August 2014

I have been blessed with two wonderful sons. They have had four children between them. We are lucky beyond belief. Everyone is healthy. Every single one. I can’t even imagine the pain suffered by parents who bury a child. My mother’s bravery after losing her eldest child and only son can only be labeled as heroic.

RET was fourteen when diagnosed with cancer. He was dead by age fifteen. His last wish was to give back. Even as he was dying, he wanted his family to help others who were in this same situation but without the resources available to them. The RET Foundation was the answer to this dying child’s wish.

This was the fifth WOD for RET. They hold a yearly 5K race and rather than just run, because you know – CrossFit – there is a WOD included. Each year, the event has gotten bigger. It is held in Hilton Head where RET’s family lives. Mama T – RET’s mom – is a member at my son’s box, Conviction Training Facility. She loves my son and has told me so every time she has met me. I wanted to help her son, too.

Yesterday, Dick and I left the house around 2.30 to travel to Hilton Head. We got ourselves signed in for our first ever 5K race. The deal was it was perfectly acceptable to simply walk it. I vacillated back and forth. I had to sign us up for something and so I had each of us listed as beginners. But we could just walk. I hate to run. I actually tested this and found out that I walk faster than I run because I don’t have to rest. I can just keep walking.

The beginner WOD wasn’t that much. At the start, there were 15 deadlifts – one for each year of RET’s too-short life. Then, after 1.5 miles, there would be a stop and 15 burpees. Just before the finish line would be another 15 deadlifts. The beginner female weight was only 53#. But it would be in the middle of my first ever 5K and I’m a weenie and what the heck was I thinking. I was allowed to just walk it. Why push it?

We stayed at Craig and Dayna’s last night and went out to eat and had a wonderful meal. I didn’t sleep well because of being in a different bed and having this unmade decision still playing through my head. I could just walk it. I didn’t have to do anything else. I could walk it or just do weenie plank burpees when I got that far.

I didn’t have to do anything at all, really. I could have just donated money to the Foundation. My alarm went off this morning and Craig and Dayna were already out of the house and getting set up at Hilton Head Island Preparatory School in Sea Pines, an exclusive part of the island.

The route was supposed to be beautiful. I could just enjoy a walk. We didn’t even have to walk fast, we could stroll if we wanted. There was nothing pushing us.

There were about 150 CrossFitters there and another 400 runners. When the starting gun went off, the runners started and the first CrossFit heat began their deadlifts and then each minute thereafter, the next heat of those doing the WODs would begin. Dick was in the first heat. I was in the second. I don’t know exactly when I decided to do the WOD, too. Maybe I had really decided when I signed up and I was just being scared. It is one of the things I do best.

Dick waited by my weight for the second round to start, I did my deadlifts, and off we went. The route was beautiful. It was also sand since the path was located on a dang island and all this beach stuff leaves lots of sand around. It was mostly through the pine trees, hence the name of the place – Sea Pines – and it was a glorious morning. It was hot and totally windless. Not a breeze at all. When we rounded a corner and saw a pond/lake/whatever, it was completely still – like glass. Gorgeous but hotter than hell to walk in.

For the scaled and RX versions of the WODs, there were higher weights for the deadlifts of course, but there was also more work along the course. Every 800 meters or half mile, there was a station set up. People were required, depending on their version, to do push-ups or burpees and then sometimes, for the scaled and beginner, the message on the sign simply said, “Keep running!”

As I approached the place where I would be doing burpees, I tried to strategize. My heart rate was in the low 160s for most of the walk. But 15 burpees would be tough in the pine straw scattered with pine cones and hiding possible fire ant hills. But the burpees themselves were my problem. I thought I could do them in 5-5-5 but that seemed like it would take more time and might not be necessary. I could maybe do 8-7 or I could do 8-4-3 if I had to or if I couldn’t squeak out eight first, I could do 7-4-4. All this planning kept me busy enough that I was astounded when I actually came upon the spot where I had to do the burpees, thinking it was going to be farther along.

