Yesterday was a one of a kind sort of day. I prefer boring, routine sorts of days. I’m not all that good with excitement. I’m old and staid and good with that.

I was up bright dark and early this morning and headed off to the box. I realized this was going to be another challenging day when I couldn’t sign in. No matter what I did, it insisted I was Jeff. I don’t recall having a sex change and I sure would have liked to have been informed about that. I thought they had changed the way the iPad worked and had our names locally which is why I couldn’t get it to work a few weeks ago. But this was thought to be an internet problem. I have no idea what was wrong, but I’m pretty sure (although not entirely certain) I’m not Jeff.

So I didn’t sign in at all. I mentioned I was sore right “here” pointing to where I was sore. Ryan was gleeful with this news. “Push-ups” he happily cried out. I asked if it meant I was doing them right or wrong. I, like all the other wormy push-up people, have been doing these modified push-ups from a raised bar or from a box or something weird that doesn’t let you worm. I was hurting in the place that mean I was doing them correctly just like all the other people who had been given the same modification. Apparently, it’s working.

Sherry is a 5 AM person. She had dressed and left the building. Then she came back in, panicking and couldn’t get into her car. The key wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t turn the lock. She needed to get to work and she couldn’t get into her car! She drives a Mazda SUV. Ryan left Todd and me doing warm-up stuff and went to help her.

The reason she couldn’t get the key to work was because she had my keys. Once she got her own keys, they worked in her car. I asked if she could drive a stick and she said yes, so it’s nice to know that had she been three cars over in the parking lot, she could have had a much more fun car to drive to work.

No running with the warm-up today! We did a bit of baseball stuff with squats, bear crawls, slam balls, sit-ups, lunges, wall balls, burpees, and then Ryan complex down the mat to end with dislocates and passthroughs. My ouchie shoulders did not particularly care for the dislocates.

Today’s WOD as written:

Red White Blue
3 behind the head wide grip press 3 hang power snatch
3 hang power snatch 115/85
6 air squats 6 pistols 6 pistols
9 burpees 9 over the bar burpees 9 over the bar burpees

There was no skill in there today. Between the warm-up and the WOD we talked about ways to make this thing happen.

Neither Todd nor I can do pistols but I didn’t just want to do squats. My time would have been better but my skill set wouldn’t have improved. There was an option to do pistols to a box and I’ve been able to do those, sorta. We tried a 20” box and it was too high for me. I tried a 12” box and it was too low. Then, just like Goldilocks, I found a 16” box and it was just right.

I just suck at snatches of any sort. They just kick my ass. I used just a 22# bar and probably should have had 33# but I was having enough problems as it was. I did the hang power snatch because the press thing wouldn’t help me work on the whole snatch move. Ryan was trying to correct my position and I realized I simply had to have my other shoe on since I’m just too lopsided without it.

So I upped the requirements on these two moves from red to something more. Then the burpees. I can do this much math even at 6 AM. That was 45 burpees there. At the 5 AM class, everyone was finished in less than 10 minutes. It took me over 12 minutes to do 50 burpees and that was without anything else in there. This was not looking promising.

I scaled this one back. I did the jump in and out and did not do the push-up part. I’m not even certain what this is called. It was still labor intensive.

We started the clock. I got through the first set of HPS and pistols and then had to rest and do my box breathing stuff which really seems to get my heart rate down faster. Then the burpees. And that was one round done but I would have to rest and breathe and rest and waste more time and not die after each different move. I did complete each set before stopping.

Todd was finished and I had one more whole round to go. I got the three HPS and thought I might just try to get the pistols done but my heart rate was 166. So I got it back down and did the pistols. Then I knew I had to get down to 155 or I would never get through the plank burpees. So I breathed and waited and then began the last nine. By seven I was whining out loud. I finished at 11.08 with a heart rate of 177 and collapsed in a heap on the floor. That’s my favorite.

With no thanks to Sherry, I still had a car in the parking lot, so I got in it, put the top down since it was a beautiful morning, and came home.