In my imagination, life is simpler and things go as planned. In life, it is more complicated and things do not always go as planned. I know myself well enough to know that exercise is not my favorite thing. I have no idea why I have been doing CrossFit for two years. I think it is the challenge and watching my continual improvement over time. Who knew I could do all this shit?

A while ago I bought a cheap weight set for the garage. I’ve used it a few times. I prefer to work out when I prefer to work out and the box is not always open at those times. So I have some stuff here at home so I can work out whenever I choose. I usually choose at the box. I like the camaraderie and I like the supervision.

Since I’ve signed up to participate in the Masters Garage Games, I have to do something to not totally embarrass myself there. Craig has graciously helped by writing out a series of WODs for me. I will do my regular stuff at the box at my regular times on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have something from Craig to take to open gym on Thursdays and then there are Saturdays. These are my two a days.

I was thinking I could do the whole thing here at home and Craig wrote it so I could. But I don’t have an expensive set of weights in the garage. I noticed earlier in the week that I have exactly 1 30# bar, 2 5#, 2 10#, and 2 25# plates. There is no way I can create either a 65# or 45# bar with that combination.

I was thinking I could do any manner of ten pound increments, but if you add stuff up, you will see I can’t. I can have a 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, and 110 pound bar set up, but there is no chance for a 70 pound bar in there, either. Just shit.

My bigger problem in the garage is that I don’t have a nice wall clock counting the seconds for me. I had to use Dick for that. We have phones with stopwatch features included and so I had him counting time for me during my timed portion. You can tell he doesn’t do CrossFit since he did not have the three, two, one, go thing down. It will be better next time.

But I did my best this morning anyway. I warmed up with a run because I hate running and all that stuff. I did some other stuff.

Today’s WOD as written:
Workout 1:
3×8 at competition deadlift weight. 3:00 rest between efforts
3 rounds of:
:15 of deadlifts at competition weight/ rest :45 seconds
:15 of step ups at competition height/ rest :45 seconds
Go eat breakfast and relax.

I used just a 60# bar even though I had every intention of using 5# over competition weight rather than under. I just couldn’t produce the damn thing with the equipment I have. I did make one feeble attempt to buy some 2.5# plates, but Walmart (where I purchased the cheap weight set originally) did not have them. I will go to Dick’s today and see if I can round out my weight set a little better.

I used what I had but I knew I was cheating some. To try to offset that just a smidge. I did 3 x 9 sets @ 60#. I did rest the entire 3 minutes in between and had a heart rate back down to my normal slow tachycardia before starting the next set.

Then Dick came out to the hot garage (although I did get the little fan working) and I did the 15 on 45 off thing. I got 8 and 7 on the first round, 10 and 7 on the second, and 8 and 8 on the third but I should have had 9 deadlifts but I have no idea why I didn’t pull the last one. I really need to see the time, if possible and we discussed that for next time.

The highest my heart rate went was 164 and I did box breathing to get it back down while I rested. On the last round, it didn’t get all that low before it was time to start back to work again.

I got stuff put away in the garage and came in and had breakfast (Greek yogurt, fruit, and bacon). I’m now in the relax portion of my day. CrossFit Summerville doesn’t open for another 45 minutes so I can continue to relax for a while.

To be continued:

Workout 2:
3 rounds of:
5 pushups
10 squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
AMRAP in 10:00 of:
4 bar over burpees
4 shoulder to overhead
Rest :45

Okay, back from the box now and ready to finish this up. I came home and when I walked into the air conditioned house, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is 90⁰ now and hotter with the heat index and inside the steamy box with just a couple fans blowing, it seemed like I was one continual hot flash in progress. According to my computer, the heat index is 100⁰ and I wouldn’t want to argue with technology.

This morning, I worked out wearing my glasses and I had sweat dripping on the lenses. I guess that answers the question as to whether or not I should try that stunt at the Games. I put in my contacts before the second workout and the sweat could just drip on the ground as God intended when He created gravity.

I put on my one high shoe and practiced some single unders to get myself warmed up again. Then I did Craig’s warm-up but threw in some dislocates and passthroughs before doing any shoulder to overhead work. I warmed up with a few reps of a 33# bar. I sure wish the guy had used this smaller bar for my age division. DeWayne was there and we talked about the games. He is also going.

I got the time started and could managed my own scheduled breaks. After the first round, my heart rate was 166 but I could get it back down to 140s before starting the second round. Then it was 170 and harder to get back down. I was still managing all eight reps without stopping and was 170 again at the end of the third round. I was running out of steam but still had time. At the half way point of the fourth round, I had to stop before I could lift the weight overhead. I was 173 when I finished even with a pause in the middle. On the fifth round, I paused between the moves but still could only throw the bar up twice before pausing again. I did the last two and my heart rate was 167 and I was exactly 9 minutes in. The 45 seconds were up and I got three more burpees done before time ran out. So I was 5+3. That means I did 23 over the bar burpees and 20 45# shoulder to overhead in ten minutes. I would have gotten to the 12 round as it is written. Maybe.

I got back to the house and had brunch this time. Two eggs and an English muffin. Now it is time to shower and then go and see if I can round out my weight set.