I did them in 8-7 and just wanted to get them over. I had to sit and pant like a crazy person as I got my heart rate back down for the second half. I got my left knee into something but I don’t know if it was a pine cone or a fire ant. And, I did real all the way full range of motion burpees. I mean really, kids are dying of cancer and I’m whining about this shit. Grow a pair.

Dick waited for me to get through this and then we walked together again until the end. The path through the woods was wonderful, but at the end we had to make a loop in the parking lot to be able to get the real 3.2 miles in and we wouldn’t want to skimp. I was just too confused about the path and all I knew was that I needed to find the weights and do the last set of deadlifts. I had no idea where I was geographically as I can get lost backing out of the driveway. But I finally got steered in the right direction, thank you Dick, and got to the weights.

My hands were so filthy from playing in the dirt earlier. I was so sweaty from the exertion. I was a mess. I had trouble holding onto the weight and had to reset my hands after rep 11 or 12 but I got them done and we could then proceed to the finish line. We were done at 54.30. We were in before an hour.

I don’t know the last time I was this dirty. The sand was caked up the back of my legs and while I tried to wipe off some of the excess dirt from the burpees, my thighs and knees were filthy, too. I could pick the dirt off my boobs okay. We helped Craig and Dayna with cleanup stuff and then we took off for their house and showers. I don’t know when the last time I was this grateful for a shower, either.

As a bonus, we got to play with Frankie who had spent the night at her other grandparents’ house. She came back to play with us before it was time for us to head back home. We made it here in one piece and tonight, we should sleep the sleep of the just – or something.


Yesterday must have been “key” day in the universe or at least my universe. After Sherry mistakenly tried to get into her car with my keys, which didn’t work, I got to have another key experience, as it were, at work.

We lock up our garbage. Four years ago, the building next door was having some renovation work done. Their workers put the trash in our trash receptacle. There is a lawyer in our building who had a “great idea” on how to stop this. Instead of dictating a cease and desist letter for his secretary to type out on official lawyer paper and taking five minutes out his day, he decided we should lock up the garbage. So, every time you take out the trash, you have your hands full of garbage and then have to unlock the damn bin to be able to put it in. They got mad at people who just left their trash outside the dumpster.

The renovations have long been done. After the lock was “lost” twice, they chained it to the dumpster so that it couldn’t get “lost” again no matter how hard I tried. They still lock up the garbage. This is what I consider to be complete nonsense. I don’t always have to unlock it when I get down there because there are other tenants who feel the same way I do and do not lock it back up after using it. But yesterday, there was a whole set of keys left in the locked lock when I took the trash out. It took me 15 minutes to find the right tenant and get their keys back to them. Two key problems in one day.

But my weekend started after I left the place and Mandi will be returning on Tuesday. I can’t wait to have her back. It has been so much less everything without her. And knowing she was returning made me finally vacuum up the dust from pulling the nails out of the wall that happened before she left – four weeks ago.

Today, I was sound asleep when the alarm went off and it was really hard to make myself get out of bed and get to the box. This is one of my Craig WOD days and I really need to prepare myself for participating in the Masters Garage Games. So I got my ass out of bed and dragged myself to the box.

I warmed myself up and stretched and got ready. Both Ryan and Kim were going to do today’s WOD. Cory was doing something else when I got there. She is leaving tomorrow on a cruise – a destination wedding. Hers. How much fun is that?

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds of:
:30 of double unders or jump rope/:45 rest
:30 of wall balls/:45 rest
:30 of ground to overhead at competition weight/:45 rest

I got all my stuff set up. Last week, I did high hang ground to overheads but this week, I set up a couple parallettes and used them as a touch and go. This was harder and something I won’t have to do at the games. I might have to rethink this.

The hardest part of this whole thing was keeping track of the time. I may have cheated myself out of 15 seconds of rest during the second round. Maybe not and maybe I was just working this hard.

I managed the jump rope without any problem. And then the wall balls came. They just kill me. On the first ground to overhead I couldn’t even get it up over my head. After that, I did okay, but it was hard work and I was exhausted even at the first round. I sure wish I was stronger or the weight was lower. What a damn weenie.

