I began my weekend and was able to spend the evening in blissful nothingness. I found an online course to watch while I crocheted and am now learning all about the historical Troy. I played a few mindless games and then went to bed. Here is the really tricky part. I also fell asleep.

I was up at 4.11 and figured I was just screwed, but the next thing I knew, my alarm was singing to me and it was 6.15. I not only fell asleep once last night, I did it twice. How cool is that?

I got ready and headed for the box. I knew that I would be dealing with school traffic on the way and hoped getting out of the neighborhood wouldn’t be too difficult. I figured I would be ahead of the curve and should make it okay. I did. I got to the gym and noticed right away that I had made a grave mistake. I did not have my watch/heart monitor. I had the strap on, but forgot the other part. This is the second time I’ve done that since I started wearing it. Great. I was not heading back into school traffic to get it.

I ran 200 meters, did some other stuff, and watched a group of women assemble. Kim said they were the people training for the half marathon which will be run in September. They were going to be doing a bunch of cardio. God love them.

I got myself warmed up and set up and then I was as ready as I could get. Considering I wouldn’t be able to watch my heart rate.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds of:
:15 of double unders or jump rope/:45 rest
:15 of wall balls/:45 rest
:15 of ground to overhead at competition weight/:45 rest

Craig has set me up with a program for Thursdays and Saturdays to help get me ready for the Masters Garage Games coming up at the beginning of October. The final WOD for that day will be a 15 min AMRAP of rope jumps, wall balls, and clean and jerks.

I made my little matrix so I could record my numbers and Kim started the clock for me.

My first round was 35, 7, and 4. I did box breathing during my rests.

My second round was coming up and I got myself ready and I have no idea what I was thinking because the time went to :00 and I should have started and the rope was in front of my feet instead of being ready to jump and I lost a second or two figuring out what I was doing wrong. My score for the second round was 31, 7, and 4 but I’m not sure about the 4. I did four reps, but when I looked at the clock, I was at :16 and so I don’t know if time would have been called by a ref.

Since I realized I could easily screw myself up, I was really ready before the time started for the third round and got 37, 7, and 4 but again on that last rep, it was at :16 when I looked up after locking out.

I got home after all the school traffic had dissipated, so that was nice.

Kim is home schooling her youngest son. Beginning next month, open gym will be 8.30 to 11 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For September, that is going to be a problem for me. I don’t want to work out on Friday and then do two workouts on Saturday. I want the rest in between. At least for the first couple weeks.

But I want to continue with this program Craig wrote for me because it is based on the workouts for the Masters Garage Games. I’m not feeling all that confident. I know that I am not competing, I am simply participating and going to have fun meeting a challenge so outside my comfort zone. I’m not going to try to win anything. I’m going to be awesome. But I also don’t want to embarrass myself. This prep work is helping me feel prepared.

I asked Kim if it would okay if I came at 6 AM on Thursday and did the WOD Craig wrote rather than a CrossFit Summerville WOD. It is usually sparse at the hour and they all know me anyway. She said it would be fine. So that problem was solved.

The rest of my day includes a trip to the doctor. There is always a caveat for couch potatoes beginning an exercise program. They are told to check with their doctors before starting. I missed that part or successfully ignored it or just breezed right past it. At any rate, I didn’t do it.

The coaches at CrossFit Summerville and my Son the Coach have all mentioned several times (reaching into the billions by now, I believe) that a stress test might be beneficial in figuring all this heart rate nonsense out. This is my first step toward that goal.

The reason I have waited so long and studiously avoided this step has been terror. I am simply afraid some doctor will tell me that I shouldn’t be exercising and I truly like this. I’m doing things I never in a million years would have thought I could pull off. Today, I was consistently throwing 45 pounds over my head. When I started, I couldn’t pick 45 pounds up off the ground. I was shooting a ten pound wall ball to the mark on the wall after doing a full squat and when I started I could squat and had to use a kid’s four pound ball.

I’m less fearful in the world at large. After I learned how to start IVs as a nurse, I would check out people’s veins and think, “I could get that one” or “those are some crappy veins”. Today, as I walk down the street and get some weirdo vibe thing, I think “I could take that s.o.b. and I don’t need to be afraid”. Self talk matters and today, I tell myself I am strong and capable and can take on challenges and meet them. I don’t want some doctor to tell me to stop.