My goal is to break six minutes.

I came in the house and made breakfast and wrote up to this far. Now, I do nothing some more and then around ten, I will go back out and finish the second WOD.

3 rounds of:
5 pushups
10 squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
AMRAP in 10:00 of:
4 bar over burpees
4 shoulder to overhead
Rest :30

I got myself back out to the garage and ready for the next round. It would have been nicer to just forget it. I’m so looking forward to 5 PM on October 4. Every time I get out there, I think I must be insane to have signed up for this. It is one of those things that I want to have done, but I don’t want to do. But, in order to check this off my bucket list (which I don’t have) I have to do the actual doing part. So I’m preparing. I’m not liking it. I feel defeated more often than victorious.

I got through the warm-up part just fine.

I had my computer out there and while I was warming up, it went black. Then I remember that I had set the screen to not shut down to conserve power for fifteen minutes, but only with the cord plugged in and I hadn’t brought the cord out. So, I went and got the cord. Another thing I noticed while having my nose right next to the bar doing push-ups, I still had 65# on the bar. So I stripped some weight to get it to the ever delightful and still too damn heavy 45#.

I got my timer going and began the WOD. I got the first round done and had my heart rate back good enough to work some more in the 30 seconds. This would be the only time that worked. Then, I just did the rep scheme and rested as much as I needed to be able to get through the next set of reps. I had to regroup before picking up the bar for the shoulder to overhead. I spent lots of time not working on anything other than not dying, which does improve the overall score. I finished round six with 27 seconds left on the clock which meant I was blissfully done. I also had a heart rate of 171 and it usually climbs a few more beats before it starts to drop again, but I didn’t look to see where it went.

I was just so happy to be finished and get back to the air conditioned house and some coffee and soon – a shower. I know I’m going to be quite proud of myself for doing this. I just wish it was already October 5 and I could say how great it was to participate.