I did box breathing stuff while I rested and it helps. I managed to get through the rounds and my heart rate kept creeping up higher at the end of each set. I saw it a few times edging over 170 but not over 175.

My scores were 60 – 13 – 5 on round one, then 56 – 13 – 6 on round two where I missed one jump, and finally 59 – 14 – 5 on the last round.

I’m just too old for this shit.


Yesterday was a one of a kind sort of day. I prefer boring, routine sorts of days. I’m not all that good with excitement. I’m old and staid and good with that.

I was up bright dark and early this morning and headed off to the box. I realized this was going to be another challenging day when I couldn’t sign in. No matter what I did, it insisted I was Jeff. I don’t recall having a sex change and I sure would have liked to have been informed about that. I thought they had changed the way the iPad worked and had our names locally which is why I couldn’t get it to work a few weeks ago. But this was thought to be an internet problem. I have no idea what was wrong, but I’m pretty sure (although not entirely certain) I’m not Jeff.

So I didn’t sign in at all. I mentioned I was sore right “here” pointing to where I was sore. Ryan was gleeful with this news. “Push-ups” he happily cried out. I asked if it meant I was doing them right or wrong. I, like all the other wormy push-up people, have been doing these modified push-ups from a raised bar or from a box or something weird that doesn’t let you worm. I was hurting in the place that mean I was doing them correctly just like all the other people who had been given the same modification. Apparently, it’s working.

Sherry is a 5 AM person. She had dressed and left the building. Then she came back in, panicking and couldn’t get into her car. The key wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t turn the lock. She needed to get to work and she couldn’t get into her car! She drives a Mazda SUV. Ryan left Todd and me doing warm-up stuff and went to help her.

The reason she couldn’t get the key to work was because she had my keys. Once she got her own keys, they worked in her car. I asked if she could drive a stick and she said yes, so it’s nice to know that had she been three cars over in the parking lot, she could have had a much more fun car to drive to work.

No running with the warm-up today! We did a bit of baseball stuff with squats, bear crawls, slam balls, sit-ups, lunges, wall balls, burpees, and then Ryan complex down the mat to end with dislocates and passthroughs. My ouchie shoulders did not particularly care for the dislocates.

Today’s WOD as written:

Red White Blue
3 behind the head wide grip press 3 hang power snatch
3 hang power snatch 115/85
6 air squats 6 pistols 6 pistols
9 burpees 9 over the bar burpees 9 over the bar burpees

There was no skill in there today. Between the warm-up and the WOD we talked about ways to make this thing happen.

Neither Todd nor I can do pistols but I didn’t just want to do squats. My time would have been better but my skill set wouldn’t have improved. There was an option to do pistols to a box and I’ve been able to do those, sorta. We tried a 20” box and it was too high for me. I tried a 12” box and it was too low. Then, just like Goldilocks, I found a 16” box and it was just right.

I just suck at snatches of any sort. They just kick my ass. I used just a 22# bar and probably should have had 33# but I was having enough problems as it was. I did the hang power snatch because the press thing wouldn’t help me work on the whole snatch move. Ryan was trying to correct my position and I realized I simply had to have my other shoe on since I’m just too lopsided without it.

So I upped the requirements on these two moves from red to something more. Then the burpees. I can do this much math even at 6 AM. That was 45 burpees there. At the 5 AM class, everyone was finished in less than 10 minutes. It took me over 12 minutes to do 50 burpees and that was without anything else in there. This was not looking promising.

I scaled this one back. I did the jump in and out and did not do the push-up part. I’m not even certain what this is called. It was still labor intensive.

We started the clock. I got through the first set of HPS and pistols and then had to rest and do my box breathing stuff which really seems to get my heart rate down faster. Then the burpees. And that was one round done but I would have to rest and breathe and rest and waste more time and not die after each different move. I did complete each set before stopping.

