Yesterday must have been “key” day in the universe or at least my universe. After Sherry mistakenly tried to get into her car with my keys, which didn’t work, I got to have another key experience, as it were, at work.

We lock up our garbage. Four years ago, the building next door was having some renovation work done. Their workers put the trash in our trash receptacle. There is a lawyer in our building who had a “great idea” on how to stop this. Instead of dictating a cease and desist letter for his secretary to type out on official lawyer paper and taking five minutes out his day, he decided we should lock up the garbage. So, every time you take out the trash, you have your hands full of garbage and then have to unlock the damn bin to be able to put it in. They got mad at people who just left their trash outside the dumpster.

The renovations have long been done. After the lock was “lost” twice, they chained it to the dumpster so that it couldn’t get “lost” again no matter how hard I tried. They still lock up the garbage. This is what I consider to be complete nonsense. I don’t always have to unlock it when I get down there because there are other tenants who feel the same way I do and do not lock it back up after using it. But yesterday, there was a whole set of keys left in the locked lock when I took the trash out. It took me 15 minutes to find the right tenant and get their keys back to them. Two key problems in one day.

But my weekend started after I left the place and Mandi will be returning on Tuesday. I can’t wait to have her back. It has been so much less everything without her. And knowing she was returning made me finally vacuum up the dust from pulling the nails out of the wall that happened before she left – four weeks ago.

Today, I was sound asleep when the alarm went off and it was really hard to make myself get out of bed and get to the box. This is one of my Craig WOD days and I really need to prepare myself for participating in the Masters Garage Games. So I got my ass out of bed and dragged myself to the box.

I warmed myself up and stretched and got ready. Both Ryan and Kim were going to do today’s WOD. Cory was doing something else when I got there. She is leaving tomorrow on a cruise – a destination wedding. Hers. How much fun is that?

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds of:
:30 of double unders or jump rope/:45 rest
:30 of wall balls/:45 rest
:30 of ground to overhead at competition weight/:45 rest

I got all my stuff set up. Last week, I did high hang ground to overheads but this week, I set up a couple parallettes and used them as a touch and go. This was harder and something I won’t have to do at the games. I might have to rethink this.

The hardest part of this whole thing was keeping track of the time. I may have cheated myself out of 15 seconds of rest during the second round. Maybe not and maybe I was just working this hard.

I managed the jump rope without any problem. And then the wall balls came. They just kill me. On the first ground to overhead I couldn’t even get it up over my head. After that, I did okay, but it was hard work and I was exhausted even at the first round. I sure wish I was stronger or the weight was lower. What a damn weenie.

I did box breathing stuff while I rested and it helps. I managed to get through the rounds and my heart rate kept creeping up higher at the end of each set. I saw it a few times edging over 170 but not over 175.

My scores were 60 – 13 – 5 on round one, then 56 – 13 – 6 on round two where I missed one jump, and finally 59 – 14 – 5 on the last round.

I’m just too old for this shit.