This was the big day! We had to plan accordingly the night before to make sure that all would be well in the morning. We needed to be at A Stitch Above at the right time for Pam to pick up the supplies for her NEW craft. Just because it uses bits and pieces of other crafting techniques doesn’t make it not “really” new to anybody but Pam.

We still can’t figure out why Cheri’s car stopped talking to her. But we think it is the phone that stopped talking and not the car. We managed to get back to where we were and there was an array of fibers laid out for Pam to approve or change. Cheri brought her knitting and I brought my crochet project and we just listened to Pam’s chatter as we smiled and worked away. After she selected the stuff she wanted to include, we had time to kill while Dawn packaged it up and added notes.


We walked around the corner to Coffee Please and got scones and coffee. They were the best scones I have had outside of Ireland and the coffee was perfect. We had a wonderful interlude and then it was back to the store for Pam to get instructions and pay for her NEW craft stuff. She will be posting pictures as she goes along on the project. She has at least one other project selected and several more in the wish list category. All we can say is NEW craft.

Marge is my niece’s mother-in-law. She is simply the nicest person. The best thing is that she loves my niece. I don’t mean she says she loves my niece. I mean she loves my niece. Just like a mother. Perfect. She has welcomed Monica and her children into her heart and you cannot tell who in that family is genetically related to Marge and who is not. She loves them all. The same. Period. This is the sort of mother-in-law we all should have and one I would hope I can be. It is an aspiration to which I often fall short.

We met Marge for lunch at Panera’s even though we had just eaten those delicious scones 90 minutes before. This was not the best plan ever. But, thankfully, I can always eat something. I had deal at Panera’s for pick two, so I picked two and had soup and salad for a discount. Marge didn’t know about this deal stuff and will be able to get deals in the future now.

Last time we were here, LouAnn took us to an outlet mall and we liked the place so we thought it would be fun if all the grandmothers went there for the afternoon. But we couldn’t remember the name and so certainly couldn’t remember the directions. We finally found it with the help of Google maps and got there successfully with Marge’s phone talking to us from the back seat. This was not a perfect plan since the driver often missed what the phone said.

We shopped and shopped. And shopped. We didn’t do much buying, but we did lots and lots of shopping. We ended up after hours of this with two paring knives, two gel lids, two purses, and one dress between the four of us. But we certainly tried to buy more, just couldn’t quite come up with the goods.

Pam, Marge, Cheri, me and the gnomes

Pam, Marge, Cheri, me and the gnomes

We were in Hanes and they had sports bras on the clearance rack. They were going to cost $10 or $12.50 depending on the style. But I need to try these things on. So does Cheri. We picked out a variety of colors and styles and then we wandered around some more and eventually I found myself in the dressing room. I was not in there with Cheri. We will never know if this was a blessing in disguise or a poor choice.

I have several of these bras and most of them are from Jockey but there are some other brands in there. The ones from Hanes had a slicker, rubbery feel since they seemed to have more lycra or something. As an added bonus, my triceps are still not quite recovered from pulling my weight up an incline on the Total Gym and although I can reach straight up, I can’t really move my arms freely. I put the first one on. Well, I tried to, but it rolled up and then it stuck to me and then I was trapped. I could neither get it fully on nor off. I was trapped in my bra which was rolled up under my armpits. I started to panic. This was not good. And then I began to worry about my baby sister. She wasn’t even sure what was the right size and had tried different sizes. She could be trapped in a too small bra and she had sore arms, too. Then I got the giggles.

I had to pause and regroup and finally struggled out of the damn bra. Whew. One might think I was smart enough to not try that stunt again. One would be wrong. One of the bras I brought in had much different straps and I believed, erroneously, that it might go on easier. I tried again. In all honesty, I guess it did go on easier because I did get this one completely on after a great struggle. Then I tried some pretend double unders and found it didn’t even have enough support. I took it off. Let me rephrase that, I tried to take it off. I couldn’t get out of this one, either. I struggled. I looked at the button that said, “Ring for assistance” and tried to picture what that would look like and redoubled my efforts to get out of the damn bra. I was finally successful but it wasn’t pretty. I got dressed without trying the third one and took the offending items back to the rack only to find Cheri there with a flushed face.

She had the same problem I had been having. There we were, two grandmothers not able to really get in or out of a sports bra, both having eyed the call button and refusing to push it. Both all exhausted with sore arms. She has the added bonus of laughing so hard she wets her pants, which I don’t contend with. So she was in the dressing room and deciding whether all the panicking would cause a second problem and whether that was more of a problem than actually being trapped in her underwear. This is why there were no sports bras on the list of items purchased.

Marge bought her first-ever real Coach purse but she was really looking for a purse to take on her upcoming vacation this fall. She eyed a real vacation purse at Wilson leather early in the shopping trip and then compared purses to it throughout the day. At one store, she was looking at purses and then tried on some shoes and when we ready to leave, Cheri noticed there was no Coach bag in her hand. We frantically searched and found the bag right where it was dropped. Lucky us.

We successfully completed our shopping spree and then headed for home. Marge offered us dinner at Greenies on her, but we weren’t really hungry after all the eating we had done earlier in the day. We spent the evening working on our crafts and then, finally, had to surrender ourselves to sleep. Great day.