I got up at the same time as I need for hitting the box at 6 AM. But instead of hitting the box, I was getting to the airport. Because I’m terrified of missing a flight, I wanted to get there before I got stuck in the morning rush hour. So, even though I didn’t have a flight scheduled until 8.30 AM, I was up very early.

I was so stressed out with the whole flying thing, I woke up with a headache and not feeling all that good. I felt about the same way I did before leaving for Europe last year. I had no idea I was such a bad traveler.

I got to the airport and asked a nice airport cop if he was permitted to play and he looked at me as if I were speaking in tongues. So I explained I had a traveling gnome and was hoping I could get a picture of him with my gnome. He smiled and said he wasn’t permitted so Gned and I had to just let well enough alone.

At the check-in , I was told I should be at gate A-3 but the correct gate was A-1. I mentioned this to the man behind the desk, making sure I was actually in the right place. I heard them announce later that the flight to Atlanta was from gate A-3 and this might be a gate change. So we all boarded the same plane and arrived in Atlanta right on time.

I got there and looked at the board to find where my next flight was going to board and it wasn’t listed. The last time I was in Atlanta was to go to Europe and after having reservations for a year, we were flying standby. So not seeing my flight was a bit nerve-wracking. I found an airport employee who had an iPad that could look up all the flights in the airport and she could find the flight for me. I had landed at concourse F and had to get to concourse B. I took the train and arrived with plenty of time to spare.

The next leg of the flight was even more comfortable since there was no one in the middle seat. I arrived at Cincinnati and walked over to the baggage claim and there were Pam and Cheri along with Gnate and Gnute. My bag arrived while I was in the bathroom, so it was quicker than I expected.

We all piled into Cheri’s new car and headed for home. We had lunch and then we were off to Jungle Jim’s. Luckily enough, I was able to find many different chocolate bars. I found one that was milk chocolate with sweet potatoes and pumpkin. It was amazingly tasty. We shopped for about 2.5 hours before coming home to make taco salads.

Then it was time to go to Monica’s house where Heather was already parked. Also available for hugs and kisses were Madison, Olivia, Emma, Lily, Zoe, and Evelyn. What a great evening. Then we had to get home and it was the first time Cheri had driven the car at night and trying to find all the buttons and things was exciting.

We are home again and both of my sisters are fiddling with their FitBit stuff. I’m typing this. I’m not fitting at all.