Sometimes I’m just amazed at the pettiness of people. The ALS challenge has raised awareness, something most of the “awareness” programs have failed to do because we are already inundated with their cause. It has also raised over $53 million. Last year, the ALS foundation raised $1 million. This ice bucket challenge has worked.

And now, there are droughts and we are wasting water. Really? Do you not understand how water works? If you dump a bucket of water over your head, you are probably outside. The water will go into the ground and like all water, seek out its own level and eventually work its way back to the ocean. It’s sorta like it rained, but with an infinitesimal amount of water.

I’m going to bet that part of the problem is that this disease didn’t already have a huge “fan” base. I’m constantly seeing pictures telling me about autism awareness issues. Who in the developed world doesn’t know about this? There is an entire month devoted to breast cancer where my awareness is to be raised. Again, who in the developed world doesn’t know about this?

Perhaps I’m just a crabby old women. I know and love people with autism and people who have died of breast cancer. But get this, I also know someone who died of ALS. I adore the people who helped care for her as she descended into the pit of this disease.

I am going to wager that the amount of water dumped from buckets and returning to the Earth as water is intended to do has not equaled the amount of water in one good rainstorm. I’m sure it isn’t as much as falls during one of those really fun hurricanes we get now and again. Certainly it isn’t even as much as would fill a few Olympic sized swimming pools.

Older toilets use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, much more than a five gallon bucket of ice water. We use water like crazy in North America. We use over 380 liters per capita per day in the US and Canada uses 340 liters.

A huge amount of water is used to produce the energy we blithely consume with thermonuclear energy using the most. The amount of water used there as a comparison against the “wasted” water for the ALS challenge is so miniscule one can barely measure it as a percentage.

The pettiness in complaining about this challenge is astounding. But nothing comes without a price and doing good is always a risk. Remember the adage, No good deed goes unpunished. There are droughts in the world. There is poverty in the world and the money could have spent elsewhere, perhaps like the crowdfunding of the guy who wanted to make some potato salad and raised thousands upon thousands of dollars.

I hope those who are complaining will realize that their own causes might take a hit the next time they feel the need to crowdfund a huge project. And as an aside, this is neurological disorder. Perhaps finding out how to deal with this disease would help with other neurological diseases which are prevalent in a world where we all don’t die of childbirth at the age of 35.