There was a cricket who desperately wanted a girlfriend who was right outside the bedroom window. He spent the entire night singing the song of his people and keeping me awake at intervals. I’m not sure when we are going to have air conditioning again, but I hope it is soon so I can close the window and let Romeo go his merry way.

I was sound asleep when the alarm went off and the first thing I realized upon awakening was the cricket was still trying to get lucky. I hope it worked for him. I had to get ready to head to the box. One nice thing about being over-heated prior to arrival – it didn’t feel so stifling hot there because I’m getting more used to the heat.

The 5 AM class was still working at 6 AM so I took myself for a run because I hate running. I went 300 meters again. I got back and they were thinking about starting warm-ups. It was half run and half row so I did rowing. Then we did a bunch of other stuff. We had a full class today. All the vacationers were back and there were seven of us there.

Gabe is going to do some weighted backpack challenge thing so he was training with that. I asked how much it weighed and he challenged me to pick it up. Using both hands, I lifted. It was heavy, but not difficult to pick up. He said it weighed about 47 pounds. Then David said I couldn’t run with it, so I took two hoppy steps and proved him wrong, saying I could run a very, very, very short distance.

We did lot of other warm-up stuff and were deemed warm enough to being the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strict press 5 @ 60% / 5 @ 65% / 5 @ 70%
(add 5 lbs to max and recalculate %)
3-3-3-3-3 front squat
Work up to min 80% of 1RM.
Once there start your sets of 3
3 minute rest between sets

Being totally unable to do math in the morning, I figured out the weights last night and knew I was to do 28, 30, and 33 pounds on the deload push press. I knew how to do 33 pounds, the rest were more challenging to get on the bar than to get in the air. But Ryan snuck into Joey’s weights and brought over .5 kilo weights which would be 1.1 pounds and those helped me all day. We also decided that four clips weighed a pound. We aren’t really sure that is true, but it is a rule we made up on the fly.

So I got all my reps in and managed to get rid of that little twitch thing I was doing to help hoink the bar up. I also asked about what to do with my sore left wrist. It only hurts after overhead stuff even though I wear my good wrist bands. So I have more mobilization type work to do. Great.

Then we warmed up for the next part of the day and I must say that lunges, even without the extra weight that we used earlier in the day, are just wearing. They suck up lots of heart beats – at least they do for me.

Then, as I understood the WOD, we were to warm up to our 80% weight and then do five sets of three with that weight. At least, that is what I did. I needed to get to 66 pounds and by using Joey’s weights and extra clips, I made the bar be sorta that weight. With a 2.5 pound plate under my short leg heel, I did the sets.

We were talking way too much throughout the day and so we ran over on the time. I got home to the hot house and had breakfast.

Dick called the heating and air conditioning people as soon as they opened. We are the first available appointment for the day which should be around noon or so. Dick is still going to play golf and has his phone. They are to call him and he will hurry home to meet the person who is going to tell us we need a new air conditioner. I have no idea when we will actually get a new air conditioner put in, but I hope it is soon.

The temperature is supposed to be over ninety for most of the week and I might get crabby if I get over heated. At least I might not notice a hot flash since I will be melting anyway.