Yesterday was my rest day so I only went grocery shopping, did all the laundry, wrote several essays, and got dinner for us.

I was awake today at 5.12 AM for no discernible reason. When I can sleep in, I don’t and when I have to get up the alarm is so jarring it is enough to give me a heart attack. I have no idea why this stuff happens.

I had time to kill and I should have planned the day better. I wasn’t thinking properly which does tend to happen around that time of day. What I should have done, and didn’t realize this until I was half way to the box, was do the deadlift and box jump WOD here at home in the garage and then do the burpee and shoulder to overhead WOD at the gym. I didn’t do this. That was dumb.

What I did was kill a bunch of time until I could go to the box and do the easier workout. I did some warm-up stuff and felt like it was okay to start. I got my stuff set up and then asked Jason to start the clock for me.

Today’s WOD as written:
Box Jumps/Step-ups (Box Height is 24″/20″ for all ages)
RX: 35-39: 315#/205#; 40-44, 45-49: 275#/155#; 50-54: 225#/115#; 55-59: 185#/95#; 60+: 155#/75#
Scaled: 35-39: 205#/135#; 40-44, 45-49: 185#/95#; 50-54, 55-59, 60+ : 115#/65#

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my left thumb. I know that I know have an extra boo-boo because I bought crab legs yesterday and one of the pincher pointy things stuck through the bag and stabbed me in the left thumb. But that isn’t anywhere near where the ouchie has been.

I may have figured it out. I thought it was the Kindle Fire, but that didn’t help. On Thursday, as I was working out, I didn’t notice anything because I was having enough trouble just breathing and not dying. But when I got home, my thumb was on fire. I think there is something askew with the seam on the left glove’s thumb. As I lift, this gets pulled and rubs and it would make sense since the painful part is near the joint on the outside of my thumb – where a seam is.

Therefore, using this brilliant deductive reasoning, I did the deadlifts without my gloves on today. I did remember I should then chalk my hands to keep from different ouchies. And now, post-WOD, my thumb is no worse than it was before.

I did all 18 deadlifts without stopping but then had a heart rate of 170. I sat on the box and did several deep breaths and exaggerated exhales and then did all 18 step-ups on the box. I had a heart rate of 174. I sat and did that breathing thing again. I did the 12 deadlifts in sets of six with a shorter version of the breathing rest in between. Then I did all 12 box jumps and had to breathe again. Then I did the last round without stopping. I was done in 6.02.

I think my schedule for prep for this should be whatever is on the board on Monday and Wednesday. Then do the 15 min AMRAP on Thursday. Then on Saturday, since I can’t be to the box until after 9 AM, I should back the car out of the garage and do the deadlift and box jump thing. I will have to use a 70# bar which should help at the competition, and use a chair for my step-ups. Then I can do the 10 min AMRAP at the box a couple hours later.

That is the plan. If I sign up.