Todd was finished and I had one more whole round to go. I got the three HPS and thought I might just try to get the pistols done but my heart rate was 166. So I got it back down and did the pistols. Then I knew I had to get down to 155 or I would never get through the plank burpees. So I breathed and waited and then began the last nine. By seven I was whining out loud. I finished at 11.08 with a heart rate of 177 and collapsed in a heap on the floor. That’s my favorite.

With no thanks to Sherry, I still had a car in the parking lot, so I got in it, put the top down since it was a beautiful morning, and came home.


For some odd reason I decided to be awake for two hours from 11.30 to 1.30 last night. There wasn’t really anything to do at that hour and all that kept running through my head was how early 5.15 was going to be if I didn’t get back to sleep. Finally, I remembered how to do that. Insomnia is a scourge.

After doing two workouts on Saturday, I was amazed at how good I felt on Sunday. No extra aches or pains and everything seemed to be moving all right. But it is usually the day after the day after when I totally fall apart. When I got up this morning, everything was still working. I didn’t have any creaky party and nothing hurt. Well, except my thumb, but I have no idea what to do about that. And my left big toe is sore from burpees. Again, I don’t know how that happens.

Todd and Cindy played hooky today and so Rachel and Elissa were the only other people there with me. Having an all girl class is rare at that hour.

First thing was a nice run. The other two got to go 800 meters (one-half mile) and then Coach Ryan looked at me and asked what I usually do when he has 400 meter runs. I usually do just 200 meters. So I was supposed to go 400 meters. Slower pace going out and faster coming in, was the rule. I only have one pace – slow. So I asked if I should walk out and run back in and that was a go so that is what I did.

It was amazing out there this morning. The temperature was 68⁰ and there was no humidity. There was also no light because dawn was still unbroken. I don’t usually run in the street because I turn around at the 200 meter mark which is just before the running in the street part. I wore black shorts and a black shirt today. There I was, walking/running in the dark dressed all in black. Just stupid. Not a single car was on the road so it was all good.

Then we did a bunch of other stuff working mostly on warming up our shoulders since today was push press for the skill. We did a clockwise and counter-clockwise plank and after all this time, these are actually getting easier and I can go back and forth without pausing and my arms don’t fall off and my stomach doesn’t ache. Then we did some yoga stuff because … yoga.

I did talk to Ryan about this moving the skill stuff around instead of keeping it on the same day. We are on week four of this set and this is the third time I’ve done push presses because on one day when I showed up, I didn’t do what was written on the board, I did the push presses since I need to work on this right now. I’m not getting the benefit of the incremental increases in weight when I am not consistently working the program.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press – add 5# to your one rep max number
5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%
5 @ 85%
21 – 15 – 9

Red White Blue
Box jumps 18/12 24/20 30/24
Push-ups Incline Regular Ring

I got my handy phone calculator out and did some math magic and it was scary. I did my first five with 45# and those were okay and then for some odd reason, I tried to jump to 53# and it wasn’t moving. Then I went back to 48# and got five reps okay and tried 53# again and got two instead of five. The only thing that bothers me with these is my thumb. I can’t figure out why it is hurting where it is hurting. Very bizarre.

I chose red for this and upped the ante although I could have chosen white and scaled it. Hard to tell which way I went, but I chose to call it red plus. I used a 20 inch box and did step-ups just like I’ve been practicing. Then I did incline push-ups and kept my core tight and didn’t break my plank (I think). At least that was what I tried to do.

I did the 21 step-ups, had to rest, 21 push-ups, had to rest, 15 step-ups, had to rest, 15 push-ups, had to rest, and then did the 9 and 9. I had to pause (not really a rest, but just a couple seconds of not moving) after the 17th push-up, then after the 8th push-up, and after the 5th push-up. But I could then regroup and not break the move itself. I finished in 5.18. My highest heart rate was 170 and that was at the very end. During my rests I did box breathing and got my heart rate back down much faster, partly because it didn’t go that high to begin with (164 was my other highest).

