I’m getting ready for my yearly extravaganza with my sisters. Sistercation 2014 is starting today, although without me. I will be joining tomorrow when my sisters pick me up at the airport. Then we have a week of laughing, breathing the same air, all talking at the same time, crafting together, shopping together, and mostly loving each other and every minute of our time together. Together is the operative word.

Today was my last day at CrossFit Summerville for two weeks. My niece has set up a date for us to do CrossFit on Saturday some place in Ohio. One of my questions today was what do I tell a coach when I walk into a CrossFit that doesn’t know me. It is obvious I’m old what with the gray hair and all. But what else would be pertinent information to share.

Coach Kim said to let them know that I’ve been doing this for two years so I do know what I’m talking about and that I scale so that I can keep the intensity while not dying. So that will be my game plan.

Warm up started with rowing and there were only three of us today. Steve, Kaley, and me. No Todd or Cindy around. We did some other stuff and I was doing fine right up until the broad jump down the mat and that just blows through the heart rate stuff until I’m done. I did manage to finish warming up.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back Squat – spend 20 minutes working up to a 1RM. Take your time and mobilize as you work through your warm up set. Post you total weight and put any PR’s on the board.
5 rounds for time
10 kettlebell swings (53/35)
10 pushups
10 wall balls
200m run
Compare to 4.1.14 and 5.14.14

I figured out a way to get a cheap PR. I used the 45 pound bar and built up from there. When I got to the 100 pounds, it was heavy, but not really a problem. I then went to 105# and squatted too low and had to drop the bar making a huge noise and landing on my ass. Steve was strict pressing 180# on Monday so I asked if he would re-rack my bar for me. He did. Then, I tried it again, kept control on the way down, my right knee buckled in on the way up but I managed to keep my balance and made it back to the top. A new PR. Then Steve did his over 300# back squat, which was also a PR.

I went back to see what I had done in May with this workout. I was working on stopping as soon as I beeped and doing shorter recovery times. My original plan had been a rep scheme of 10/5/10/5/10 but I couldn’t manage that without beeping. So I did 10/5/7/5/7 and finished in 15.39. I used a 25# KB, did wormy push-ups, used a 10# med ball, and walked the parking lot, running back in on the last round.

In order to see how things have gone over the past six weeks, I did exactly the same thing except for the worrying about the heart rate thing. I have taken to working until I can’t and using my heart rate monitor to decide when to start back to work. I determine how low I need the heart rate to be able to get the next set of reps in and go from there.

I had to pause each time after the push-ups and get my heart rate back to at least 165 before starting the wall balls. Then I could manage them and would be anywhere from 172 to 178 as I began my stroll through the parking lot. On the last round, although I was dripping wet and panting like a lizard on a hot rock, I ran it (well, as much as I run) back in and finished at 13.09 cutting exactly 2.5 minute off my time.

When I got home I had Dick check my back and I don’t think there is any bruising or anything from dropping the bar. It sort of rolled down my back as I crumpled under it and tried to throw it back off me. I mostly succeeded and nothing hurt at the time.

Now I have to get to work, get home and do the laundry so I can finish packing, and then… sistercation.

For those who follow this blog for CrossFit stuff, please know the next two weeks are going to be sparse in that regard. There will be sisters and the gnomes. We each have a gnome, mine is named Gned. The other two are Gnate and Gnute. Well, you know, they ARE gnomes. They get into all sorts of odd places and have lots of fun while the sisters are together.

After sistercation is a trip to the other end of Ohio where our niece is getting married on Saturday and then we get to see our son’s new house and play with the grandkids we haven’t seen in over six months. Then it is back home and back to work.

I will be back to my regularly scheduled CrossFit stuff two weeks from today.