Another great sister day. We went to Sharon Woods Park and decided to walk a few of the trails. First challenge – finding the trail we wanted. We finally got to the correct place to start and then we had to find the trail to follow. We had decided we wanted to walk on the paved walks for only part of the way and wanted to hike real trails for two different trails. We were definite about avoiding the Parkour trail.

We finally found a way to start and then had a bit of a problem finding the hiking trail we were hoping to walk. It was a beautiful walk with little overlooks built in. We saw some beautiful little falls as well as gorgeous scenery throughout. We came out of the hiking part to another parking lot and found a woman who could tell us where a bathroom was. Thank goodness for that.


We were then rather lost and found another trail. We were on a paved path again but it was quite steep. There were stations along the way with little exercise options. We were on the Parkour trail. Oh my. We were seeking the overlook trail and never found it but we did find many wonderful things to see. We didn’t have enough steps and enough distance. We decided to walk around the lake but went in the opposite direction so “we wouldn’t get lost at the branch place” and off went. We knew to go just around the one lake rather than both since that would be far enough for distance and get the required steps in.

We came to a fork in the trail and took the one closest to the lake were walking around. It went to a sweet little lookout area and we could see, directly across the lake, where the car was parked. If we could have simply jumped and swam across the lake, it would be right there. The lake had this bloom of something that looked like no one wanted to get in the water with it, even the ducks.

Then we came to another parking lot and there was no more trail to be found. We had no idea where we really were and no idea of how to get to where the car was parked. We really didn’t even know where we were geographically let alone where we were in the park.

We saw some man in the parking lot and asked if he could help. He was from Florida, had no idea where he was either, and was killing time waiting for a client to get the proper permits so he and his crew could get to work. We decided to simply backtrack and find the car that way. We were almost exactly halfway anyway and would have the mileage and steps even if we went where we already had been. We turned around, asked the guy if he wanted to walk with us, and finally got back to the car. We sent him on to the beautiful trail we had found earlier.

We got back to a very hot car and were very thirsty and tired and opted to go to Frisch’s for lunch rather than come home and have to think of something to eat. We cooled off there and got home with a plan for order of who got to shower first, second, and third. The plan went slightly awry when Cheri fell asleep on the couch and took a little nap, but we eventually got showered, got laundry done, and were ready to have supper.

After we ate, we got hold of LouAnn and invited ourselves over. We got to see her new condo. It looked like this little place from the outside but from the inside it just kept growing and growing. I think it was a TARDIS and not a condo.

Cher had Graeter’s gift cards and so we took them, us, and LouAnn to the ice cream store and had a treat. The ice cream was wonderful and the laughter was better. We had to give LouAnn back and then we headed home to laugh and craft some more until we couldn’t keep our eyes open and had to surrender, once again, to sleep.

We were so busy eating our ice cream that we didn't let the boys have their photo op.

We were so busy eating our ice cream that we didn’t let the boys have their photo op.