I had a bit of a revelation today. I tend to think that everyone else is breezing through this stuff and I’m the only one struggling and it is pitiful because I’m pitiful. Today, I realized that other people are struggling and it is hard. I’m not pitiful at all. Well, maybe a bit. But my struggle comes because this stuff is hard, not because I suck.


Sometimes I’m just amazed at the pettiness of people. The ALS challenge has raised awareness, something most of the “awareness” programs have failed to do because we are already inundated with their cause. It has also raised over $53 million. Last year, the ALS foundation raised $1 million. This ice bucket challenge has worked.

And now, there are droughts and we are wasting water. Really? Do you not understand how water works? If you dump a bucket of water over your head, you are probably outside. The water will go into the ground and like all water, seek out its own level and eventually work its way back to the ocean. It’s sorta like it rained, but with an infinitesimal amount of water.

I’m going to bet that part of the problem is that this disease didn’t already have a huge “fan” base. I’m constantly seeing pictures telling me about autism awareness issues. Who in the developed world doesn’t know about this? There is an entire month devoted to breast cancer where my awareness is to be raised. Again, who in the developed world doesn’t know about this?

Perhaps I’m just a crabby old women. I know and love people with autism and people who have died of breast cancer. But get this, I also know someone who died of ALS. I adore the people who helped care for her as she descended into the pit of this disease.

I am going to wager that the amount of water dumped from buckets and returning to the Earth as water is intended to do has not equaled the amount of water in one good rainstorm. I’m sure it isn’t as much as falls during one of those really fun hurricanes we get now and again. Certainly it isn’t even as much as would fill a few Olympic sized swimming pools.

Older toilets use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, much more than a five gallon bucket of ice water. We use water like crazy in North America. We use over 380 liters per capita per day in the US and Canada uses 340 liters.

A huge amount of water is used to produce the energy we blithely consume with thermonuclear energy using the most. The amount of water used there as a comparison against the “wasted” water for the ALS challenge is so miniscule one can barely measure it as a percentage.

The pettiness in complaining about this challenge is astounding. But nothing comes without a price and doing good is always a risk. Remember the adage, No good deed goes unpunished. There are droughts in the world. There is poverty in the world and the money could have spent elsewhere, perhaps like the crowdfunding of the guy who wanted to make some potato salad and raised thousands upon thousands of dollars.

I hope those who are complaining will realize that their own causes might take a hit the next time they feel the need to crowdfund a huge project. And as an aside, this is neurological disorder. Perhaps finding out how to deal with this disease would help with other neurological diseases which are prevalent in a world where we all don’t die of childbirth at the age of 35.


In my imagination, life is simpler and things go as planned. In life, it is more complicated and things do not always go as planned. I know myself well enough to know that exercise is not my favorite thing. I have no idea why I have been doing CrossFit for two years. I think it is the challenge and watching my continual improvement over time. Who knew I could do all this shit?

A while ago I bought a cheap weight set for the garage. I’ve used it a few times. I prefer to work out when I prefer to work out and the box is not always open at those times. So I have some stuff here at home so I can work out whenever I choose. I usually choose at the box. I like the camaraderie and I like the supervision.

Since I’ve signed up to participate in the Masters Garage Games, I have to do something to not totally embarrass myself there. Craig has graciously helped by writing out a series of WODs for me. I will do my regular stuff at the box at my regular times on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have something from Craig to take to open gym on Thursdays and then there are Saturdays. These are my two a days.

I was thinking I could do the whole thing here at home and Craig wrote it so I could. But I don’t have an expensive set of weights in the garage. I noticed earlier in the week that I have exactly 1 30# bar, 2 5#, 2 10#, and 2 25# plates. There is no way I can create either a 65# or 45# bar with that combination.

I was thinking I could do any manner of ten pound increments, but if you add stuff up, you will see I can’t. I can have a 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, and 110 pound bar set up, but there is no chance for a 70 pound bar in there, either. Just shit.

My bigger problem in the garage is that I don’t have a nice wall clock counting the seconds for me. I had to use Dick for that. We have phones with stopwatch features included and so I had him counting time for me during my timed portion. You can tell he doesn’t do CrossFit since he did not have the three, two, one, go thing down. It will be better next time.

