Yesterday was my recovery day and I spent it recovering. I also spent it working – but not too hard. Some things were able to be resolved, some things were improved upon, and I got the garbage out to the dumpster. Great day at the work place.

Ricardo was here when I got home from work and it was really nice to see him. It had been awhile and he had some stories – as he always does. He is the social planner around here even if one doesn’t want to be social. He has plans for all of us in the coming months. Some of them might even come to fruition.

I got to bed at a reasonable hour, all ready for getting up early to go to the box this morning. Then I forgot to fall asleep. I tossed. Then I turned. Then I tried doing them in combination. Finally, something happened and I fell asleep right up until 4.15. Then I was awake, but not enough to try for the 5 AM class. I did nearly doze off again right before the alarm went off.

I watched a lecture series on neurobiology and one of the markers for schizophrenia is waking up very early in the morning. I don’t have any other markers (that I know of) and this not being able to sleep seems to be more of an issue with age and menopause than anything else. I sure hope I don’t start hearing voices.

The alarm finally went off and I got ready and got to the box just in time to have a mass of people doing a cool down walk after their WOD finished. I did not hit any of the people meandering through the lot in the dark. Again, that I know of. There were no bodies there when it got light and my car is not dented. I think I successfully parked without hurting anyone.

Cindy was there today. I love having Cindy around. She is simply fun to have there. Todd was there, too. And that was it. Just the three of us.

Coach Jason was in charge today and rather than a run, we did burpees to the Happy song and every time there was a happy or happiness or anything like that, we did a burpee. When it got to the chorus and too fast, we did jumping jacks. Somehow, at 6 AM, this did not make me all that happy. We did other things and were then deemed to be warmed up.

Today’s WOD as written:
Sled pulls – 8 lengths of the mat, add weight after each set of 2.
3 rounds

3 min AMRAP Red White Blue
5 burpees No push-up
5 box jumps 18/12 24/20 30/24
5 power cleans Med ball (14/10) 95/65 135/95

2 minute rest between rounds

Yesterday, for the skill they did the push press stuff. I was far more interested in that instead of sled pulls. I need to get my shoulder to overhead move improved and I have no idea what to do when they keep putting that on Tuesday. I asked Jason if I could do push presses instead of the sled pulls, explaining how it would be helpful in my participation at the Masters Garage Games whereas sled pulls – not so much.

I got my handy calculator working and found that the difference between 50%, 55%, and 60% was nearly nothing when based off a low number like my push press max. Instead, I did two sets of 5 at 33# and then three sets of 5 at 43#. By the end, my left thumb was hurting again. I have no idea what is up with that.

We then discussed the WOD. I didn’t want to be quite as weenie as the red, but I wasn’t really up to the white. So I did red plus.

I did the plank in and out burpees and was happy with that. I did that in the warm-up, too. Then I did step-ups to a 20” box and was happy with that bump up. I also used just an empty 45# bar and did hang power cleans which is what I will be doing at the games.

My heart rate went sky high and I spent way too much time trying to get it back down. I did the box breathing thing and it helped, but I found it doesn’t help if I go too far before resting. When I’m over 170, it is simply going to take time to get back to a place where I can start again. The two minute rests were my favorite part and yet, I was only able to get back down to the high 130s before it was time to start again.

My scores were 2+3, 2, and 2+1 and I killed myself for that last burpee. Then we were supposed to stroll through the parking lot, but I was apparently the only one who heard that. Ryan was just coming in so I told him I wanted points since I have successfully made a doctor appointment to see what to do about this stupid heart rate crap. The accelerated rate is a problem, but it is more of problem when I have to wait so long for it to come back down. I think I need a fountain of youth pill.