For some odd reason I decided to be awake for two hours from 11.30 to 1.30 last night. There wasn’t really anything to do at that hour and all that kept running through my head was how early 5.15 was going to be if I didn’t get back to sleep. Finally, I remembered how to do that. Insomnia is a scourge.

After doing two workouts on Saturday, I was amazed at how good I felt on Sunday. No extra aches or pains and everything seemed to be moving all right. But it is usually the day after the day after when I totally fall apart. When I got up this morning, everything was still working. I didn’t have any creaky party and nothing hurt. Well, except my thumb, but I have no idea what to do about that. And my left big toe is sore from burpees. Again, I don’t know how that happens.

Todd and Cindy played hooky today and so Rachel and Elissa were the only other people there with me. Having an all girl class is rare at that hour.

First thing was a nice run. The other two got to go 800 meters (one-half mile) and then Coach Ryan looked at me and asked what I usually do when he has 400 meter runs. I usually do just 200 meters. So I was supposed to go 400 meters. Slower pace going out and faster coming in, was the rule. I only have one pace – slow. So I asked if I should walk out and run back in and that was a go so that is what I did.

It was amazing out there this morning. The temperature was 68⁰ and there was no humidity. There was also no light because dawn was still unbroken. I don’t usually run in the street because I turn around at the 200 meter mark which is just before the running in the street part. I wore black shorts and a black shirt today. There I was, walking/running in the dark dressed all in black. Just stupid. Not a single car was on the road so it was all good.

Then we did a bunch of other stuff working mostly on warming up our shoulders since today was push press for the skill. We did a clockwise and counter-clockwise plank and after all this time, these are actually getting easier and I can go back and forth without pausing and my arms don’t fall off and my stomach doesn’t ache. Then we did some yoga stuff because … yoga.

I did talk to Ryan about this moving the skill stuff around instead of keeping it on the same day. We are on week four of this set and this is the third time I’ve done push presses because on one day when I showed up, I didn’t do what was written on the board, I did the push presses since I need to work on this right now. I’m not getting the benefit of the incremental increases in weight when I am not consistently working the program.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press – add 5# to your one rep max number
5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
5 @ 85%
21 – 15 – 9

Red White Blue
Box jumps 18/12 24/20 30/24
Push-ups Incline Regular Ring

I got my handy phone calculator out and did some math magic and it was scary. I did my first five with 45# and those were okay and then for some odd reason, I tried to jump to 53# and it wasn’t moving. Then I went back to 48# and got five reps okay and tried 53# again and got two instead of five. The only thing that bothers me with these is my thumb. I can’t figure out why it is hurting where it is hurting. Very bizarre.

I chose red for this and upped the ante although I could have chosen white and scaled it. Hard to tell which way I went, but I chose to call it red plus. I used a 20 inch box and did step-ups just like I’ve been practicing. Then I did incline push-ups and kept my core tight and didn’t break my plank (I think). At least that was what I tried to do.

I did the 21 step-ups, had to rest, 21 push-ups, had to rest, 15 step-ups, had to rest, 15 push-ups, had to rest, and then did the 9 and 9. I had to pause (not really a rest, but just a couple seconds of not moving) after the 17th push-up, then after the 8th push-up, and after the 5th push-up. But I could then regroup and not break the move itself. I finished in 5.18. My highest heart rate was 170 and that was at the very end. During my rests I did box breathing and got my heart rate back down much faster, partly because it didn’t go that high to begin with (164 was my other highest).

I had a bit of a revelation today. I tend to think that everyone else is breezing through this stuff and I’m the only one struggling and it is pitiful because I’m pitiful. Today, I realized that other people are struggling and it is hard. I’m not pitiful at all. Well, maybe a bit. But my struggle comes because this stuff is hard, not because I suck.