But I did my best this morning anyway. I warmed up with a run because I hate running and all that stuff. I did some other stuff.

Today’s WOD as written:
Workout 1:
3×8 at competition deadlift weight. 3:00 rest between efforts
3 rounds of:
:15 of deadlifts at competition weight/ rest :45 seconds
:15 of step ups at competition height/ rest :45 seconds
Go eat breakfast and relax.

I used just a 60# bar even though I had every intention of using 5# over competition weight rather than under. I just couldn’t produce the damn thing with the equipment I have. I did make one feeble attempt to buy some 2.5# plates, but Walmart (where I purchased the cheap weight set originally) did not have them. I will go to Dick’s today and see if I can round out my weight set a little better.

I used what I had but I knew I was cheating some. To try to offset that just a smidge. I did 3 x 9 sets @ 60#. I did rest the entire 3 minutes in between and had a heart rate back down to my normal slow tachycardia before starting the next set.

Then Dick came out to the hot garage (although I did get the little fan working) and I did the 15 on 45 off thing. I got 8 and 7 on the first round, 10 and 7 on the second, and 8 and 8 on the third but I should have had 9 deadlifts but I have no idea why I didn’t pull the last one. I really need to see the time, if possible and we discussed that for next time.

The highest my heart rate went was 164 and I did box breathing to get it back down while I rested. On the last round, it didn’t get all that low before it was time to start back to work again.

I got stuff put away in the garage and came in and had breakfast (Greek yogurt, fruit, and bacon). I’m now in the relax portion of my day. CrossFit Summerville doesn’t open for another 45 minutes so I can continue to relax for a while.

To be continued:

Workout 2:
3 rounds of:
5 pushups
10 squats
Rest as needed between rounds.
AMRAP in 10:00 of:
4 bar over burpees
4 shoulder to overhead
Rest :45

Okay, back from the box now and ready to finish this up. I came home and when I walked into the air conditioned house, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is 90⁰ now and hotter with the heat index and inside the steamy box with just a couple fans blowing, it seemed like I was one continual hot flash in progress. According to my computer, the heat index is 100⁰ and I wouldn’t want to argue with technology.

This morning, I worked out wearing my glasses and I had sweat dripping on the lenses. I guess that answers the question as to whether or not I should try that stunt at the Games. I put in my contacts before the second workout and the sweat could just drip on the ground as God intended when He created gravity.

I put on my one high shoe and practiced some single unders to get myself warmed up again. Then I did Craig’s warm-up but threw in some dislocates and passthroughs before doing any shoulder to overhead work. I warmed up with a few reps of a 33# bar. I sure wish the guy had used this smaller bar for my age division. DeWayne was there and we talked about the games. He is also going.

I got the time started and could managed my own scheduled breaks. After the first round, my heart rate was 166 but I could get it back down to 140s before starting the second round. Then it was 170 and harder to get back down. I was still managing all eight reps without stopping and was 170 again at the end of the third round. I was running out of steam but still had time. At the half way point of the fourth round, I had to stop before I could lift the weight overhead. I was 173 when I finished even with a pause in the middle. On the fifth round, I paused between the moves but still could only throw the bar up twice before pausing again. I did the last two and my heart rate was 167 and I was exactly 9 minutes in. The 45 seconds were up and I got three more burpees done before time ran out. So I was 5+3. That means I did 23 over the bar burpees and 20 45# shoulder to overhead in ten minutes. I would have gotten to the 12 round as it is written. Maybe.

I got back to the house and had brunch this time. Two eggs and an English muffin. Now it is time to shower and then go and see if I can round out my weight set.


I began my weekend and was able to spend the evening in blissful nothingness. I found an online course to watch while I crocheted and am now learning all about the historical Troy. I played a few mindless games and then went to bed. Here is the really tricky part. I also fell asleep.

I was up at 4.11 and figured I was just screwed, but the next thing I knew, my alarm was singing to me and it was 6.15. I not only fell asleep once last night, I did it twice. How cool is that?

