My rest day was spent resting and writing, neither of which is stressful to my old body. Like many others around the world, I was thinking about the tragedy of suicide. When body chemistry is out of whack and the chemical is insulin, there is no stigma and no one says to “snap out of it” but when the chemical is dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, or something like that, it is a weakness and stigmatized.

Depression is not sadness. Clinical depression, diagnosed and treated is not the same as not getting a promotion and getting a sad about it. There is some discussion in the sciences about a viral component to cancer. No one would confuse a cold with cancer, but we don’t treat mental diseases the same. We don’t even call them diseases, we call them illnesses – like a cold.

The devastation and loss to the world caused by this disease can never be known. It is certainly far more than I would choose to pay. There has to be some method, some way, to bring understanding to the physical cause of mental disease. I hope this can be Robin Williams’ last gift to the world. He gave us so much and so willingly. Let’s learn from this kind soul.

Today, I studiously watched my heart rate during the warm-up and made sure I was just warm instead of smoking hot. Okay, I’m never smoking hot, but I am sometimes on fire. I only ran 200 meters and when we got to the grapevine up and down the mat, I opted to walk it to get the movements in and loosen up, but I didn’t get my heart rate too high.

Today’s WOD as written:
500 meter row
15 deadlifts
30 pull-ups
15 sit-ups
30 wall balls
15 push-ups
30 box step-ups with a bar (45/33# to 24/20”)

There  was no skill today since we had this lovely chipper WOD. There was one other scaling option and it was for white. Their rep scheme was 25 and 50. I don’t remember the written weights for the deadlifts for everyone although mine was 135 which was possible but far more work than I wanted to do. I don’t even remember if there was a difference between the wall ball weights for white and red. I only know what I did.

Since the games will be using a 65# bar, I worked with a 75# bar today, just to have a little extra weight. I did ring rows for the pull-ups, I can actually do sit-ups, I did a 10# ball to an 8’ mark on the wall balls. I did push-ups against a racked bar about 20” off the ground, and I used a 22# bar for the step-ups. The goal was to take 20-30 minutes for the WOD and I gave myself a 25 minute time cap.

I brought my second pair of shoes today and wore one running shoe and one CrossFit shoe. I was actually standing straighter this way and I think it might have helped. I had to wear gloves because of the pull-ups/ring rows things. But I wore my new gloves without the seam problem.

To no one’s surprise, I was the last one done rowing. I had a heart rate of 161 as I finished so I sat there to get my heart rate down to something that would allow me to work. I broke the deadlifts in half mostly because I thought I was doing 30 of those. Luckily someone from the 5 AM class had the numbers in front of me and I did not do an extra 15 deadlifts, which would have really ticked me off. When I thought I was halfway done, I saw their list and I realized I was finished. What a relief. It also explained how other people were already on the pull-ups.

Then on to the ring rows and I could only manage 5 at a time, more because of my arms than my heart rate although I was pooped all around. I got through them and then could just do 15 sit-ups. Why weren’t these a larger number item?

I did the wall balls in sets of ten and had a heart rate about 170 at the end of each set. The push-ups I also had to do in sets in five but I think I was better in holding a plank position while I raised and lowered my body on the bar.

I had told Coach Jason that I would try using a lighter bar, but if it was too much, I would just do step-ups. I’m not a hero and don’t ever intend to be. But I do need to have functional legs tomorrow and the day after. I gave it a shot and it was terrible, but not insurmountable. I did them in sets of five.

Jason called out when we were at 20 minutes and helpfully told us we could finish at any time now. I still had 15 step-ups to do. It was iffy as to whether I could actually finish before my own time cap hit. I had used around 4 minutes to get those first 15 in since I had to keep stopping to rest. I finished in 24.19.

We were to go on a 200 meter cool down walk and as soon as I could move again, I did so. I then used a lacrosse ball on my left lower back. I didn’t do anything particular to it with this WOD, but I did manage to harm myself putting the water bottle up on the cooler yesterday at work. It was just a twinge, but after deadlifts and weighted step-ups, I figured a little mobility work wouldn’t hurt.