Yesterday was spent doing blog maintenance. It has to be done, but I can’t say I enjoy doing it. I absolutely love when it is finished. Something about accomplishment or possibly fortitude. I did pretty much nothing else. Well, I did go through my closet and get a bag of clothes to donate to Goodwill. So that was nice.

This may account for why I couldn’t sleep last night. I did nothing to earn it. I was a slug. I was awake from 2.30 to 4.30. When I’m tired and try to play Boggle, I drift off to sleep in the middle of the game. I even tried that in the middle of the night. Wide awake. I’m not all that fond of insomnia but I seem to have it mastered.

When we were in Hilton Head on Saturday, I asked Craig what I should do about missing my Saturday workout scheduled stuff. I asked if it would be okay to do it on Sunday. He said it would shock me but I should listen. He said, “Skip it.” I asked if he meant to do it a different day and he said no. He said it would mess up my normal schedule and so I should just let it ride.

I pointed out that my normal schedule had me at the box at 6 AM on Monday. But they weren’t going to be open at 6 AM on the holiday. They had some open gym times, but I really dislike open gym stuff. So I asked if I could do this on Monday instead of the open gym. He thought about it and granted his permission.

Then I didn’t sleep. I was tired. And I just didn’t feel like it. It is hot. There is nobody forcing me to do this. I could just skip it. That was his first option. When you don’t feel like, it is especially important to get your ass in gear and step up. I got dressed.

I ran past my 200 meter turn around spot, but not by much. I got back to the house and did some other warm-up stuff. Then I set my crap up in the too hot garage. I was as ready as I could be.

Today’s WOD as written:
Workout 1:
3×6 at 5# more than competition deadlift weight. 3:00 rest between efforts
3 rounds of:
:30 of deadlifts at competition weight/ rest :45 seconds
:30 of step ups at competition height/ rest :45 seconds

Go eat breakfast and relax.

3 rounds of:
5 pushups
10 squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
AMRAP in 10:00 of:
3 bar over burpees
3 shoulder to overhead
Rest :30

My deadlifts were at 70# and since I went shopping after the last week’s fiasco, I had the weights here to actually create a 70# bar. Weenie weights are dirt cheap. They are something like a dollar a pound, so for little ones, no problem. I didn’t see any one pound weights but if they had them, that would be sweet. I could create my little baby steps at the box with my own two dollars worth of stuff.

I did the rep scheme as written and rested as written and those are some pretty dang long three minutes. No problem with the weight.

Then I reset the bar to 65# for the next thing and got my platform pulled out for the step-ups. Before I started today, I figured out I needed a better timing system. What I wanted was a timer I could see. So I downloaded an app to my computer and the numbers on my huge, extra wide screen were about one inch high and took up about half the width of the screen. Why in the hell would you do that? The size of the font doesn’t take up any more file size when writing a program.

I also tried a couple on the Kindle to see if they had bigger numbers. Nope. They are basically for phones and work on a Kindle so they were even worse. So I stuck with the computer.

I also figured out on Thursday that the tough part of the WOD was keeping track of the time with thirty on and forty-five off. The start and stop time just hop all over the damn place. So I wrote out the times for Dick to follow along. He counted down the five seconds before stopping and starting, so that was nice.

I did 12-12 on the first round, 10-12 on the second, and 12-12 on the third. I have no idea why the second round looks like that.

Then I came in and had breakfast, began writing this, and relaxed before the second WOD.

I rested for a couple hours and started back to the next round.

I did the warm-up with just slight pauses  a couple times. I think my push-ups were stronger, more plank-like and less wormy. At least I tried to make them that way. Then on to the WOD itself.

Since my over the bar burpees are with an empty bar and I don’t have that here at home, I used my PVC pipe to hop over to make sure I was hopping and lateral. My bar was set to 45# and as always, this is really heavy for my overhead stuff. I can manage it, but it isn’t pretty.

I got the first round and waited my 30 seconds and started the next round but had to pant for a bit before the shoulder to overhead moves. After that, I waited until my heart rate was 155ish and then started the burpees because that was what I needed to do to get done. It was usually 35 to 40 seconds and then I would have to wait for about 10 to 15 seconds before picking up the bar. I got 7 rounds done with 25 seconds left which meant I was finished. I didn’t push for a couple more burpees.

While we were in Hilton Head, Joe, Aiden, and Dylan did their ice bucket challenge and Joe challenged his parents. So after being this hot, it sounded like an opportune time to do that. Dick had just finished mowing the lawn so he was hot, too. We got our buckets of ice water ready and I got my phone ready to video and I got him. Then he was supposed to video me. I made a cute speech and all that and that’s the part he didn’t video. Then he got me walking away wet and we have lots of black stuff. He is mad at me about this.

It was brisk, but felt pretty good. It could be my new cool down.