I got ready and headed for the box. I knew that I would be dealing with school traffic on the way and hoped getting out of the neighborhood wouldn’t be too difficult. I figured I would be ahead of the curve and should make it okay. I did. I got to the gym and noticed right away that I had made a grave mistake. I did not have my watch/heart monitor. I had the strap on, but forgot the other part. This is the second time I’ve done that since I started wearing it. Great. I was not heading back into school traffic to get it.

I ran 200 meters, did some other stuff, and watched a group of women assemble. Kim said they were the people training for the half marathon which will be run in September. They were going to be doing a bunch of cardio. God love them.

I got myself warmed up and set up and then I was as ready as I could get. Considering I wouldn’t be able to watch my heart rate.

Today’s WOD as written:
3 rounds of:
:15 of double unders or jump rope/:45 rest
:15 of wall balls/:45 rest
:15 of ground to overhead at competition weight/:45 rest

Craig has set me up with a program for Thursdays and Saturdays to help get me ready for the Masters Garage Games coming up at the beginning of October. The final WOD for that day will be a 15 min AMRAP of rope jumps, wall balls, and clean and jerks.

I made my little matrix so I could record my numbers and Kim started the clock for me.

My first round was 35, 7, and 4. I did box breathing during my rests.

My second round was coming up and I got myself ready and I have no idea what I was thinking because the time went to :00 and I should have started and the rope was in front of my feet instead of being ready to jump and I lost a second or two figuring out what I was doing wrong. My score for the second round was 31, 7, and 4 but I’m not sure about the 4. I did four reps, but when I looked at the clock, I was at :16 and so I don’t know if time would have been called by a ref.

Since I realized I could easily screw myself up, I was really ready before the time started for the third round and got 37, 7, and 4 but again on that last rep, it was at :16 when I looked up after locking out.

I got home after all the school traffic had dissipated, so that was nice.

Kim is home schooling her youngest son. Beginning next month, open gym will be 8.30 to 11 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For September, that is going to be a problem for me. I don’t want to work out on Friday and then do two workouts on Saturday. I want the rest in between. At least for the first couple weeks.

But I want to continue with this program Craig wrote for me because it is based on the workouts for the Masters Garage Games. I’m not feeling all that confident. I know that I am not competing, I am simply participating and going to have fun meeting a challenge so outside my comfort zone. I’m not going to try to win anything. I’m going to be awesome. But I also don’t want to embarrass myself. This prep work is helping me feel prepared.

I asked Kim if it would okay if I came at 6 AM on Thursday and did the WOD Craig wrote rather than a CrossFit Summerville WOD. It is usually sparse at the hour and they all know me anyway. She said it would be fine. So that problem was solved.

The rest of my day includes a trip to the doctor. There is always a caveat for couch potatoes beginning an exercise program. They are told to check with their doctors before starting. I missed that part or successfully ignored it or just breezed right past it. At any rate, I didn’t do it.

The coaches at CrossFit Summerville and my Son the Coach have all mentioned several times (reaching into the billions by now, I believe) that a stress test might be beneficial in figuring all this heart rate nonsense out. This is my first step toward that goal.

The reason I have waited so long and studiously avoided this step has been terror. I am simply afraid some doctor will tell me that I shouldn’t be exercising and I truly like this. I’m doing things I never in a million years would have thought I could pull off. Today, I was consistently throwing 45 pounds over my head. When I started, I couldn’t pick 45 pounds up off the ground. I was shooting a ten pound wall ball to the mark on the wall after doing a full squat and when I started I could squat and had to use a kid’s four pound ball.

I’m less fearful in the world at large. After I learned how to start IVs as a nurse, I would check out people’s veins and think, “I could get that one” or “those are some crappy veins”. Today, as I walk down the street and get some weirdo vibe thing, I think “I could take that s.o.b. and I don’t need to be afraid”. Self talk matters and today, I tell myself I am strong and capable and can take on challenges and meet them. I don’t want some doctor to tell me to stop.


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