My rest day was spent resting. While at work I successfully made lists, spreadsheets, mailing labels, printed postcards, completed compliance things so that FINRA and the SEC will like us, and numerous other small and insignificant tasks. I also said goodbye to Mandi for a month as she leaves on a trip for Kenya.

I think I may have figured out what is bothering my left thumb and I hate to admit it might be from playing games on the Kindle Fire. I think I’m sorta burning myself as I sit and play dumb games for far too long. I’m going to try putting it back in the cover and see if my thumb stops hurting.

That was yesterday and it was so exciting, I could hardly fall asleep last night. I tried going to bed at a reasonable hour, but that really didn’t induce sleep. Therefore, the alarm was quite jarring this morning and it would have been lovely to just roll over and go back to sleep. But it is Wednesday and I go to the box on Wednesdays so I got up and reluctantly went to the box.

They stopped posting the WODs online because they say people cherry pick their WODs. But they have a list of all the WODs for the six week rotation on a spreadsheet. They are supposed to be posted inside the box on one of the white boards on Monday, but they weren’t up yet when I was there on Monday. So I had no idea what the WOD was – which was just as well.

I may have also figured out my inability to run 300 meters some days. If I start with the rest of the group, I tend to try to keep up their pace for the first 100 meters or so – until I poop out. I run less distance and they still beat me back to the box. Then I’m winded and we have to immediately start the next thing and I’m already in the negative column and the warm-up has barely started.

Today, I left before everyone, ran my really slow pace, but did the entire 300 meter distance. I got back with enough time to catch my breath before the next stuff started. Part of today’s warm-up included sideways bear crawls. I can honestly say I don’t like these. If I’m ever caught behind enemy lines and this is the only way to escape, I’m a dead duck.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press 8 x 3 @ 55%
(I didn’t take a picture of the board so I don’t remember the other group scalings and can only tell you what red did since that would be me)
1 min max effort
Rope climb substitute which was 2 jumping pull-ups with a hold at the top and a slow descent + 2 knees to elbows
Rest 1 min
1 min max effort
Goblet squats with 20#
Rest 1 min
1 min calorie row
Rest five min and then repeat.

My push press max last week was 58# so my 55% was supposed to be 31.9# which was nice because I can make a 32# bar easily. I kept a 2.5# plate under my right heel and got these done fairly easily. We had five of us there today and three girls were on one side of the rack and the two guys were on the other. The 5 AM class had also arranged themselves with boys in a clump and girls in a clump, but in a different pattern. We were then discussing self selecting groups/segregation as we rested between lifts.

Then we got set up for the WOD. Rachel and Chris can do real rope climbs. Todd can now climb a rope, but not all the way to the top because he is afraid of heights. Cindy and I did the modified rope climbs. I was really getting my knees to elbows while Cindy was struggling with that part.

I know the blue-or-best-or-strongest-and-must-RX-the-thing-or-choose-a-different-level-people were 70 and 53 pounds for the goblet squats. I think that maybe the white group were at 53 and 35 but I’m not really sure about that. I know Chris and Rachel were doing blue and the heavier weights. I stuck with a 20# dumbbell. I think Todd and Cindy each had the white weights. But I really don’t know. I know I had to plan to make sure my heart rate didn’t get in my way too much.

For the first two moves, I opted to stop at 50 seconds to give me a bit more time to get my heart rate back to viable levels. I was going to need to rest longer before starting the next thing or I would just poop out too soon and it wouldn’t be nice at all. So rather than get the last little bit at the end, I would be able to get more at the next beginning.

I did the calorie row for the entire minute because I had five minutes to recover before starting all over again. On the first round I had it set at 8 and we discussed whether having a higher number would help get more calories so before starting the second round, I knocked it up to 10.

My scores were 3.5/18/12 for the first round and 3/19/11 for the second. My heart rate was about 168-172 at the end of each of the minutes of work. And as we can see, putting it up to 10 didn’t help any. I rather liked the goblet squats. I’m not sure how my ass will feel about this later, but at the time, it seemed like a good idea – which is usually the recipe for later regret.

I was melting by the time I left and so I threw the top back on the little car. As I was sitting at a light, I heard a guy shout, “Nice car” and turned around to see a silver with black interior convertible Miata with the top down. Made me giggle. It is a nice car.