The heating and air conditioning crew showed up yesterday right at 8 AM, as promised. There were two technicians and three helpers. One technician and two helpers took out the dead fan and old furnace and replaced them up in the hot attic. The other technician and helper took out the broken air conditioner and replaced it with a new one. The entire process was completed by 11.30 AM. I’m not sure if this was a PR for them, but it sure was a PR for us. We were simply hoping that it didn’t take two days. The house is cool and both of us are far less crabby. We even slept last night, just for a change of pace.

I did not set the alarm and woke up refreshed and ready to head to the box. I had my protein shake and prepared myself for a day which included sit-ups – 105 sit-ups. I believe that wearing specific types of pants keep me from developing road rash from all the up and down. So I was prepared. Off I went.

Since I didn’t set the alarm, it was just open gym. There were three of us there. Kim had coached 5 and 6 AM and was doing the WOD at 7. Aaron was also there. So we each warmed up as we wanted. My chest is really sore from yesterday’s WOD. I’m not sure if it was the burpees or those angled pull-ups. I did 25 of the former and 40 of the latter since they were also included in the warm-up. All in all, I worked on getting that part of my body loosened up. I also ran 300 meters because I hate to run. Then I did other stuff.

We all decided to set up for the WOD and get ready to have lots of fun.

Today’s WOD as written:
7 rounds for time:
7 deadlifts (315/185)
200m sprint
15 sit ups
rest 45 seconds
goal is 18-25 minutes

So, that’s not gonna happen for me. I did mention to Kim that I wouldn’t be running and she said it was open gym and I could do anything I wanted. I said I did that during class times, too.

I think that is the part about CrossFit Summerville that is the most distressful. I honestly have to scale everything, which is perfectly fine. One of the tenets of CrossFit is that it is all scalable. So having to scale isn’t an issue. I’m only intimately connected to one other CrossFit and that is Conviction Training Facility in Hilton Head which is owned by my son. Each and every day, he has a WOD and they can be just as challenging and intimidating as anything CrossFit Summerville has. But then, on the board, written out for everyone to see, he has scaling options. Slightly scaled, moderately scaled, and scaled for someone like his mother. You can see the progressions. It isn’t always just a drop in weight. There are sometimes fewer reps and sometimes there are even different moves. The substitutions for various things are spelled out beforehand.

I never know if I’m being too weenie or cutting myself too much slack. There isn’t a lot of subbing out moves – Russian kettlebell swings instead of the overhead type, for instance. I do realize Craig has a larger client base and more people would fall into the lower scaling options. I don’t know if I’m really the only weenie CrossFit Summerville has and then it really isn’t worth the effort. But maybe, if they made the effort, there would be more people signing up for the classes.

Anyway, I don’t run in the WODs because then I can’t do anything else that is written. That means that I scale all the WODs containing running in some fashion or other and I’m never sure if I’m giving myself too much slack. Today, I think I scaled it perfectly because I was right there with the big kids.

I used a 105# bar and had considered 115 and luckily opted against that. I might have been able to do the moves, but I was struggling with the 105 and doing all 7 reps without breaking. I did them all seven rounds with a touch and go. Then I strolled the parking lot. The sit-ups weren’t bad at all for the first five rounds, but after that they were getting a little wearing.

I was keeping track of my heart rate after the deadlifts and as I started my stroll. On the first round it went to 151 after starting at a real resting rate. Then it was 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, and in true “this is almost over and the last round” fashion, I forgot to look and see where I was at until I was more than halfway done and it was still at 157.

One of the more difficult aspects of this workout was adding 45 seconds to the ending time of each round. That involved too much math. But I think I managed to get started close to the right time on each round and I finished in 21.34 – and was the first one done by about 20 seconds. We were all done within a minute of each other. So, in keeping with the time frame given, I had this scaled simply perfectly! I could be a coach. Except for the not being able to do anything.