Back to work yesterday after a long weekend but the best part was that Mandi was back after being gone for almost four weeks. We had lots of stuff to get done and I even remembered to order the stuff from Mixbook while I had a coupon and saved over $78 on the order. What a good worker bee.

This morning was the first time in a week that I had to be up at 5.15. That is really early when you have been a slug for so long. The hours have changed at the box and they will only have open gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8.30 to 11 AM and I need a workout on Thursday so I will be up at 5.15 again tomorrow. I thought about going to open gym on Friday, but opted out of that, at least for this week.

There was a new person at the box this morning. Charlie is also from Wescott. So there was Todd, Cindy, me, and Charlie – all from the same place. Ryan worked out with us and Kim coached.

We did some warm-up stuff and then rolled around on the floor to warm up some more and then finished with dislocates and passthroughs and some shoulder stuff.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press
3 x 8 @ 75%

21 – 15 – 9
Deadlifts (225/155)

My push press should have been at 40# but I’m working on overhead at 45# and just stayed with that because I need to work at that weight for the Games. I had one really bad press somewhere in the middle. I must not have set myself properly because it was the first rep of the set and I wasn’t tired. I just barely got the weight overhead. I regrouped and did the next two without a problem. The weight is still heavy, but it is far more manageable.

My left thumb hurt after the first one. I have no idea why that is the place that hurts. Ryan insists it is some sort of nerve issue. Could be.

I asked why there was no red/white/blue stuff for the WOD today. A named WOD apparently doesn’t get scaled and you scale as needed. That makes no sense to me, but what the heck. I had to Google CrossFit Diane to get the weights for this and the second link was how to scale Diane. So I know there are options.

The 155# is over my one rep max and gravity is too strong for me and I cannot yet get that much weight to levitate. The force is not that strong with me.

For the Games, I will be using 65#. That’s what I chose to use today. For the games, my rep scheme is 18 – 12 – 6 and I asked about using that today as well. Kim said I could. The idea is to try to get the stuff done without lots of breaks.

I also cannot yet levitate my fat ass up and down in a HSPU. I can’t even yet do a handstand let alone a push-up after I’m upside down. So, that part was simply out of the question. I can do modified HSPU things from a box and that is what I used today.

All I can say is that the deadlifts in the garage must be helping. I got to 18 and wasn’t beat yet so I did three more and decided at that point to go ahead with 21 – 15 – 9 scheme even though I didn’t have to. I knew I would be resting in between the moves to get my heart rate down and so I wasn’t too upset by that. But it was only in the mid 150s and so I didn’t have to rest too long. I got to the HSPU and had to break those into two pieces because I was worn out at 13. So I stopped, but not as long as to get my heart rate down, but just to regroup. Then I finished them.

I got my heart rate back down to high 140s and figured it was only 15 this time and I could manage that okay. I know the 15 round is really the killer in these things. You know 21 is a lot but you are fresh. Somehow, the 15 just seems to drag on forever. But since my weight was low, I knocked those out. And since my weight was low, my heart rate wasn’t sky high so I didn’t have to wait too long to get it back down. I had 13 HSPU things the first time. I mean really, two more and get over it. So, I made sure to pace myself better and did them all strung together.

Then I had to rest. But this was the 9 round. The easy round. The get it finished round. I gave myself enough rest to get my heart rate down to 145 and then did the 9 deadlifts and didn’t even look to see if my heart rate would let me finish. I only had 9 moves and then I could rest all I wanted. I just did them and finished at 5.52. My heart rate was 167 which really isn’t that bad for me so I didn’t push too hard.

Last time I did this was a almost year ago. I used 78# for the bar and the same HSPU thing. I finished in 7.05 then. My biggest difference besides the 13 pounds was how often I had to rest. I keep thinking my heart muscle isn’t getting any stronger even after all this time, but when I look back and see my brilliant prose from the past, I find that I am doing better in that regard. Not much, but small improvements at my advanced age are really the best one can hope for.