After my “run” yesterday, I had a pleasant time walking around the farmers’ market in downtown Summerville. We got some tomatoes and onions and bought bread to have with homemade soup I was planning for dinner.

We got a whiff of someone making and selling donut holes. It was heavenly. I used to make these all the time when the kids were little. I told Dick I would make us some when I got home. We were both excited about that.

My biggest problem was that I needed to print out the recipe and the printer kept not working. First it didn’t print twice, then it ate the paper twice (once with me having to practically disassemble the printer to get the paper out), and then it finally printed. It is a wireless printer on the other side of the house. I may have walked another mile just trying to print out a recipe.

The recipe calls for milk. I haven’t had milk in the house for about nine months. I have almond milk and I have successfully used this as a substitute in recipes before. It did not work for donut holes. As I dropped the dough into the hot oil, it turned into funnel cake stuff instead of staying as a blob of donut hole stuff. Luckily, even though it was not very pretty, it was still tasty.

I did a bunch of site maintenance for Little Bits of History and got that caught up and I played some mindless computer games, watched a college lecture, and crocheted. Just a pleasant day.

After my dismal run yesterday, I planned to see just exactly how damn slow I am. The 16 minute mile seemed simply ludicrous. I checked my math several times. It took me 36 minutes to go the 2.2 miles. No matter what I did with the numbers, the math stayed the same. I sucked.

The plan for my morning was to get up and walk the same distance. I know I could stroll the distance without any issues whatsoever. I was planning on walking fast and seeing what happened.

First, I left the house about an hour earlier and without having had a cup of coffee before my excursion. It was 78⁰ this morning, one degree higher than yesterday. But since I was out earlier, there was no sun yet as it hadn’t cleared the houses. It was daylight. As far as I know, everything was equal except for the coffee. And the running.

I left the house, checked the time, began walking fast, looked at my heart rate and didn’t have my watch. Well, if I was going to do this experiment correctly, I had to monitor my heart rate along the way. I turned around, sauntered back to the house, got ALL my equipment, and began again.

Yesterday, I ran from the house to the community pool before I was wiped out. I have no idea how far it is, but not that far. I already had a heart rate of 160 and had to cope with the cool down, speed up thing the rest of the way. Today, when I got to the pool, my heart rate was in the 120s. I kept walking quickly. Over half way to the turnaround point, my heart rate was all the way in the high 130s. When I got to the turnaround place, I was up to 140s. It was nearly half way back before I broke the 150 mark. The highest I ever saw my heart rate was 154.

I would do some box breathing when I looked and it was over 145 and I was feeling winded. It would drop a few bpm while I consciously kept my pace the same. By the time I got back to the house, I was hot and tired – just like yesterday. My heart rate never went too high. And my time?

I finished in 35 minutes. I walked faster than I ran. My time was 15.9 per mile rather than 16.36.

I know that for a short distance, I can actually run faster than I can walk. But because it takes such a toll on my heart rate, I have to walk slower to recover and the overall effect was not worth the effort. It was counterproductive.

I now have information. I have data. I have no idea what it means or what I should do with it. Other than not run.